Charles Carrington Collection:Thais | Translated from the French of Anatole France. LONDON , CHARLES CARRINGTON, 1901. Illustrations by Martin Van Maele.



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As a rolling tribute to my good friend Michael Neal, who sadly passed away on October 21st. I am continuing with my promise to catalogue all the Charles Carrington titles from our combined collections. This particular title is one from Michaels collection and a wonderful example of a working book that has been read and bears the signs of wear with pride. An absolute treat to handle, great size and weight, printed on heavy hand made Van Gelder paper, beautiful print job and fabulous Van Maele illustrations, always at his best when there is room for his marvellous monsters.

Thaïs is a novel by French writer Anatole France, published in 1890 and considered one of his best works. It is based on events in the life of Saint Thaïs of Egypt, a legendary convert to Christianity who is said to have lived in the 4th century. In the story, Paphnuce, an ascetic hermit of the Egyptian desert, journeys to Alexandria to find Thais, the libertine beauty whom he knew as a youth. Masquerading as a dandy, he is able to speak with her about eternity; surprisingly he succeeds in converting her to Christianity. Yet on their return to the desert he becomes fascinated with her former life. She enters a convent to repent of her sins. He cannot forget the pull of her famous beauty, and becomes confused about the values of life. Later, as she is dying and can only see heaven opening before her, he comes to her side and tells her that her faith is an illusion, and that he loves her.

Anatole France (François-Anatole Thibault 1844-1924) was a French poet, journalist, and novelist. He was a successful novelist, with several best-sellers. Ironic and sceptical, he was considered in his day the ideal French man of letters. He was a member of the Académie Française, and won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Literature “in recognition of his brilliant literary achievements, characterized as they are by a nobility of style, a profound human sympathy, grace, and a true Gallic temperament”. France is also widely believed to be the model for narrator Marcel’s literary idol Bergotte in Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time.


Title Page and Frontis.

8vo. 304pp. Limited edition of 500 copies on hand-made paper watermarked Van Gelder. Frontispiece + 20 engravings by Martin van Maele done in shades of black and brown; with tissue guards. 6″x9″, x+304pp, hardbound, blue moire silk boards with blind stamped borders, gilt titles on spine, deckled edges, Van Gelder hand-made paper, beautiful tipped-in illustrations protected by tissue guard and printed in combination of black & brown ink, good condition, bumping to corners, some sunning to spine, slight foxing to prelims, interior pages clean.

(Kinsey: 843.7 F815 t3E 1901. The Satyrical Drawings of Martin van Maele; Cythera Press, 1970. Private collection.)Description
Thais, Anatole France, trans. Robert B. Douglas, illus. by Martin van Maële (Charles Carrington, London, 1901 [first English translation, first edition, limited edition, one of 500])

The First English translation of France’s adaptation of the Golden Legend tale. Originally published in Paris by Calmann-Lévy, 1890; and again by Romagnol in 1900, with illustrations by Lauren, in a limited edition of 300 copies [Forbidden Books, p.29]. Anatole France is a pseudonym used by Jacques Anatole Thibault.


Sample Text

Sample Text

Facing Page 6

Facing Page 24

Facing Page 44

Facing Page 58

Sample Text

Facing Page 94

Facing Page 98

Facing Page 110

Facing Page 128

Facing Page 142

Facing Page 162

Facing Page 178

Facing Page 196

Facing Page 206

Facing Page 214

Sample Text

Facing Page 230

Facing Page 238

Facing Page 268

Facing Page 282

Facing Page 292

Facing Page 304

Charles Carrington Bookshop label

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Charles Carrington Collection: Jean de Villiot; La Flagellation Amoureuse. Charles Carrington , Paris 1904, illustrations by Martin van Maele.

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Another rare Carrington, with Van Maele illustrations, this one a fairly recent acquisition, and yet another example of the quality of Carrington publications, therefore as much attention given to text and page decorations as the illustrations. This will have been a later rebind as the original covers are only partially preserved.

