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Having survived a mini crisis with my picture editing, because of the introduction of a “New Improved Listing Experience” by WordPress, I ended up with about 12 listings with very large low resolution images, which looked a bit silly.Thanks to J-W Van der Noor, of the Netherlands, I was able to correct this, and we now are back with my preferred presentation, with click-able high resolution thumbs.

I am planning a Christmas special, but this depends on my transporting more books here from elsewhere, but I am sure I will come up with something. I am very taken with the Editions Couvre-Feu and Le Jardin d’Eros titles, and will look to develop them. I have absolutely no internet in photographic pornography, but I am charmed by the risqué photo-books by these publishers from the 1930’s, and of course when photographed by such as Brassai, you can only be impressed, I hope to bring you more of these in the near future.

Slightly disappointed that amongst my many thousand visitors there is such low input, is this because of how the site is set up are are you all just lazy voyeurs?

 I have a small but interesting collection of North Hollywood Essex House titles. Not Olympia Press you say, and you are absolutely spot on, but the logic behind the transaction (no money changed hands, just books), is to develop a swap culture amongst collectors, my gamble with the Essex House stuff, is to attract collectors of that Press, and hopefully broaden out the possibility of finding stuff for my collection.

Essex House

LINK: Books For Trade: Essex House, North Hollywood California 1968-1969 (Updated Post Oct 2015)

Essex House, Publicity Pamphlet Price List 1969

Having completed my listing of Traveller’s Companion duplicates, I will continue to list my other Olympia Press duplicates, inter-spaced with listings of other, mainly French clandestine material. By a process of experiment , read trial and error, I am gradually arriving at a presentation that I am OK with, but this leaves a backlog of listings that I am less happy with, so along with new material, I will re-list some of the earlier material but in more detail either with text or images or both.

Linking images: something of a longer term goal, is to link in the images of the illustrated titles, if nothing else this is likely to increase hits on the blog. Well the password idea went out of the window and now I have two items for trade complete with illustrations L’Anti-Justine and L’Aretin. I quite like the result and for future listings I will include the illustrations in the description. As for items already listed, when I have all of my Olympia duplicates up, I will start re listing the illustrated titles, this will involve a lot of work because all of my Losfeld’s are illustrated.

In the spirit of a Collectors blog, I am listing pamphlets and catalogues coming into the collection, and as these are not for trade or sale, I will list them in full on the site and will copy a PDF of each one to anyone who can be bothered to ask.

In the longer term, I plan to list my entire collection with images to fit the bibliographical description, I have experimented with this in two instances, with the Odyssey Library titles that have recently joined the collection. And again I am happy with the result, but this part of the project will take months, possibly years.

Last but not least, I am prepared to consider posting your books that you want to swap with other collectors,this still needs to be thought through properly , but the idea is simple, you prove who you are and ownership of the book send images and description, and what you want in exchange. I link you to any matches and you complete the transaction. No fees no catches and no money changing hands just like for like. What’s in it for me? pure and simple publicity.

There are over 100 Posts on this site and increasing daily, to get the best out of it, Scroll down to CATEGORIES, on the right hand side of the main page, and follow the headings, Books for Trade and Books for Sale will take you to all of my lists.

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