Charles Carrington Collection: Jean de Villiot: La Maison de la Verveine, Illustrations de MARTIN VAN MAELE et EMILE MAS, PARIS, LIBRAIRIE DES BIBLIOPHILES PARISIENS,1904.

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Another Carrington, this one clandestine under his Librarie des Bibliophiles imprint. Altogether a lavish production with red borders to each page and profusely illustrated.

Bibliographical information courtesy of Sheryl Straight.

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Van Maele 1

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Charles Carrington Collection: Henryk Sienkiewicz, Pan Michael, Paris: Charles Carrington1904, Illustrated by Martin Van Maele.

Charles Carrington Collection: Weird Women; The Crimson Curtain; Happiness  in Crime; A Dinner of Atheists; A Woman’sVengeance. Translated from the French  of  Barbey d’Aurevilly.  With Eight Wood Engravings.  London.  Privately Printed. For the Lutetian Bibliophiles’ Society, (Charles Carrington).  MCM. (1900)

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Books for Sale: BRÉVANNES, Roland. – La Papesse Noire. Massy (Seine-et-Oise): Select Bibliothèque, 1907.




This Book

Not erotica, but more esoterica/curiosa. Not the usual flagellation theme but a story about a religious cult.  Still it is number 5 in the Select Bibliotheque series, and very rare, benefiting from an early rebind, (1908), it is also exceptionally well preserved.

Prospectus and Title Page.

BRÉVANNES, Roland. – La Papesse Noire. Massy (Seine-et-Oise): Select Bibliothèque, 1907. In-16, 252 pages +. Cover illustration and 7 ( 1 double page),black and white illustrations signed “Mas”. Bound in blue cloth over marbled blue boards, Author and tile in gilt on dark red label on spine, embossed in gilt at base of spine “1907 – A.L.C 1908″.Original owners bookplate pasted on inner board. Original illustrated covers preserved, including spine printed in red and black, original price of Fr 5. Contents: 3 page preface, 249 numbered pages, including 10 pages ” La Rose D’Estrella” an extract from “Les Griffes du Sphinx” + table of contents. Followed by a 6 page catalogue of other titles, including a splendid black and white illustration, of the cover of “Fleur vénéneuse”.
Extremely well preserved copy of a very rare title.


Original Owners Bookplate

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Back Cover and Spine preserved

Book for Sale: ALÉRA, Don Brennus. – Les Asservies. Tome VI. L’esclave du cuir verni. – Chienne de sa femme de chambre. :Select-Bibliothèque, Sceaux [1928]

Books for Sale, Aléra, Don Brennus. Le Journal d’une flagellée, Select-Bibliothèque, Sceaux (Seine) 1909.illustrated by Tack.

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This Book

BRÉVANNES, Roland. – La Papesse Noire. Massy (Seine-et-Oise): Select Bibliothèque, 1907.

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