Title Page

Jean de Villiot, La Flagellation Amoureuse; DANS L’HISTOIRE DES MŒURS ET DANS LA LITTÉRATURE SUIVIE DE La Flagellation des Femmes EN FRANCE SOUS LA REVOLUTION ET LA TERREUR BLANCHE Cinq eaux-fortes de MARTIN VAN MAELE PARIS CHARLES CARRINGTON, LIBRAIRIE-EDITEUR 13, Faubourg Montmartre, 1904. 12.7cm. x 21.59cm. 240pp. Printed on laid paper by Veuve Félix Guy et Cie, 20th April 1904. Title page printed in orange and black. Head and tail pieces. Decorative first letter to each chapter. 5 full-page engravings (signed) by Martin van Maele with tissue guards .

This Book: Rebound in quarter black leather on cream textured boards, spine decorated with 4 gilt fluerons, 4 raised bands , lined in gilt, author and title stamped in gilt lettering. Original front and back covers, cropped and pasted on card inserts. Some light sporadic foxing but overall in very good condition.

Original cover

Half title

Print Detail

Sample Text

Sample text

Van Maele 1

Sample Text

Sample Text

Van Maele 2

Sample Text

Sample Text

Sample Text

Van Maele 3

Sample Text

Sample Text

Van Maele 4

Sample Text

Van Maele 5

Table 1

Table 2

Original Back Cover


Erotica Bibliophile Charles Carrington

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Charles Carrington Collection: Jean du Villiot (trans): La Flagellation Des Femmes en Allemagne. illustrations par Martin van Maele, Paris Charles Carrington, 1901.

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Books for Sale: ARETINO, Pietro. – Les Sonnets luxurieux du divin Pietro Aretino. Isidore Liseux Paris 1882.

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Another title for the true bibliophile, as this is a text without illustrations, it does however have the most extraordinary leather binding, with raised pornographic images on front, spine and back of the book, where there is also the artists signature, unfortunately undecipherable, but appears to be arabic? . I have taken multiple images of the covers with different light settings, to give as much detail as possible. This is one of those items where it would be good to have more information, so please do complete a contact form if you can offer any information to enhance the listing.

The Covers

Front Board (light)

Front Board (Medium)

Front Board (Dark)

Back Board (Light)

Back Board (Dark)

Back Board (Close up)


Spine and Front (Dark)

Spine and back (Light)

Spine and back (Dark)

Title page and limitation

ARETINO, Pietro. – Les Sonnets luxurieux du divin Pietro Aretino. Texte italien, le seul authentique et traduction littérale par le Traducteur des Ragionamenti.
Avec un Notice sur les Sonnets luxurieux, l’époque de leur composition, les rapports de l’Aretin avec la Courde Rome, et sur les dessins de Jules Romains gravés par Marc-Antoine. Paris : 1882. 8vo. pp. cxx+79. No. 2 de la Collection dite Musée secret du Bibliophile. Limited to 100 copies.

THIS BOOK: Rebound in heavy calf leather, with raised pornographic signed illustrations, on Front, Back and Spine.  with original publishers, cream coloured, card wraps , including spine, preserved . CXX (120 pages) Notes (French). 79 pages of Sonnets, in original Italian, with French translations on facing pages. Printed by A.-H Becus, Boulevard de Vaugirard, 112. Leather covers with some rubbing to high spots. (21 x 14 cm) contents clean, complete and near fine. A unique copy of a rare title.

Inner Boards

Original Front cover

Sample Text

Sample text

Sonnets Title

Sample Text

Sample text

Sample Sonnet Italian

Sample Sonnet French

Sonnets title 2

Sample Sonnet Italian

Sample Sonnet French


Sonnets title


Sonnets title

Sonnets Italian

Sonnets French

Original Back Cover and Spine

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This Book

ARETINO, Pietro. – Les Sonnets luxurieux du divin Pietro Aretino. Isidore Liseux Paris 1882.

