Books for Trade: ARETINO, Pietro. – Les Sonnets luxurieux du divin Pietro Aretino. Isidore Liseux Paris 1882.

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Another title for the true bibliophile, as this is a text without illustrations, it does however have the most extraordinary leather binding, with raised pornographic images on front, spine and back of the book, where there is also the artists signature, unfortunately undecipherable, but appears to be arabic? . I have taken multiple images of the covers with different light settings, to give as much detail as possible. This is one of those items where it would be good to have more information, so please do complete a contact form if you can offer any information to enhance the listing.

The Covers

Front Board (light)

Front Board (Medium)

Front Board (Dark)

Back Board (Light)

Back Board (Dark)

Back Board (Close up)


Spine and Front (Dark)

Spine and back (Light)

Spine and back (Dark)

Title page and limitation

ARETINO, Pietro. – Les Sonnets luxurieux du divin Pietro Aretino. Texte italien, le seul authentique et traduction littérale par le Traducteur des Ragionamenti.
Avec un Notice sur les Sonnets luxurieux, l’époque de leur composition, les rapports de l’Aretin avec la Courde Rome, et sur les dessins de Jules Romains gravés par Marc-Antoine. Paris : 1882. 8vo. pp. cxx+79. No. 2 de la Collection dite Musée secret du Bibliophile. Limited to 100 copies.

THIS BOOK: Rebound in heavy calf leather, with raised pornographic signed illustrations, on Front, Back and Spine.  with original publishers, cream coloured, card wraps , including spine, preserved . CXX (120 pages) Notes (French). 79 pages of Sonnets, in original Italian, with French translations on facing pages. Printed by A.-H Becus, Boulevard de Vaugirard, 112. Leather covers with some rubbing to high spots. (21 x 14 cm) contents clean, complete and near fine. A unique copy of a rare title.

Inner Boards

Original Front cover

Sample Text

Sample text

Sonnets Title

Sample Text

Sample text

Sample Sonnet Italian

Sample Sonnet French

Sonnets title 2

Sample Sonnet Italian

Sample Sonnet French


Sonnets title


Sonnets title

Sonnets Italian

Sonnets French

Original Back Cover and Spine

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