Books for Trade: Pierrot: Séduction. Jeune amours au chateau, à la pension. (Suivi de quatre pièces célèbres: L’Examen de Flora, Les Filles de Loth, L’Ode à Priape, Deux Gougnottes).: En vente partout et nulle part [n.p. Paris, Briffaut],1910

A very nice clandestine publication, text only and in a very nice binding so awkward to provide images, but of interest to the serious erotic bibliophile.

Pierrot: Séduction. Jeune amours au chateau, à la pension. (Suivi de quatre pièces célèbres: L’Examen de Flora, Les Filles de Loth, L’Ode à Priape, Deux Gougnottes).: En vente partout et nulle part [n.p. Paris, Briffaut], 1910. 8 °. 250 p.. In a half leather fine binding on coloured boards, 5 raised bands, gilded decoration to head and tail of spine, title ” Pierrot – Séduction -Divers” in gilt lettering on spine. All page edges in gilt. Original covers preserved printed in red and black on orange card covers, title page printed in red and black, each of the additional texts have their own half-title. Produced in a limited edition of 350 copies this copy unnumbered. Bookplate pasted inside front board. Very good near fine condition, A rare title. My copy appears to differ from two others listed on the web.

There appears to be some confusion as to who Pierrot was, and it is suggested that he may be a Dr Brennus, not to be confused with Don Brennus Alera, that is just lazy bibliography.

For clarification see:-


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Books for Trade: HUGUES, Clovis: ODE A VENUS. ODE AU VAGIN. Poème inédit. Domrémy, A l’Enseigne de la Pucelle, s.d. (vers 1933) [Paris, Maurice Duflou]

Books for trade: Special Edition: Anon;Récits de la Villa Brigitte. Fessées Gaillardes et Authentiques racontées par les membres du club sainte Brigitte, Bibliothèque des Deux Hémisphères [ Jean Fort ], collection Cressida, s.d. [1911?]. 2 Volumes,16 colour plates (unsigned).



A very rare clandestine publication from Jean Fort, something of a bibliographical mystery, and not much information out there, I am unable to locate a copy in any library, or any history of this title being auctioned. It may simply be that I do not have adequate reference material, but I am asking for any information anyone has about this title. This edition is a great rarity and even more so with a suite of 16 original illustrations. It is likely that the illustrations are “extra” to the book and may have been commissioned by the original owner, they appear contemporary with the book. Cannot establish this for certain unless another copy turns up with these illustrations.

The appears to be some surface debate about which came first, this edition provisionally dated 1911, although it is not actually dated at all, despite someone having penciled 1911 at the foot of the title page, or the clandestine Carrington  English edition dated 1910, which claims to have been translated from the French.

This French edition makes no similar claim to have been translated from the English, so given the confusion (deliberate) created by clandestine publishers, the debate about the chronology may simply be a matter of bibliographers pride.

I hope to be able to provide an update soon, in the meantime enjoy this rarity.

Récits de la Villa Brigitte. Fessées Gaillardes et Authentiques racontées par les membres du club sainte Brigitte, Bibliothèque des Deux Hémisphères [ Jean Fort ], collection Cressida, s.d. [1911?]. 2 Volumes in original neutral paper covers. Title of each volume on spine, pp 139, 155+ table. (19 x 12 cm).16 colour plates (unsigned) tipped in, each plate (excepting the first) are indexed against the appropriate volume, i.e. VB 1, VB 2, along with the page number the image is paired with. The illustrations are more explicit than the usual flagellation themes.


Originally published as: Tales of Villa Brigitte. Translated from the French by M. A. Oxon, London & Melbourne [Paris], H.-J. Vicar, Sons and Co [ Charles Carrington ], 1910. About the translator, the catalog of the Kinsey Institute indicates: “Identification of translator with Moses William Stainton, who used the same pseudonym is uncertain.”


Sample text



Volume 2

The Illustrations


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Books for Trade: Au bord du lit. Stances: Alexandre de Vérineau, [d.i. Louis Perceau]. Published by Erotopolis, à l’Enseigne des Bacchantes [d.i. Paris, Maurice Duflou], 1927 Illustrées de onze eaux-fortes originales par Lucas. O [d.i. |Luc Lafnet|]:

Books Currently for Sale.

Any Information or questions about this title, please complete a contact sheet.

