Information about my books.

These Are Real Books:

Just to be clear all of the information and images of Books to Trade or Sell, are of real original Paris Olympia titles, and in the case of non Olympia, again real books from my personal collection. They are not e-books, and nor are they available as such (at least not from me)

Books listed as my wants, the description is a bibliographical description credited to the source, and images are either from my own archive or scalped from the internet, and again I am only interested in real books in the exact edition described.

If you see anything that interests you, get in touch by leaving a comment, no one else can see your comment, unless you want me to publish it. If you want to make a trade tell me what you want and what you have to trade, we can then work out how to complete the trade. If you do not have anything to trade but would be interested in buying something, again leave a comment and I will get back to you with a detailed description, extra images and a price, to complete a purchase I can either invoice you via PayPal, or list the item on AbeBooks from where you can purchase it, both options offer you buyer protection. 

Any Questions just ask

There are over 125 Posts on this site and increasing daily, to get the best out of it, Scroll down to CATEGORIES, on the right hand side of the main page, and follow the headings, Books for Trade and Books for Sale will take you to all of my lists.

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