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Books for Sale: Claude de Saint-Hieble, L’Instrument des apothicaires, (Collection des amis du bon vieux temps) Jean Fort. Paris n.d. 1920. illustrated by Martin Van Maele.

This Book

A very odd listing, on a site where odd is the norm. This one is a collection of extracts from various texts throughout French history that have featured the enema as a fetishist device. It is not unusual for the enema  to appear in flagellation novels, but it appears that it has a long and distinguished (or should that be disgusting?) history. This places it more in the Curiosa/ Fetish category than mainstream erotica. I have a significant number of publications by Liseux and Carrington , that explore classical erotic texts and curious bypaths of deviance. It is not unusual to find anti-clerical  and anti- royalist texts, but in the world of erotica nothing is sacred, and this rather delightful tome takes a swipe at the bizarre practices of the medical profession throughout history. So by all means stand and applaud for the medics, but be careful when you bend over.

Frontispiece and Title Page

Claude de Saint-Hieble, L’Instrument des apothicaires,  Le Clystère dans l’humour et la  litérature. DES Anecdotes de Tallemant des Réaux, Saint-Simon, etc. L’éloge de la seringue, réimpression complète.Ma tante Geneviève, Le Mousquetaire à genoux. Le cas Antoinette Boyau ,Le petit Parnasse des Apothicaires:Grécourt, Collier, La Fontaine, Du- laurens, Béranger, etc., etc. 11 Vignettes de M. VAN MAEL [sic] 7 hors texte d’après les gravures de l’èpoque | [3 ornaments] | COLLECTION DES AMIS DU BON VIEUX TEMPS| Jean FORT, éditeur | 73, Faubourg Poissonnière, 73 [n.d., c. 1920].

This Book. Rebound in quarter beige leather with five raised bands , lined in gilt with author and title in gilt, on mottled boards, lined with pink paper.  Original covers preserved. 8vo. (21.8 x 13.7 cm). 224 pp. 11 large head-pieces signed with Van Maele’s monogram. Limited edition of 30 numbered copies on Holland, which contain the signed Van Maele frontispiece, lacking in the rest of the edition. External light wear and rubbing to spine , and edges, internally complete and only marred by discolouration where the glossy images have darkened the facing pages.

Original Cover

Signed Van Maele Frontis

Notice of Limitation

Head Piece 1

Engraving 1

Head Piece 2

Head Piece 3

Engraving 2

Head Piece 4

Engraving 3

Head Piece 5

Head Piece 6

Engraving 4

Head Piece 7

Head Piece 8

Engraving 5

Head Piece 9

Engraving 6

Head Piece 10

Engraving 7

Head Piece 11

Bibliographical information.

On the Internet, several sites present this book as a pornographic work of Pierre Mac Orlan devoted to klysmaphilia. The defenders of this refreshing, but not very common practice will be disappointed. In reality, Mac Orlan wrote only a few pages to introduce an anthology of old texts devoted to the clystère. This is a true work of scholarship on a little explored subject, so much so that L’Instrument des Apothicaires is found on the shelves of several libraries of medicine. Nevertheless, the intention of the author is clear: this is frankly a broad joke, which he clearly indicates in his preface: “Nous avons fait en quelque sorte une anthologie, un livre d’or du clystère, à travers cinq siècles de badinage et d’humour, et c’est, je crois, dans le coin des humoristes qu’il convient de placer cet ouvrage sur les rayons de toute bibliothèque.” (We have to some extent made an anthology, a book on the clystère, through five centuries of banter and humour, and it is, I believe, in the corner of the humorists whom it is advisable to place this work on the shelves of any library.) For the discourse of this particular subject, Pierre Mac Orlan chose an original pseudonym, but completely fitting since the sureau hièble (Sambucus ebulus ) is a plant of which the leaves and the roots are purgative and sudorific. On rapprochera cet emprunt à la pharmacopée du Docteur Fowler de Maisons de flagellation.

