Books for Sale: SIRE DE CHAMBLEY (Edmond HARAUCOURT), La Légende des Sexes. Poèmes hystériques. Bruxelles, Pour l’auteur, (vers 1923)

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Something of an oddity, but nevertheless an interesting edition of this title originally published in 1882(3), this 1923 clandestine edition, is accompanied by a suite of 16 illustrations specific to this edition by Nicolas Sternberg, and a selection of illustrations from earlier editions, 5 by Van Maele, from the Carrington edition of 1908, a frontispiece by Rops from the 1921 edition and 5 by Bayros, from a source  I cannot identify. This book differs from other copies in that the illustrations are hand coloured. Altogether a rare and interesting edition of this erotica.

Title Page

SIRE DE CHAMBLEY (Edmond HARAUCOURT), La Légende des Sexes. Poèmes hystériques. Bruxelles, Pour l’auteur, (vers 1923). In-4, 143-(3) pp. et (27) planches libres, broché (manque de papier en tête du dos). Tirage limité à 380 exemplaires, ici un des 350 Hollande vergé (non justifié). Complet des 27 planches érotiques d’après Félicien Rops, Martin Van Maele, Nicolas Sternberg et Franz Von Bayros, dont 24 coloriées à la main et une dont le coloris n’est pas fini. * Dutel 1840.

This Book: In original publishers card covers printed in blue and black (28.5 x 19 cm)143-(3) pp. and (27) loose illustrations, paperback (lack of paper at the head of the spine). Draw limited to 380 copies, here one of the 350 Holland (unjustified). Complete with the 27 erotic plates after Félicien Rops(1), Martin Van Maele(5), Nicolas Sternberg(16) and Franz Von Bayros(5), including 24 hand-coloured and one whose colour is not finished. Dutel 1840.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Sternberg 1

Sternberg 2

Sternberg 3

Sternberg 4

Sternberg 5

Sample Text

Sternberg 6

Sternberg 7

Sternberg 8

Sternberg 9

Sternberg 10

Sternberg 11

Sternberg 12

Sternberg 13

Sternberg 14

Sternberg 15

Sternberg 16

Van Maele 1

Van Maele 2

Van Maele 3

Van Maele 4

Van Maele 5

Bayros 1

Bayros 2

Bayros 3

Bayros 4

Bayros 5

Rops 1


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Books for Sale: Claude de Saint-Hieble, L’Instrument des apothicaires, (Collection des amis du bon vieux temps) Jean Fort. Paris n.d. 1920. illustrated by Martin Van Maele.

This Book

A very odd listing, on a site where odd is the norm. This one is a collection of extracts from various texts throughout French history that have featured the enema as a fetishist device. It is not unusual for the enema  to appear in flagellation novels, but it appears that it has a long and distinguished (or should that be disgusting?) history. This places it more in the Curiosa/ Fetish category than mainstream erotica. I have a significant number of publications by Liseux and Carrington , that explore classical erotic texts and curious bypaths of deviance. It is not unusual to find anti-clerical  and anti- royalist texts, but in the world of erotica nothing is sacred, and this rather delightful tome takes a swipe at the bizarre practices of the medical profession throughout history. So by all means stand and applaud for the medics, but be careful when you bend over.

Frontispiece and Title Page

Claude de Saint-Hieble, L’Instrument des apothicaires,  Le Clystère dans l’humour et la  litérature. DES Anecdotes de Tallemant des Réaux, Saint-Simon, etc. L’éloge de la seringue, réimpression complète.Ma tante Geneviève, Le Mousquetaire à genoux. Le cas Antoinette Boyau ,Le petit Parnasse des Apothicaires:Grécourt, Collier, La Fontaine, Du- laurens, Béranger, etc., etc. 11 Vignettes de M. VAN MAEL [sic] 7 hors texte d’après les gravures de l’èpoque | [3 ornaments] | COLLECTION DES AMIS DU BON VIEUX TEMPS| Jean FORT, éditeur | 73, Faubourg Poissonnière, 73 [n.d., c. 1920].

