Charles Carrington Collection: An English Doctor: How Women are Flogged in  Russian Prisons, Librairie des Bibliophiles, 1899

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This one is for the bibliophiles, no illustrations! A very rare item,  effectively a pornographic novelette, written in letter form, a salacious account of an alleged visit by an English doctor to a convent prison  in Siberia, where he witnesses and records the most severe of tortures and punishments to  the female inmates, by which he finds himself extremely aroused, and following his departure from said institution seeks to re-enact his experience by employing prostitutes versed in the fetishist  arts. Strong stuff not for the faint hearted. And yes it is in English, a French version was published in a compendium of flagellation material also by Carrington but minus the sexual content.

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Curious Sidelights of Social History: How  Women are Flogged  in  Russian Prisons, Narrative of a Visit to a Convent Prison in Siberia, by an English  Doctor. Paris, Librairie des Bibliophiles, 13 Faubourg Montmarte,1899. In original publishers paper wraps, printed in red and black on a salmon pink paper, over plain card covers. List of English Publications printed on back cover, interestingly this is clearly over-stamped “12 Jan 1903”, Title page duplicates the cover and is also printed in red  and black. Contents. 12.07cm. x 19.69cm. xvii + 48pp. Printed on laid paper. Condition, Under a protective opaque sleeve, the book is complete, but shaken, stitching visible, in paper wrap, some light foxing to front cover and spine, Very Good.

This title is from the Michael Neal Collection

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The date stamp, obviously a later addition at the top of the back cover is possibly another indication that the books were stored in sheets and wrappers added when a copy was ordered, thus explaining some confusion caused to bibliographers, when advertisements for titles often list books, printed years after  the publication of the book under scrutiny.

Bibliographical Note Guacamole P77 (110)


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How  Women are Flogged  Flogged in  Russian Prisons
Narrative of a visit to a convent prison in Siberia by an English doctor. Paris: Libraire des Bibliophiles, 1899.
12.07cm. x 19.69cm. xvii + 48pp. Printed on laid paper. Title page printed in red and black.

A note in the Kinsey copy states: “More erotic than the French version in Villiot’s Curiosities et Anecdotes de flagellation”.

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