Perry, S. A.. Martin Van Maele: An Illustrated Bibliographical Checklist (Kindle Locations 379-387). . Kindle Edition.

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This Book

Claude de Saint-Hieble, L’Instrument des apothicaires, (Collection des amis du bon vieux temps) Jean Fort. Paris n.d. 1920. illustrated by Martin Van Maele.

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Books for Sale: François Béroalde de Verville – Le Moyen de Parvenir Paris, Jéan Fort, 1921. Van Maele illustrations.

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Books for Sale: BRÉVANNES, Roland. – La Papesse Noire. Massy (Seine-et-Oise): Select Bibliothèque, 1907.




This Book

Not erotica, but more esoterica/curiosa. Not the usual flagellation theme but a story about a religious cult.  Still it is number 5 in the Select Bibliotheque series, and very rare, benefiting from an early rebind, (1908), it is also exceptionally well preserved.

Prospectus and Title Page.

BRÉVANNES, Roland. – La Papesse Noire. Massy (Seine-et-Oise): Select Bibliothèque, 1907. In-16, 252 pages +. Cover illustration and 7 ( 1 double page),black and white illustrations signed “Mas”. Bound in blue cloth over marbled blue boards, Author and tile in gilt on dark red label on spine, embossed in gilt at base of spine “1907 – A.L.C 1908″.Original owners bookplate pasted on inner board. Original illustrated covers preserved, including spine printed in red and black, original price of Fr 5. Contents: 3 page preface, 249 numbered pages, including 10 pages ” La Rose D’Estrella” an extract from “Les Griffes du Sphinx” + table of contents. Followed by a 6 page catalogue of other titles, including a splendid black and white illustration, of the cover of “Fleur vénéneuse”.
Extremely well preserved copy of a very rare title.


Original Owners Bookplate

Sample Text

Sample text

Illustration 1

illustration 2

illustration 3

illustration 4

Illustration 5

illustration 6

illustration 7

Sample Text

Sample Text

Table and Advertisements




Back Cover and Spine preserved

Book for Sale: ALÉRA, Don Brennus. – Les Asservies. Tome VI. L’esclave du cuir verni. – Chienne de sa femme de chambre. :Select-Bibliothèque, Sceaux [1928]

Books for Sale, Aléra, Don Brennus. Le Journal d’une flagellée, Select-Bibliothèque, Sceaux (Seine) 1909.illustrated by Tack.

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This Book

BRÉVANNES, Roland. – La Papesse Noire. Massy (Seine-et-Oise): Select Bibliothèque, 1907.

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Books for Trade: QU’EN PENSEZ-VOUS? n.p., n.d. [c.1958] Clandestine Publication(Losfeld)

This Book

Bit of a surprise this one, a clandestine Losfeld that I have never seen before, and completely anonymous, no text just illustrations, no research material, available.

Pat Kearney lists it  thus :-

QU’EN PENSEZ-VOUS? n.p., n.d. [c.1958]. 8°. 16 ff.
Dutel 2284. An album of erotic illustrations used by Losfeld in his
other publications. – No repository copy found.

Scissors and Paste Losfeld

The reference to Dutel presumably says the same but in French.

Title Page

QU’EN PENSEZ-VOUS? n.p., n.d. [c.1958] (Losfeld). In original,  publishers textured cream coloured card covers, title in purple on front cover, otherwise completely anonymous. (23 x 14.5 cm),blank  ffep, half title, Title Page, blank verso, followed by 21 illustrations on 22 pages (inc 1 double page illustration) all printed in black on thick card. Absolutely no text or publication details.


illustration 1

illustrations 2 & 3

illustrations 4 & 5

illustration 6

illustrations 7 & 8

illustrations 9 & 10

illustrations 11 & 12

illustrations 13 & 14

illustrations 15 & 16

illustrations 17 & 18

illustrations 19 & 20

illustration 21

Books for trade: VERGERIE, Jean, pseud. – Histoire de Priska. Éditions de la Hippogriffe (Losfeld) [c. 1955]