This Book. Rebound in quarter beige leather with five raised bands , lined in gilt with author and title in gilt, on mottled boards, lined with pink paper.  Original covers preserved. 8vo. (21.8 x 13.7 cm). 224 pp. 11 large head-pieces signed with Van Maele’s monogram. Limited edition of 30 numbered copies on Holland, which contain the signed Van Maele frontispiece, lacking in the rest of the edition. External light wear and rubbing to spine , and edges, internally complete and only marred by discolouration where the glossy images have darkened the facing pages.

Original Cover

Signed Van Maele Frontis

Notice of Limitation

Head Piece 1

Engraving 1

Head Piece 2

Head Piece 3

Engraving 2

Head Piece 4

Engraving 3

Head Piece 5

Head Piece 6

Engraving 4

Head Piece 7

Head Piece 8

Engraving 5

Head Piece 9

Engraving 6

Head Piece 10

Engraving 7

Head Piece 11

Bibliographical information.

On the Internet, several sites present this book as a pornographic work of Pierre Mac Orlan devoted to klysmaphilia. The defenders of this refreshing, but not very common practice will be disappointed. In reality, Mac Orlan wrote only a few pages to introduce an anthology of old texts devoted to the clystère. This is a true work of scholarship on a little explored subject, so much so that L’Instrument des Apothicaires is found on the shelves of several libraries of medicine. Nevertheless, the intention of the author is clear: this is frankly a broad joke, which he clearly indicates in his preface: “Nous avons fait en quelque sorte une anthologie, un livre d’or du clystère, à travers cinq siècles de badinage et d’humour, et c’est, je crois, dans le coin des humoristes qu’il convient de placer cet ouvrage sur les rayons de toute bibliothèque.” (We have to some extent made an anthology, a book on the clystère, through five centuries of banter and humour, and it is, I believe, in the corner of the humorists whom it is advisable to place this work on the shelves of any library.) For the discourse of this particular subject, Pierre Mac Orlan chose an original pseudonym, but completely fitting since the sureau hièble (Sambucus ebulus ) is a plant of which the leaves and the roots are purgative and sudorific. On rapprochera cet emprunt à la pharmacopée du Docteur Fowler de Maisons de flagellation.

Perry, S. A.. Martin Van Maele: An Illustrated Bibliographical Checklist (Kindle Locations 379-387). . Kindle Edition.

This Book is for Sale

This Book

Claude de Saint-Hieble, L’Instrument des apothicaires, (Collection des amis du bon vieux temps) Jean Fort. Paris n.d. 1920. illustrated by Martin Van Maele.

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Books for Sale: François Béroalde de Verville – Le Moyen de Parvenir Paris, Jéan Fort, 1921. Van Maele illustrations.

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Charles Carrington Collection: Jean du Villiot (trans): La Flagellation Des Femmes en Allemagne. illustrations par Martin van Maele, Paris Charles Carrington, 1901.

This Book

Here we are again, back to the strange and complex world of the books published by Charles Carrington, (not his real name), under, in this case his most common imprint, being his company name. Nothing is quite as it seems with these books and if you attempt to follow future listings you will gradually become just as confused about it all as I am. For the moment lets just focus on this one title, except, it isn’t just one title. Confused? Brilliant, let us proceed.

Originally published in German, Written by W. Reinhard.  Lenchen im Zuchthause in c. 1848. Though claiming to be a direct translation of the German Edition, it appears that this the first, French language edition, was actually translated from the First English language edition, published clandestinely by Charles Carrington entitled Nell in Bridewell, in 1900 under his Society of British Bibliophiles imprint.

It is worthy of note that there is often significant variation in content, between French and English translations of Carrington books (in all imprints), A clandestine imprint usually indicating  greater sexual (pornographic) content, although at times the same device was used to hide the publisher from, outraged authors and fellow clandestine publishers when he had nicked their books without consent or in breach of copyright.

Nobody gave a toss about the flagellation stuff, and it was generally, neither censored, nor proscribed. Although this rule, like all good rules, does have exceptions


As with other listings in this collection, I will distinguish between the actual book (This Book), and the bibliographical description, which describes how the book should have looked when it was made, Even this is subjective as very few bibliographical descriptions are completed “Book in Hand”. Mine are!

