Books for Trade: ‎[Berthommé – Saint-André (Louis-André)]‎ ‎Ma vie secrète.‎ ‎Londres (Paris), s.n. (Marcel Seheur), 1885 (1932)

Another little gem, a clandestine title from the 1930’s a French edition of My Secret Life , originally published in English probably by Brancart in 1890, the first French edition appeared in 1923 this was parts of volume one and two, of the English edition, published by Maurice Duflou, this was turned into three illustrated volumes for the current listing. The full version of the English text was finally translated into French by Mathias Pauvert, and published by Stock in 1994.

I am fairly confident that this is the first time all of the illustrations and headings and tailpieces have all been displayed in one go, not without controversial elements, I hope you enjoy them.

Volume 1

Anon: –  ‎Ma vie secrète.‎ Londres (Paris), s.n. (Marcel Seheur), 1885 (1932); 3 volumes in original pink card, illustrated covers with, half titles, titles and frontispieces for each volume; continuous pagination, pp 403, 26 free lithographs inset, watercolor stenciled and brush, many drawings, headers and free lamp-ends drawn in bistre, drawing repeated in the three covers drawn in bistre, by the painter Berthommé-Saint-André.


Tile Page

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Volume 2


Title Page

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter 12

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen


Volume 3


Title Page

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty One

Chapter Twenty Two

Chapter Twenty Three


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MES ÉTAPES AMOUREUSES [par] E. D. Imprimé pour les Colporteurs Gascons [Paris , Marcel Sehuer] c. 1935].