Books for Trade:Wanda de S…, Françoise; ou Les Plaisirs du mariage. Aux Allées des Roses n.d (1937)

I feel that I have been neglecting you all, but with clearing books out for eBay, and getting other items ready for auction I have been somewhat preoccupied. But here is a little treat for all of you and from my favourite period, the pre-WW 2 decade. This is a very nice Clandestine title with some debate about the illustrator, who it is proposed is either Rojan or T.Mertens, I must say I am not convinced of Rojan, but as I have no idea who T. Mertens is what do I know? Any guidance on this would be appreciated.


Title Page

Wanda de S.
Françoise ou Les Plaisirs du mariage
In original card cover with printed in blue, pp.225, 10 heliogravures on copper hors-texte on vellum. Original edition of a clandestine pornographic novel, published about 1937 and printed on the presses of Darantière, Dijon, under a fanciful name (Dutel, 1605). In a circulation of 600 copies reserved for the numbered subscribers to the composter. Copy No. 380, on vellum. Some attribute the free compositions to Rojan, the illustrator of Spring Idyll, or T. Mertens.

The Illustrations

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Books for Trade: Diana Slip, Lingeries Libertines, No 1 September 1933. 9 Rue Richepanse Paris

Books for Trade: Anon: ‎Voluptés par une convaincue‎ .”Mon livre secret” Sans date, circa 1938.

Another clandestine title and a very odd one, the only reference I can find for this one is a brief listing of another copy as follows lists it as  ‎a numbered edition with 10 illustrations inserted, which this one also has, with a date of 1938 and referenced at Dutel 2642. It may well be that the illustrations are tipped in in other copies , but in mine they are pasted in over text, you can lift the image to read the text, but this is the first time I have found this odd practice. The illustrations are well executed and possibly controversial, I would have guessed this as a post war production, but bow to Mr Dutel’s superior knowledge. Could almost be an Isou- Losfeld.

So as always if anyone can shed any more light, do complete a contact form. On which subject the first image appears to have an exposure problem (in more than one way) not my doing that is how it looks and all the images are flat scanned, with no exposure adjustment.


‎Voluptés par une convaincue‎

Voluptés par une convaincue‎ .”Mon livre secret” Sans date, circa 1938.  pp 157, with 10 explicit illustrations pasted in over text, Number 83/250. In original French wraps with grubby pale blue paper jacket printed in black. (Dutel 2642)


The Illustrations


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Books for Trade: -M.Belobeck, Saisi par le Debauche n.d n.p [1958 , Paris?] Clandestine (Losfeld

Books For Trade: Chants Bibliques de Pierre Louys AU TEMP des JUGES: Aux Depens d’un Amateur 1933

Here we go again into the mire of clandestine publishing. There are 2 versions of this title, both clandestine as referenced by Pat Kearney this copy appears to be a Piracy of the first edition, it is however a very good production complete with the 12 illustrations attributed to Andre Collot. You will note that the Title Page dates the book as 1933, whilst the facing page claims that it was printed on the 30th July 1930, whilst it was likely to have actually been produced in 1935. I hope that is clear.


AU TEMP des JUGES – Chants Bibliques de Pierre Louys. [?Paris:] Aux dépens d’un amateur, 1933 [1935?]. 4to. pp. 64. Limited to 175 copies

Title Page

Half Title



The Illustrations

Text sample

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Books for Trade: Mémoires de Fanny Hill. Traduit de ;anglais par Isidore Liseux. BECAT (Paul-Emile)]. CLELAND (John). (n.p., n.d., c. 1940)

Books for Trade: Anon (Connie O’Hara (José André Lacour)‎ ‎Clayton’s College. Sous le signe d’Éros n.d (1950?)



A  late clandestine title, which is the first in a series of very rare and interesting finds that I will be listing over the next few weeks, this is an unusual erotica in that it is basically a crime novel, the nearest comparison would likely be “I Shall Spit on Your Graves”. Never having read this title I cannot give you a story line, but I must admit I am intrigued by how a naked man and woman end up on a roof being shot at by a fully clothed chap in a dressing gown. ( you have to see the picture, below)

Illustrated with 12 erotic orig.-lithographs in two colours. Loose as issued in original wrappers. One of 472 copies on hand made paper (total 500.) Titlepage and letters of chapters printed in blue with 21 erotic initials. The identity of the artist is unknown; his illustration are explicit and of high plasticity. They are influenced by the American pin-up style of the 50s.

