Books for Trade: DESERGY, René-Michel: Les Tyrans passionnels. Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies, 1935, Illustrations by Carlo

Les Tyrans Passionelle the definitive edition?
Carlo needs no introduction, to the initiated, his original editions are amongst the most collectible , in the genre, his fantastic, and outrageous art, has been collected since they were first printed, both art collectors and book collectors have competed to own the original illustrations, in many cases denuding the books of the accomanying images.A complete original with the equally bizarre text they were originally designed to embellish, is a rare thing indeed!
This particular title is, sometimes referenced as an example of the artists transformation into “Charleno”, an apparent alternative identity, this I think is just part of the publishers hype, and the confusing propaganda, which goes with the territory of the selling of such material.
For me this title is in fact, the transition point at which the art became the primary product, and the book the vehicle with which to promote it.

[CARLO]. DESERGY, René-Michel. Les Tyrans Passionnels. Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne Réunies, 1935. In original publishers paper covers, printed in red and black. Spine(repaired with minor loss), author, title, prix 70 Frs, and publisher, in red and black printed horizontally. (25,2 x 17 cm) 266 pages.Many uncut gatherings, contents in very good, near fine condition, unread copy.

Complete wih the full set of 13 superb heliogravures, from Aquarelles by “du Maitre Carlo”.some light makings to a few images, not impacting on the illustrations, a combined set of formerly tipped in, now loose illustrations, but all originals and likely the only way to obtain the full 13, as i cannot locate any sale record of any edition with the full 13, rarely even 12, impossibly rare and a possibly, a unique copy.


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