Books For Trade: Georges de Lesbos (Alphonse Momas), JOYEUSES ENFILADES, n.p ( Auguste Brancart) Amsterdam 1895.

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A very rare clandestine, first edition by Momas under one of his many pseudonyms’, this unique copy is embellished with 4 erotic (risque?) illustrations that would have been added post publication, unable to locate this one in any sales records.

Little seems known of Momas, other than his dates and the titles of the many books he wrote. According to Martial Beauvais in the Dictionnaire des œuvres érotiques, Momas was a low-level civil servant attached to the Préfecture de la Seine, presumably at their headquarters on the Quai des Orfèvres, who became interested in mysticism toward the end of life. As a biography, these are slim pickings, but some tentative conclusions, of admittedly dubious significance,
may be arrived at based on the dates of his books.
By the time Momas’ earliest books appeared around 1891, he would have been about 45 years of age. Twenty-one years later his career as a pornographer was effectively over, after having published comfortably in excess of seventy separate works. The only other author in the field at the time who comes close this achievement is the equally mysterious ‘E. D.’ under which pseudonym almost twenty titles were published, all by Auguste Brancart at Amsterdam, between
1887 and 1899, but even this score may be in doubt.

For further information about this author and his titles see.

JOYEUSES ENFILADES, par Georges de Lesbos. Amsterdam: [?Auguste Brancart], 1895. Rebound in half brown leather over marbled boards, with author and title in gilt on spine, 175 pages, with 4 full page erotic illustrations inserted. Nice example of exceedingly rare title.

Another Bibliographical Mystery: FUKWEL (Alphonse Momas) (NOT) Grandes & Petites Filles (ACTUALLY) FRUIT VERTS. Amsterdam 1933 (Paris?) (Losfeld?)

Books for Trade; Gustave Droz, Jean-Adrien Mercier dit Jean d’Angers (illustrateur), Un été à la campagne, 1929

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Another title currently up for auction on Catawiki.

Title page

Un été à la campagne : ,correspondance de deux jeunes parisiennes par un auteur à la mode.(Gustav Droz) Illustrated by Jean-Adrien Mercier (Jean d’Angers) Clandestine edition, falsely dated MDCCCLXVIII, (1928).
Rebound in quarter green leather with title and decoration in gilt on spine, original card covers bound in. Limited edition 218/280, with 12 hand coloured erotic illustrations. A very nice example with art deco style illustrations.


Illustration 2

Illustration 3

illustration 4

illustration 5

illustration 6

illustration 7

illustration 8

illustration 9

illustration 10

illustration 11

illustration 12


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Books for Trade: Gustave D [DROZ, Gustave, attributed to.] Un Été à la campagne. Correspondance de deux jeunes Parisiennes.Recueillie par un auteur a la mode Paris.1905: Illustrated by AVRIL, Paul: No Publisher [by E. Kapp for C. Hirsch]

Books For Trade. L’Anti-Justine ou Les délices de l’amour. Par M. Linguet Av. au et en Parlem. Restif de la Bretonne. Published by Paris, Au Clos Bruneau, A l’enseigne de la Gargouille, o. J. [d.i. M. Duflou, 1923]


Returning after a long absence, I am going to experiment with posting items that will hopefully reawaken my interest in this blog and will encourage me to pay for another years subscription which I can ill afford.  Since I last posted anything I have been rummaging through my collection and finding items to list, this one is currently up for auction on Catawiki, I hope you like it.

This Book

This Book


Title Page

L’Anti-Justine ou Les délices de l’amour. Par M. LinguetAv. au et en Parlem.Restif de la Bretonne.

Published by Paris, Au Clos Bruneau, A l’enseigne de la Gargouille, o. J. [d.i. M. Duflou, 1923]., 1923, 278 pp. and 6 plates with explicit erotic heliogravures. 8vo. Original boards with title on cover in red and black and a small vignette (showing a little devil with a large erect penis). 100/ 140 numbered copies . This nice edition with very erotic illustrations printed on hand made paper has an introduction by Sylvestre Bonnard (i.e. Pierre Dufay). Boards a bit stained, some little tears at the margins, paper on spine partially torn. Inside paper time stained but not the plates.

Sample Text

illustration 1


Illustration 3

Illustration 4


Illustration 6


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Books for Trade: Special Edition, L’Anti-Justine ou les delices de l’amour. Nouvelle edition entierement revue et corrigee, etablie pour la premiere fois sur le texte original de 1798. Precede d’une notice bibliographique par Helpey [d. i. L. Perceau.]

Update 25/05/2021

For  the majority of my books for sale this is now my sole outlet. I had been listing most of the extremely rare flagellation material, such as the Select Bibliotheque,  Collection L’Eglantine and the Carlo illustrated titles on eBay, unfortunately most of them have been deleted by eBay, and as I do not want to lose my account with them after nearly 20 years, I will not be listing this material on eBay in future. These books still appear on this site as Books for Sale, and I am happy to take any enquiries via the contact form.