Clayton’s College, first published in the late 1940s, was convicted three times by the 17th Correctional Division of the Seine in 1950, 1953 and 1957, each of these convictions having been upheld on appeal.

Anon (Connie O’Hara (José André Lacour)‎ ‎Clayton’s College. Sous le signe d’Éros n.d (1950?)

Title Page


Limitations Page

The Illustrations

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Books for Trade: Journal d’un Fille de Firme. Anon. Clandestine publication c. 1950?

Books for Trade:Anonymous (Isidore Isou?): Les Putains ou le traite des perversions. n.p., n.d., (1950)

Another late clandestine title and something of  a mystery, the limited information I can find has an apparent link to Isidore Isou , and therefore potentially Losfeld, the only reference to an illustrated edition appears to concern prior listings of this copy, which looks to me to be extra illustrated (meaning there were not illustrations in the original book), a clue to this is that the illustrations are , except for one, double sided and by different hands. Three of the illustrations are certainly by Jean Morisot, which are evidenced by the ogre like men depicted, the others I do not know. The double sided images may originate with one of Losfeld’s productions such as ” Florilèges de la volupté ou Les Voluptés d’une vicieuse”, which is linked at the base of this post.

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ANONYME. Les putains ou le traite des perversions.

Isidore Isou Viry-Chatillon, (vers 1950).
In-8 broche de 188 pp.
Ouvrage condamne pour la premiere fois en 1962

Title Page

The Illustrations

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Books for Trade:Anon;Florilèges de la volupté ou Les Voluptés d’une vicieuse. Au petit Cénacle, 1936 (Paris) 1955 Losfeld


Books for Trade: Gustave D [DROZ, Gustave, attributed to.] Un Été à la campagne. Correspondance de deux jeunes Parisiennes.Recueillie par un auteur a la mode Paris.1905: Illustrated by AVRIL, Paul: No Publisher [by E. Kapp for C. Hirsch]

Another clandestine title but this from the start of the last century the date appears correct at 1905, condition of this one is not great but it is very rare and the illustrations are wonderful, as you would expect from Paul Avril.

I am not completely satisfied with the scans, as I did them at a lower dpi, and did not play with the exposure so they appear quite flat, but see what you think.

Title Page

Gustave D  [DROZ, Gustave, attributed to.] Un Été à la campagne. Correspondance de deux jeunes Parisiennes.Recueillie par un auteur a la mode Paris.1905: Illustrated by AVRIL, Paul: No Publisher [by E. Kapp for C. Hirsch] : 141 pp. Réimpression de l edition originale de 1868. Exemplaire numéroté 116 sur velin. Tirage de 330 ex.
Broché état moyen 2 cahiers fragilisés, texte en bon état général. 15×23 cm. 9 gravures en noir.





Sample Text

The Illustrations


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My Most Beautiful Nights of Love: by Mademoiselle Suzy Paris 1938

Books for Trade: Viau, Théophile de. Le Parnasse satirique. Printed for a group of bibliophiles 1950

Another late clandestine publication, on this occasion complete, but the down side is that I cannot identify who published the book or who the rather good illustrator is, so if anyone has any information please step forward. Because of requests regarding the physical presentation of books on this blog, I have given samples of the text and left the illustrations full page, including borders.



Title Page

Viau, Théophile de. Le Parnasse satirique.

Printed for a group of bibliophiles 1950. In-8. 125 pages with 16 illustrations on boards. In sheets, shirt, case. One of the 500 numbered copies. The clandestine edition of these grivois verses, for which this author was prosecuted and exiled in the 17th century. This copy, printed for a group of bibliophiles, contains an introduction to the author, a facsimile banning order of the court. Printed in red and black on cream paper. Apart from two erotic vignettes, the work was decorated with erotic illustrations of quality, very free, in the atmosphere of the time.