Books for Trade: Les Vices de l’Ange: Hervé Lavenue (Isidore Isou) np (Losfeld) Achievé d’imprimer le 4 Novembre 1949 a Campo-Santo Italie (c;1958)

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Books for Trade: Claude de LAUNIES; CROISIÈRE AMOUREUSE, EO, New-York – Paris, Sous le signe du grand écart, s.d. [Paris, Maurice Duflou, vers 1937]

This Book

Rare erotic work of the 1930s, signed by a certain Claude de Launies, a pseudonym behind which Renée Dunan (1892-1936 or 1944), a pioneer of the feminine, or perhaps Johannès Gros (?-1936/37) could hide. The book was published by Maurice DUFLOU (1885-1951), who used for the occasion a fictitious cover, “Sous le signe du grand écart”. It follows the sexual adventures of a young American woman, Marjorie. It is set on the ocean liner “Normandy”, on which she embarked from New York, that she will be seduced by a stranger, before perfecting her sexual knowledge in Paris where, as she says, she intends to “learn love”. For, you imagine, to believe the books and her friends, it would only be in Paris that we know how to dress… and undress.” The clichés have a hard life… Whether or not Paris deserves its reputation as the capital of love, Marjorie will have fun in every sense of the word: sodomy, lesbianism, sadomasochism, several affairs, “tester” of lovers for a Countess, etc. Almost everything goes with delight! Pleasant curiosa, fun and well written enough for the genre.

Title Page and Limitation

CROISIÈRE AMOUREUSE, roman érotique de Claude de LAUNIES, illustré en couleurs – EO, New-York – Paris, Sous le signe du grand écart [Maurice Dulflou], New York – Paris [Paris], no date, printing [around 1937] paperback, in-8 (about 21.5 H x 15 L cm) – (3 ff.) – 151-[1] – (1 ff.) cream-coloured textured wraps titled in blue; on front cover only, over plain card covers. With 12 free compositions in colours, unsigned, 12 off-texts (approx. 16.8 H x 11.2 L cm with about 8 mm bowls; drawings of approx. 15 H x 9.5 L cm) Text decorated with 9 wood cuts in bistre / red, attributed by Dutel to Louis BERTHOMMÉ SAINT-ANDRÉ (1905-1977) 2 headings (the first repeated five times; the second, four times), 6 cul-de-lamps and 1 title sticker. 120/ 350 ex. of the current print on velin pur fil.

Condition: Cover/ shirt: a little shabby, with some smudges.. There are various small spots or freckles on the first plate, and several smudges, especially at the back head (which seems to have been  glued) and at the top right on the second plate, at the level of an old tear (about 4 cm) that has been (mischievously) restored (glued and paper inside). In addition, small slits in the head and tail of the back (about 2 cm and 1 cm). Brown traces of adhesive on the inner covers (likely adhesives of an old protection), with a slight transfer on the half title and the last page (see images) . Top slice a little dusty. Otherwise, nice overall freshness, generally clean if not a few small freckles isolated or discharges on some sheets: p. 8-10 (8 mm), 27 (gutter), 62-64 (lower corners), 70, p. 79, p. 88 – Text may be slightly affected (p. 8-10 or p. 88), but engravings are spared. A small line of zig-zag ink (8 mm) p. 119 at the gutter

Front Cover

back cover

Chapter heading

illustration 1

Chapter ending

sample text

illustration 2

illustration 3

Sample Text

illustration 4

Sample text

Sample Text

illustration 5

sample text

illustration 6

Sample Text

illustration 7

illustration 8

illustration 9

Sample text

illustration 10

illustration 11

Sample text

illustration 12


Scissors and Paste. Duflou Bibliography

Note from Duflou bibliography:

20. LAUNIES, (Claude de). – Croisière amoureuse.
New York, Paris, sous le signe du Grande Ecart [c.
1937]. 8vo. pp. 152. Twelve colour plates and many
culs-de-lampe, the latter being designed by Berthommé
Saint-André. Limited to 352 copies. [No repository
copies located, but cited in the important “Curiosa”
auction held at Nouveau Drouot on March 11th 1987,
lot no. 70. Dutel, no. 1317.]