Your assistance Required: De Sade, La Philosophie dans le Boudoir, ouvre posthume du Marquis de Sade, ETERNITE, sur L’Imprimr de Paris 1795.




Many Thanks to Antiquariat Ars Amandi from Berlin who provided the following information.

The edition is a
publication by Kistemakers in Brussel, around 1880. For bibliographical
reference you find it in Dutel, entre 1650 et 1880, in the appendix, no.
Best to you,
Ars Amandi, Berlin

This one is for the bibliophiles (no illustrations), I am trying to identify the publisher and date. A previous owner has penciled in c 1900 on the ffep. Other than that there is nothing to indicate date, publisher or printer. It is a lovely little book nicely printed on good quality paper, bound in quarter green leather on marbled boards. Limited edition of 75 copies,11 x 16 c.m. 254 pp, with 2 page catalogue of other titles. The books listed are all very small print runs, and the heading Bibliotheque pour les curieux, does not offer any hits.

The only clue appears to be the printer or publishers device on the Title Page ÉTERNITÉ, under which is a small image of a winged helmet.

Catalogue first page

Catalogue second page



Any information please complete a contact form.

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Book For Trade:THE LASCIVIOUS HYPOCRITE or the TRIUMPHS of VICE a Free Translation of Le Tartuffe Libertin. Done at Cythera by the Keeper of the Temple: MDCCXC

Books For Trade (Facsimilie)MOI, POUPÉE. Texte et eaux-fortes d’une Jeune fille à la page.A l’enseigne “des petites vertus”, s.d. (1930). [Maurice Duflou, Darantière imprimeur] –

Before anyone gets too carried away, this is a facsimilie, here because I dont expect ever to have the original, and it allows me to share the images, which in this case, consist of some of the original illustrations supplemented by  hand retouched (badly) colour pornographic photographs. This  item, although a lump of a book, with individual taped in page sections, with copied text pasted in, is somehow quite an appealing object in its own right, and as close as I (or you) are ever likely to get to the original.

I have shamelessly stolen the text of an old book sellers description as the only useful bibliographical information I can find, please bear in mind that it does not describe my copy which has no mention of any publisher or place, and appears to be a partial text ending on page number 75, apparently mid-sentence. Still as usual I am sharing this because I like it. I have done my best with the image scans, and mine are a slight improvement on the ones in the book.

One more thing, I have seen copies of this for sale that look very much like my copy, but purporting to be original, also referencing Rojan as the illustrator, i am happy to say that if they are talking about the same illustrations as this volume, they are not the work of Rojan. My copy  has age and is clearly a facsimilie, I believe of a pirate copy of the original title, anyone with any comments or information please utilise a  contact form.



Johannes GROS, aussi un temps attribué à Renée DUNAN] – P. BELOTTI, illustrateur (?)
MOI, POUPÉE. Texte et eaux-fortes d’une Jeune fille à la page.
A l’enseigne “des petites vertus”, s.d. (1930). [Maurice Duflou, Darantière imprimeur] – 
Clandestine erotic published by Maurice Duflou and illustrated 9 beautiful free etchings attributed to P. Belotti. Rarity among rarities! [Johannes GROS, also a time attributed to Renée DUNAN] – P. BELOTTI, illustrator (?) ME, DOLL. Text and etchings of a girl on the page. At the sign “small virtues”, nd (1930). [Maurice Duflou, Darantière printer] 1 volume in-8 (19.5 x 14.5 cm), paperback, 255- (1) pages. 1 etching in frontispiece and 8 etchings inset. Good copy as published. Some slight foxing in places. Solid broaching. Gray-blue paper cover printed in pink-red on the first dish (title and floret), on the back we read the title ” Neither Dutel (who simply quotes them) nor the other bibliographers (Alexandrian, Pauvert, Kearney) evoke the illustrations that adorn this volume. We believe we recognize as author of these pretty free etchings P. BELOTTI who illustrated at the same time several erotic works published clandestinely (Jacinthe or the images of sin). Reference: Dutel, 2003 – Volume that was missing from the main collections of clandestine erotic books (Nordmann, etc.)

