Books for Sale: Max Daniel: La Pécheresse passionnée. Collection des Orties blanches, Paris, 1926.

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Another flagellation title, this one a small volume sparsely illustrated , but very nicely done by Louis Malteste. A rare find this one and now just a few years short of its one hundredth birthday.

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Max Daniel: La Pécheresse passionnée. Collection des Orties blanches, Paris, 1926. In-8 (22,5 x 13 cm).147 pages, Imprimerie Darantière à Dijon.Préface de Jacques d’Icy. Avec 4 hors texte par Louis Malteste, reproduits en héliogravure.
Bécourt 60: Sentenced the 17th Chamber Seine Correctional Court on November 25, 1953 and then by the Paris Court of Appeal 10th Chamber on June 9, 1954.

This Book: In original, publishers paper covers printed in red and black, original price of 40 francs on spine, general wear to edges and splitting at head and tail of spine (without loss), covers slightly grubby, contents clean and complete.

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This Book

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Books for Sale: Pierre de Jusange: La Comtesse au Fouet, Collection des Orties Blanches, Paris n.d. (1926), illustrations hors-texte de Martin Van Maele.

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Well controversy, pursues me whatever I do. And another bibliographical puzzle. This one fits a sub collection, in that it has Van Maele illustrations, but once listed it can go, hence Book for Sale. My attempt to  confuse in this instance, is that all other copies on sale and the bibliographical reference indicate 7 hors-texte illustrations, but there are 8, as evidenced by the listing below.

As those of you that read, may already have spotted, I am displaying images in book form, so if you want just the image you will have to do a little work. I am no longer flat bed scanning anything, the books are too fragile and/or rare. Plenty of other sites have sterile paint shopped images, so go look at them. Any way my eyesight, perspective and patience are all completely shot and I cant be bothered.

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Pierre de Jusange: ( Pierre Dumarchey) La Comtesse au Fouet, Collection des Orties Blanches,79 rue de Vaugirard, Paris n.d. (1926), illustrations hors-texte de Martin Van Maele. Printer, Saint-Amand (cher) – Imp R Bussiere.  In original publishers thin card covers, printed in red and black on front cover and spine, original price of 25 Francs on spine. Back cover printed in black with list of 10 other titles in the series. 253 pages. ( 20 x 13.5 x 3 cm. weight 300 gr). illustrated with 8 (eight) (huit), full page illustrations by Martin Van Maele (unsigned), The condition of the book is good, though printed on very cheap paper, which has yellowed with age, there is some splitting to the tail of the spine at the front cover, (see images). The 8 illustrations which have been bound in, are on much better quality paper than the text, and have fared better, so I grade them as very good.

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Comtesse au Fouet, La PIERRE DE JUSANGE | LA COMTESSE [red] | AU FOUET [red] | Illustrations hors– texte de | MARTIN VAN MAELE | [block quotation] | Tome 1 [Tome 2] | PARIS | COLLECTION DES ORTIES BLANCHES [red] | 79, RUE DE VAUGIRARD, 79 (1926) 8vo. 254 pp. Illustrated with 7 hors-texte engravings by Van Maele, all unsigned. Printed by R. Bussière (15 Oct 1926). “Collection Des Orties Blanches” is the imprint of Jean Fort. He first published this title in 1909 and again about 1911 with illustrations by Ludovic Riezer. The author, Pierre de Jusange, (and the illustrator for the 1911 edition) is a pseudonym used by Pierre Dumarchey (aka Pierre Mac Orlan). (Bibliothèque Nationale: RES P-Y2-777. Kinsey: 843.8 M17 c68 1911. Importante Bibliothèque d’Ouvrages Érotiques: lot 271. Private collection)

Perry, S. A.. Martin Van Maele: An Illustrated Bibliographical Checklist (Kindle Locations 182-188).  . Kindle Edition.

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This Book is For Sale

This Book

Pierre de Jusange: La Comtesse au Fouet, Collection des Orties Blanches, Paris n.d. (1926), illustrations hors-texte de Martin Van Maele.

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