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Charles Carrington Collection: An English Doctor: How Women are Flogged in  Russian Prisons, Librairie des Bibliophiles, 1899

This Book

This one is for the bibliophiles, no illustrations! A very rare item,  effectively a pornographic novelette, written in letter form, a salacious account of an alleged visit by an English doctor to a convent prison  in Siberia, where he witnesses and records the most severe of tortures and punishments to  the female inmates, by which he finds himself extremely aroused, and following his departure from said institution seeks to re-enact his experience by employing prostitutes versed in the fetishist  arts. Strong stuff not for the faint hearted. And yes it is in English, a French version was published in a compendium of flagellation material also by Carrington but minus the sexual content.

Title Page

Curious Sidelights of Social History: How  Women are Flogged  in  Russian Prisons, Narrative of a Visit to a Convent Prison in Siberia, by an English  Doctor. Paris, Librairie des Bibliophiles, 13 Faubourg Montmarte,1899. In original publishers paper wraps, printed in red and black on a salmon pink paper, over plain card covers. List of English Publications printed on back cover, interestingly this is clearly over-stamped “12 Jan 1903”, Title page duplicates the cover and is also printed in red  and black. Contents. 12.07cm. x 19.69cm. xvii + 48pp. Printed on laid paper. Condition, Under a protective opaque sleeve, the book is complete, but shaken, stitching visible, in paper wrap, some light foxing to front cover and spine, Very Good.

This title is from the Michael Neal Collection

Front Cover


Sample text

sample text

Back Cover

The date stamp, obviously a later addition at the top of the back cover is possibly another indication that the books were stored in sheets and wrappers added when a copy was ordered, thus explaining some confusion caused to bibliographers, when advertisements for titles often list books, printed years after  the publication of the book under scrutiny.

Bibliographical Note Guacamole P77 (110)


Eroticabibliophile Carrington


This book is Not for Sale

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How  Women are Flogged  Flogged in  Russian Prisons
Narrative of a visit to a convent prison in Siberia by an English doctor. Paris: Libraire des Bibliophiles, 1899.
12.07cm. x 19.69cm. xvii + 48pp. Printed on laid paper. Title page printed in red and black.

A note in the Kinsey copy states: “More erotic than the French version in Villiot’s Curiosities et Anecdotes de flagellation”.

Books for Trade: Pierre Louys: ‎Manuel de civilité pour les petites filles à l’usage des maisons d’éducation.‎ n.p. Londres (Nice) MCMXLVIII, 1938.

This Book

A rare and controversial item, not published until after the death of the author, originally published in text only by Simon Kra around 1926, followed by a number of clandestine editions, some allegedly illustrated, but difficult to authenticate as to whether the illustrations were issued with the book or were extra illustrated by owners of the various editions of the book. For our example this is not a problem because the illustrations clearly belong to the scenarios offered up in the text. The artist remains anonymous, but has been accredited elsewhere to Peter Schem, and I am inclined to agree with this as I have owned other titles attributed to Schem.

As always with delicately coloured illustrations, it is difficult to do them justice with digital imagery and the tendency is to try and enhance the colouration, I have resisted that temptation in this listing and the images are as close as I can get to the originals. A lovely copy of a rare and interesting title and hard to believe it is now over 70 years old.

Title Page

Pierre Louys: ‎Manuel de civilité pour les petites filles à l’usage des maisons d’éducation.‎ n.p. Londres (Nice) MCMXLVIII, (1938). 105/271 copies “pour un groupe d’amateurs” on Vélin de Rives (total edition 299). The edition is illustrated with 12 clearly erotic original lithographs on panels that have been coloured by hand. As issued in off white textured slip case with slightly dirty edges and corners.  Quarto (25 x 17 cm