Text Samples

The Illustrations

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Books for Trade: Au bord du lit. Stances: Alexandre de Vérineau, [d.i. Louis Perceau]. Published by Erotopolis, à l’Enseigne des Bacchantes [d.i. Paris, Maurice Duflou], 1927 Illustrées de onze eaux-fortes originales par Lucas. O [d.i. |Luc Lafnet|]:


Books for Trade: L’initiation amoureuse Illustrations originales par un artiste célèbre (Suzanne Ballivet) Buenos-Ayres, pour les amis de l’artiste, 1943 [i.e.Paris, Georges Guillot, vers 1950]


L’initiation amoureuse

Illustrations originales par un artiste célèbre (Suzanne Ballivet)

Buenos-Ayres, pour les amis de l’artiste, 1943 [i.e.Paris, Georges Guillot, vers 1950]

Title Page


An in-4 volume (20x25cm); 117 pp .; In sheets under cover filled with the editor; Small tear at the edge of the first dish of the blanket, clean and fresh inside. Illustrated book of 25 engravings by Suzanne Ballivet, hand-colored, including 10 full page. The text  was published in 1934 under the title “Carnal Prelude”, and under the pseudonym of Robert Sermaise, and would have been pirated here by the publisher Guillot around 1950 Rare edition with only 200 copies (this one No. 181).



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MES ÉTAPES AMOUREUSES [par] E. D. Imprimé pour les Colporteurs Gascons [Paris , Marcel Sehuer] c. 1935].


Books for TRADE: E.KLEM A Portfolio of a suite of seven (of 10) original images from “L’Éducatrice Passionée” Editions D’Antin 1937 plus a suite of 6? (of 10) illustrations for L’amoureuse Discipline Editions D’Antin 1938

Well I seem to have become a cataloguer of the incomplete, and here again I offer partial sets of illustrations for books I do not posses, but the illustrations I do. These are a recent auction acquisition, where they were described as 13 illustrations by E.Klem for books by Jim Galding, and that much at least appears to be correct, however the lot was further described as a complete set for “L’Éducatrice Passionée” Editions D’Antin 1937 and 3 illustrations for L’amoureuse Discipline Editions D’Antin 1938. Having checked my trusty bibliography;- Les Editions du Couvre-Feu. Christophe Bier Editions Astarte 2013, I can confirm that only 7 of the illustrations belong to L’Éducatrice Passionée, as the bilblo displays all 10, and I have previously listed 8 of the 10 in

Books for TRADE: A Portfolio of a suite of eight images from “L’Éducatrice Passionée” Comba-Borel Publishing n.d. C 1980

By Combining this new listing and the listing above you will be able to have all 10 illustrations for this title.

As for L’amoureuse Discipline Editions D’Antin 1938, the bibliography only displays 7 of the 10 called for and I appear to have 4 of that set and 2 orphaned images that sit outside that seven, as all the other E.Klem titles listed in the bibliography, display all illustrations against their titles, I have take the somewhat unscientific , step of assuming that my two orphaned images belong to L’amoureuse Discipline. I hope that is clear, any dissenting voices please put me on the right track, or forever hold your peace. (tempted by the double- entendre)

Anyway enough of that and on to the only thing you lot are interested in which is free images. Please note that my scans have enhanced exposure and are much sharper and clearer than the originals, also as an experiment I have scanned these at 600 dpi which means that if you click on the image you are likely to require a much bigger computer to view the enlarged image.

A Portfolio with cover and a suite of seven of ten images from “L’Éducatrice Passionée” Editions D’Antin 1937

The Illustrations

Cover and Suite of 6? (of 10) illustrations for L’amoureuse Discipline Editions D’Antin 1938

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Épouvantes Voluptueuses.

Books for Trade: Jean GUYOT: LEÇONS D’AMOUR, Published by S.G.E.P. [Toulouse, Francis Flores, 1959]

Another title I am pleased to be able to list having listed a number of others by the same publisher previously, another clandestine mystery unveiled.

Title Page

Jean GUYOT : LEÇONS D’AMOUR; S.G.E.P. [Toulouse, Francis Flores, 1959] 1 volume in-8 (19 x 14 cm), paperback, 157 pages and 10 free illustrations in fine sheets printed in sepia. Cover printed in red and black. Excellent condition. Full of required illustrations that are often missing. ORIGINAL EDITION. Volume published in the late 1950s in Toulouse by Francis Flores. Leçons d’amour finishes on page 112. Followed by, Des Panonceaux au Trottoir.



The Illustrations

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Books for Trade:L’Aquarium des Voluptés, Jean Mouille, Edité par sans nom [Francis Flores, Toulouse], 1955

Books for Trade: GAMIANI , edite par une groupe des bibliophiles [S.I., n.p., n.d. c.1948].?