My Copy


The Illustrations


See also


Books for Trade: COMTESSE DE J… [Johannes GROS] – T. Mertens CONFESSIONS LIBERTINES. Orné de huit eaux-fortes de T. Mertens. Partout et nulle part [Imprimerie Darantière, Dijon, 1931]


Books for Trade: ‎[Berthommé – Saint-André (Louis-André)]‎ ‎Ma vie secrète.‎ ‎Londres (Paris), s.n. (Marcel Seheur), 1885 (1932)

Another little gem, a clandestine title from the 1930’s a French edition of My Secret Life , originally published in English probably by Brancart in 1890, the first French edition appeared in 1923 this was parts of volume one and two, of the English edition, published by Maurice Duflou, this was turned into three illustrated volumes for the current listing. The full version of the English text was finally translated into French by Mathias Pauvert, and published by Stock in 1994.

I am fairly confident that this is the first time all of the illustrations and headings and tailpieces have all been displayed in one go, not without controversial elements, I hope you enjoy them.

Volume 1

Anon: –  ‎Ma vie secrète.‎ Londres (Paris), s.n. (Marcel Seheur), 1885 (1932); 3 volumes in original pink card, illustrated covers with, half titles, titles and frontispieces for each volume; continuous pagination, pp 403, 26 free lithographs inset, watercolor stenciled and brush, many drawings, headers and free lamp-ends drawn in bistre, drawing repeated in the three covers drawn in bistre, by the painter Berthommé-Saint-André.


Tile Page

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Volume 2


Title Page

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter 12

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen


Volume 3


Title Page

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty One

Chapter Twenty Two

Chapter Twenty Three


See Also

Books for Trade: Louys, Pierre. Pibrac. Quatrains érotiques. Sans lieu, Aux dépens d’un Amateur pour le profit des quelques autres [i.e. Paris, Télin?], 1933 [1934]

MES ÉTAPES AMOUREUSES [par] E. D. Imprimé pour les Colporteurs Gascons [Paris , Marcel Sehuer] c. 1935].


Books for Trade: HUGUES, Clovis: ODE A VENUS. ODE AU VAGIN. Poème inédit. Domrémy, A l’Enseigne de la Pucelle, s.d. (vers 1933) [Paris, Maurice Duflou]



Yet another stunning example from the golden age of erotica, a clandestine title from Duflou, with input from Perceau. This presented scanning problems, as the book is rebound with original covers bound in, so it was not always possible to get the images flat on the scanner bed, unfortunately there is not much to be done about this.

The book is interesting on a number of counts, as yet again this is a Briffaut publication which appears to have variant editions in the same limitations, in this case my copy has colour illustrations, all other copies I have traced have the illustrations in black only, I had a similar experience with my Briffaut copy of L’Anti Justine.

The most interesting point for me however is the anonymous illustrator of this title, which I believe to be the mysterious “Wighead”, I would welcome any comments on this possibility.

And for those among you that have an interest in books rather than just images, this copy has some damp staining in the guttering, and I would welcome any information on the possibility of treating this.


Title Page

HUGUES, Clovis: ODE A VENUS. ODE AU VAGIN. Poème inédit.Domrémy,

A l’Enseigne de la Pucelle, s.d. (vers 1933) [Paris, Maurice Duflou]

1 volume in-8 (22 x 16.5 cm), paperback, 69- (1) pages. 10 photo-gravures inset in colour. Cream cover printed in red and black with two initials for the letters Q and V. The cover modestly bears the title Ode to Venus while the title page clearly indicates Ode to Vagina. Rebound copy with original covers bound in.

This volume contains a note on the author signed Jean Tiretta, the facsimile of the last page of the manuscript signed Klau-Vizuq, the Ode to Vagina, a notice on the Ode to Piron Priory by Helpey (Louis Perceau) , Ode to Priapus and The Seven Beatitudes.

With regard to Clovis Hugues (1851-1907), Aristide Briand wrote: “There were in him Beranger, Camille Desmoulins and Tartarin of Tarascon”. In other words: communard, freemason, socialist, poet; it was all this in turn and at once. The Ode to the Vagina dates from 1906. One knows nothing about the illustrator of this beautiful edition out of the presses of Maurice Duflou.Reference: Dutel, Bibliography of erotic works published clandestinely in French between 1920 and 1970, no. 2078.