Equally auction sales have been impacted because of post Brexit import duties from the UK to EU and I am gradually being squeezed for funding to source any new material.

I will resume listing on this site, although much of my remaining material is not illustrated. It seems likely that my adventure with this blog will end in the not too distant future, simply through lack of material. I will keep you updated.

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Books for Sale: SIRE DE CHAMBLEY (Edmond HARAUCOURT), La Légende des Sexes. Poèmes hystériques. Bruxelles, Pour l’auteur, (vers 1923)

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Something of an oddity, but nevertheless an interesting edition of this title originally published in 1882(3), this 1923 clandestine edition, is accompanied by a suite of 16 illustrations specific to this edition by Nicolas Sternberg, and a selection of illustrations from earlier editions, 5 by Van Maele, from the Carrington edition of 1908, a frontispiece by Rops from the 1921 edition and 5 by Bayros, from a source  I cannot identify. This book differs from other copies in that the illustrations are hand coloured. Altogether a rare and interesting edition of this erotica.

Title Page

SIRE DE CHAMBLEY (Edmond HARAUCOURT), La Légende des Sexes. Poèmes hystériques. Bruxelles, Pour l’auteur, (vers 1923). In-4, 143-(3) pp. et (27) planches libres, broché (manque de papier en tête du dos). Tirage limité à 380 exemplaires, ici un des 350 Hollande vergé (non justifié). Complet des 27 planches érotiques d’après Félicien Rops, Martin Van Maele, Nicolas Sternberg et Franz Von Bayros, dont 24 coloriées à la main et une dont le coloris n’est pas fini. * Dutel 1840.

This Book: In original publishers card covers printed in blue and black (28.5 x 19 cm)143-(3) pp. and (27) loose illustrations, paperback (lack of paper at the head of the spine). Draw limited to 380 copies, here one of the 350 Holland (unjustified). Complete with the 27 erotic plates after Félicien Rops(1), Martin Van Maele(5), Nicolas Sternberg(16) and Franz Von Bayros(5), including 24 hand-coloured and one whose colour is not finished. Dutel 1840.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Sternberg 1

Sternberg 2

Sternberg 3

Sternberg 4

Sternberg 5

Sample Text

Sternberg 6

Sternberg 7

Sternberg 8

Sternberg 9

Sternberg 10

Sternberg 11

Sternberg 12

Sternberg 13

Sternberg 14

Sternberg 15

Sternberg 16

Van Maele 1

Van Maele 2

Van Maele 3

Van Maele 4

Van Maele 5

Bayros 1

Bayros 2

Bayros 3

Bayros 4

Bayros 5

Rops 1


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Books for Trade: Jacques-Antoine-René PERRIN , Les égarements de Julie. Conte Moral. Réimpression textuelle sur la rarissime édition de 1776 illustrée de 3 eaux-fortes par Léon RIBEAUNARDY. Bruxelles: Aug. Brancart, 1883

Books For trade: Guillaume, APOLLINAIRE: Les Onze Mille Verges : les amours d’un hospodar, Edité par Bruxelles (1942)

Books for Trade: QU’EN PENSEZ-VOUS? n.p., n.d. [c.1958] Clandestine Publication(Losfeld)

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Bit of a surprise this one, a clandestine Losfeld that I have never seen before, and completely anonymous, no text just illustrations, no research material, available.

Pat Kearney lists it  thus :-

QU’EN PENSEZ-VOUS? n.p., n.d. [c.1958]. 8°. 16 ff.
Dutel 2284. An album of erotic illustrations used by Losfeld in his
other publications. – No repository copy found.

Scissors and Paste Losfeld

The reference to Dutel presumably says the same but in French.

Title Page

QU’EN PENSEZ-VOUS? n.p., n.d. [c.1958] (Losfeld). In original,  publishers textured cream coloured card covers, title in purple on front cover, otherwise completely anonymous. (23 x 14.5 cm),blank  ffep, half title, Title Page, blank verso, followed by 21 illustrations on 22 pages (inc 1 double page illustration) all printed in black on thick card. Absolutely no text or publication details.


illustration 1

illustrations 2 & 3

illustrations 4 & 5

illustration 6

illustrations 7 & 8

illustrations 9 & 10

illustrations 11 & 12

illustrations 13 & 14

illustrations 15 & 16

illustrations 17 & 18

illustrations 19 & 20

illustration 21

Books for trade: VERGERIE, Jean, pseud. – Histoire de Priska. Éditions de la Hippogriffe (Losfeld) [c. 1955]

Books for Trade: Les Vices de l’Ange: Hervé Lavenue (Isidore Isou) np (Losfeld) Achievé d’imprimer le 4 Novembre 1949 a Campo-Santo Italie (c;1958)

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Books for Sale, Aléra, Don Brennus. Le Journal d’une flagellée, Select-Bibliothèque, Sceaux (Seine) 1909.illustrated by Tack.