Title Page

Jean du Villiot (trans): La Flagellation Des Femmes en Allemagne. illustrations par Martin van Maele, Paris Charles Carrington, 1901. Rebound in red patterned cloth, over brown leather boards, spine in brown leather with title embossed, in red and black text and Publisher and date in black. Original (remains of) paper cover (front and back) pasted in. (original paper spine not retained), Number 309/500, on papier de Hollande. 236 rough cut pages. No printer referenced in this copy. Dimensions including binding (24 x 15.5 x 4.5 cm, weight 1 kg) Frontispiece and 19, duotone full page illustrations, signed (motif),by Martin Van Maele, each with its own tissue guard, (with textual description, and the number of the facing page printed in red). With 8 additional illustrations in text, by G.Dola and J. Wely.

Complete and in Very Good condition. From the Michael Neal Collection his note. Villiot – La Flagellation des femmes en allemagne 1901from the Leonardt collection lux binding slipcase.

NOTE: The following bibliographical description is in error,  the 20 illustrations by Van Maele, includes the frontispiece.

Bibliographical Description

LA FLAGELLATION | DES FEMMES [red] | EN ALLEMAGNE | Récit authentique d’une Prisonnière [red] | TRADUIT DE L’ALLEMAND DE | W. REINHARD | PAR | JEAN DU VILLIOT [red] | Vingt illustrations par MARTIN VAN MAELE | [vignette] | PARIS | CHARLES CARRINGTON [red] | 13, FAUBOURG MONTMARTRE, 13 | [short rule] | 1901 (13.97 x 22.86 cm). xi + 356 pp. Frontispiece + 20 engravings in red and black (with tissue guards), signed with Van Maele’s monogram. The in-text illustrations are by J.W. [J. Wely?] and G.D. [G. Dola?]. Printed by A.– G. Lemale [from a note in the copy at Kinsey] in a limited edition of 500 copies on Holland. First published as Lenchen im Zuchthause in c. 1848. This present edition is a French translation of Nell in Bridewell, published by Carrington   in 1900 under his Society of British Bibliophiles imprint. (Kinsey: 833.7 R369 l5F 190. Leonhardt: lot 419. Private

Perry, S. A.. Martin Van Maele: An Illustrated Bibliographical Checklist (Kindle Locations 290-297).  . Kindle Edition.


Pasted in Cover

Limitation Page

The Illustrations


Facing Page 20

Facing Page 22

Facing Page 28

Page 55

Facing Page 67

Facing Page 81

Facing Page 88

Page 100

Facing Page 105

Facing Page 114

Facing Page 120

Facing Page 126

Page 131

Facing Page 135

Page 162

Facing Page 173

Page 191

Tissue Guard Sample

Facing Page 201

Facing Page 208

Facing Page 224

Facing Page 228

Page 232

facing Page 238

Page 251

Facing Page 268

Page 338

Pasted in Back Cover

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Books for Sale: François Béroalde de Verville – Le Moyen de Parvenir Paris, Jéan Fort, 1921. Van Maele illustrations.


Something of a labour of love, this being one of my “very long” listings. I find myself in conflict regarding books vs illustrations, my inclination is always to give precedence to the books, but in this image rich environment, and from my own experience as a blog editor, I am aware that the books are, to most viewers, of only secondary importance.

In some cases, and this being a prime example, the illustrator is so skilled and of such mischievous humour, that he tells the stories in pictures, and brings to life some ancient text, that otherwise, would likely be forgotten.

This particular edition of  “Le Moyen de Parvenir”, is so richly illustrated that I suspect that the majority of the images, which are chapter headings and tail pieces have never been published on line as a group. This listing is an attempt to remedy that.

This is a multiple, phase listing, as it describes one of my two copies of this edition, in this case the one in its original paper covers, this also meets my criteria as a rescued book, as it requires some repair work. Other information is gathered from various sources and appropriate links are given.