Sample Text


The Illustrations

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See also (reference other titles illustrated by Wighead)

Books for Trade: Jim Galding: Unter dem Hintern einer Frau Eros Publishing Hamburg n.d. (1980?) illustrated by Wighead, being a German translation of “Sous la Croupe Feminine” (1936)

The Search for Wighead, a comparison of artists and publishers.

Also type Wighead into my searchbar.

See also (for reference to Briffaut)

Books for Trade: Special Edition, L’Anti-Justine ou les delices de l’amour. Nouvelle edition entierement revue et corrigee, etablie pour la premiere fois sur le texte original de 1798. Precede d’une notice bibliographique par Helpey [d. i. L. Perceau.]


Books for Trade: COMTESSE DE J… [Johannes GROS] – T. Mertens CONFESSIONS LIBERTINES. Orné de huit eaux-fortes de T. Mertens. Partout et nulle part [Imprimerie Darantière, Dijon, 1931]

Another delightful clandestine title from the 1930’s, and having recently confessed my ignorance of the identity of T. Mertens, (illustrator), I find myself listing a title that definitely is illustrated by him, but this unfortunately takes me no closer to identifying him or her. The illustrations are very delicate and do not scan well, I have therefore used enhanced exposure to clarify the images for display on the blog. In a recent  listing ” Françoise ou Les Plaisirs du mariage”;   I referenced  that the illustrator had been identified as either T.Mertens or Rojan, having compared the two I am not convinced that T.Mertens is the illustrator of that title. I have linked “Françoise ou Les Plaisirs du mariage”, at the bottom of the page so you can make your own judgement.


Title Page

COMTESSE DE J… [Johannes GROS] – CONFESSIONS LIBERTINES. Orné de huit eaux-fortes de T. Mertens.  Partout et nulle part N.D.  [Imprimerie Darantière, Dijon, 1931] pp.211.

Sample text


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Books for Trade:Wanda de S…, Françoise; ou Les Plaisirs du mariage. Aux Allées des Roses n.d (1937)

Books for Trade: GAMIANI , edite par une groupe des bibliophiles [S.I., n.p., n.d. c.1948].?


Books For Trade: Chants Bibliques de Pierre Louys AU TEMP des JUGES: Aux Depens d’un Amateur 1933

Here we go again into the mire of clandestine publishing. There are 2 versions of this title, both clandestine as referenced by Pat Kearney this copy appears to be a Piracy of the first edition, it is however a very good production complete with the 12 illustrations attributed to Andre Collot. You will note that the Title Page dates the book as 1933, whilst the facing page claims that it was printed on the 30th July 1930, whilst it was likely to have actually been produced in 1935. I hope that is clear.


AU TEMP des JUGES – Chants Bibliques de Pierre Louys. [?Paris:] Aux dépens d’un amateur, 1933 [1935?]. 4to. pp. 64. Limited to 175 copies

Title Page

Half Title



The Illustrations

Text sample

Any information or questions about this title please complete a contact form.


Books for Trade: Mémoires de Fanny Hill. Traduit de ;anglais par Isidore Liseux. BECAT (Paul-Emile)]. CLELAND (John). (n.p., n.d., c. 1940)

Books for Trade: Les Paillards, Dede Lamoureux Edité par sans nom [Francis Flores, Toulouse]

It is a long time since I listed one of these, but as I am painfully aware, that all but a very small number of viewers, have no real, interest in The Paris Olympia Press, here is a small present as advance warning the the site will increasingly gravitate to the full details of my collection and away from other material, unless I get anything very interesting to list that is.

A clandestine publication, in a limited edition, numbered 406/500, no date, no publisher but beyond any reasonable doubt, Frances Flores. 199 pp, with Title page and six explicit erotic illustration, in a spectrum of colours, by an unsigned artist.  Some of the illustrations are identical (barring colouration) to illustrations offered in L’Aquarium des Voluptés, another Flores title dated around 1955, therefore no reason to suspect that this title is far from the same date.



Limitations Page

Title Page

See Also

Books for Trade:L’Aquarium des Voluptés, Jean Mouille, Edité par sans nom [Francis Flores, Toulouse], 1955

Books for Trade: Lamothe Phyne: Débauche au Pensionnat. Published Clandestinely, Bruxelles [Francis Flores, Toulouse], 1959

Books for Trade: O.J.B. Les Débordements de Michou, Bruxelles 1956.[Toulouse, Francis Flores] (1956)