The other purpose of this post is to attempt to give as full as possible imagery to accompany  a very detailed textual description of this title from the book:-

Martin Van Maele: An Illustrated Bibliographical Checklist by S. A. Perry

Bibliographical Description

  1. Moyen de Parvenir, Le BÉROALDE DE VERVILLE | [short rule] | LE MOYEN DE PARVENIR [red] | NOUVELLE EDITION | Ornée de huit eaux-fortes | et de soixante-cinq illustrations dans le texte | PAR | MARTIN VAN MAÈLE | [publisher’s vignette] | PARIS | JEAN FORT, ÉDITEUR [red] | 73, FAUBOURG POISSONNIÈRE, 73 | 1921 (23 x 13.5 cm). xii + 458 pp. Frontispiece + 7 full-page engravings (unsigned) and numerous large illustrated head and tail-pieces by Van Maele (signed with his monogram). Printed in a limited edition of 800 numbered copies, of which 65 are on Holland with a triple suite of etchings, one in color, and an original drawing; 35 copies on Holland with a double suite of engravings; 100 copies on antique laid paper, of which 35 contain a double suite of engravings; 600 copies on papier pur fil. Preface by Pierre Dufay.

Hors-texte: 20, 62, 162, 186, 246, 276, 374.

 Head-pieces: 1, 5, 9, 17, 21, 25, 27, 35, 43, 47, 55, 61, 67, 71, 81, 91, 101, 107, 119, 127, 137, 147, 153, 157, 167, 175, 189, 191, 205, 219, 227. 233, 241, 253, 269, 277, 283, 287, 289, 303, 311, 321, 331, 341, 351, 355, 359, 371, 379, 385, 389, 399, 405, 415, 423

Tail-pieces: 4 (repeated on p. 90, 239, 378), 7 (repeated on p. 106, 384, 267), 19 (repeated on p. 136, 286, 388), 26 (repeated on p. 151, 288, 404), 42 (unsigned, repeated on p. 166, 310, 413), 46 (repeated on p. 188, 330, 422), 54 (unsigned, repeated on p. 190), 65 (repeated on p. 203, 354), 69 (repeated on p. 218, 358), 79 (repeated on p. 232, 370)

First published c. 1610, this present edition is a reprint previously published in 1870 by Léon Willem. (Henri Godts auction: 12/ 8/ 2009. Bibliothèque Nationale: RES P-Y2-648. Tajan catalogue, 2/ 25/ 2003, lot 107. Private collection)

Perry, S. A.. Martin Van Maele: An Illustrated Bibliographical Checklist (Kindle Locations 472-477).  . Kindle Edition.

NOTE: The illustrations in this listing follow the sequence of placement in the book. I have not however repeated all of the duplicate, decorative illustrations, for obvious reasons. I hope to have given one example of each of the illustrations.

This Book

Title Page

François Béroalde de Verville – Le Moyen de Parvenir (new edition adorned with 8 etchings and 65 illustrations in the text by Martin Van Maele) – Paris, Jéan Fort, 1921 – Xii, 458 pp. – 15 x 23.5 cm. Decorated with eight full page engravings, and sixty-five illustrations in the text by Martin Maèle , In original publishers card wraps printed in red and black, covers slightly stained and some minor tears at head and tail of spine. some light staining to first few pages, otherwise contents clean and complete.






Martin Van Maele

Le Moyen de Parvenir Publication history.

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Books for Trade:  Les Gaietés de Béranger;  A Éleuthéropolis , A l’Enseigne de Cupidon (Briffaut) n.d.[c. 1920]


Introducing the first in a new series of books illustrated by Martin Van Maele. I shall in time link to existing material by this artist already on this blog, much of which , are from titles published by Charles Carrington, another collection focus for me in months to come. This title however is not from Carrington, but is a clandestine publication, from one of Briffaut’s , many under cover imprints.

Les Gaietés de Béranger;  A Éleuthéropolis , A l’Enseigne de Cupidon, n.d   [c1920]. 8vo. (23 x14 cm), 102 pp (inc, 2 pages Table of contents). Frontispiece + 11 unsigned engravings done in black. Clandestine title but Briffaut. True first with no reference to the artist ( A later edition credits “Van Triozem”, Martin Van Maele’s preferred alter ego for more explicit works), this copy, with uncut pages, and loose illustrations, which are indexed by pencilled description of location in text as well as page number. Very good copy, possibly unique edition.









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