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The Select-Bibliothèque was one of several publishing houses specializing in fetish material that flourished in Paris during the first half of the twentieth century. Like the others, notably Jean Fort’s ‘Orties Blanches’ series and the ‘Librairie Artistique et Editions Parisiennes Reunies’ of Paul Brenet, the books of the Select Bibliothèque were published openly. Occasionally a title would cross some mysterious line and be prosecuted, but in general, since there was no sex in the conventional sense, these publishers were left to their devices by the authorities.

Despite the openness of these books, the publisher of the Select Bibliothèque remains unknown, at least to this cataloguer. Paul Jérôme writes of Don Brennus Aléra as being “un (ou plusieurs) des pourvoyeurs de l’editeur parisien Massy…”(Dictionnaire des œuvres érotiques, Paris: Mercure de France,1971, p. 484). In fact, Massy was where the earliest books in the series were published. The almost anagramitic similarity of the names of the authors of most of the books – Bernard Valonnes, Don Brennus Aléra, Roland Brevannes – suggests a single hand at work, and one that spanned in excess of 30 years. And it might not be unreasonable to think that the author was also the publisher.

For detailed information of the authors and series follow the link.

NOTE: The entry for this particular book is incorrect.

Scissors and Paste Select Biliotheque

Series list and Title page

Books for Sale, Aléra, Don Brennus. Le Journal d’une flagellée, Select-Bibliothèque, Sceaux (Seine) 1909.illustrated by Tack.

In original publishers, thin paper covers illustrated by Tack, in rust brown and green with black and white lettering, No 15 in bottom RH corner, title author and series with number printed in green on spine. Select Bibliotheque motif in red and green on back cover. Total, 148 pages, (List of 54 titles and 6 English language variant titles, on verso of Half title) (inc editors note), plus 8 full page illustrations by Tack in pairs on facing pages.(19 x 12.5 cm)
Paper covers ill fitting but fixed, splitting to cover at back, tail of spine, general wear. Extraordinarily rare in any condition and even more so complete.


Back Cover

Sample text

illustrations by Tack

Tack 1 & 2

Tack 3 + 4

Tack 5 + 6

Tack 7 & 8

Editors Note

This Book is for Sale

This Book

Aléra, Don Brennus. Le Journal d’une flagellée, Select-Bibliothèque, Sceaux (Seine) 1909.illustrated by Tack.

Serious enquiries only please. To  discuss condition and price, or to offer any information, or ask any questions please complete the contact form.

A rare display of the Outrageous, and a massive display of the Voluptuous.

 Pleased to announce that, I have obtained a small selection of 4 of the seven titles, written and published by Jean Vergerie, under the La Collection de l’Églantine. imprint.

For which detailed history and creative text, will be provided by my good friend Christophe Bier. 

Also coming soon but a much larger project, is the listing and detailed imagery of some 60 Charles Carrington publications, which will be listed in brief as Books for Trade, But will be the basis for my New Collection for Bibliophiles, for which access to, will require a subscription.

The contents of this collection include both openly published and clandestine titles, many illustrated, by the Likes of Van Maele, Avril, Fredillo, as well classical illustrators.

Many copies in mint unopened condition, and a significant number ,where previous description were from “catalogue only”, including some wonderfully decorated examples of the printers, and bookbinders art of the late Victorian period, as well the inimitable engravings of Eugene d’Ete.

There will also be a supplement to this of a small collection of works published by Isidore Liseux, Augustine Brancart, Jules Gay, and Henry Kistaemackers.

Supplementary information and collection history provided by Michael Neale, and bibliographical information courtesy of S.A. Perry.

Finally I am going to link my existing listings with illustrations by Van Maele and add significant others by him to another New Collection, again with the kind support of S.A Perry.

Update 10/06/20

I am embarking on a short list, of titles which are all , what I refer to as rescued books, this is because although the general condition is at best Fair to Good, they are such rare titles that their importance outweighs any consideration of condition.

This also provides a useful reminder that these are real books and not just pictures lifted from the web. All new listings will at some point switch from Books for Trade to Books for Sale, as I am now able to take direct payment via PayPal, which enables me to cut out the middle men, and offer substantial discounts. I will list books firstly as a bibliographical exercise, edited for the best visual presentation, but when upgraded to “For Sale”I will insert a detailed description of all faults, defects and any missing illustrations, along with a link to a PDF of images, which anyone can download.

I have a very large number of books to list, as well as revisions on legacy titles which are still in my possession. Look out for and also search “Books for Sale”, if you are interested in purchasing anything please ask. My direct sales offer a significant discount over third party sales platforms. In future only modern (post 1965) books will be listed on my eBay account, as I do not want modern books on this site. I am not sending any books to auction for the foreseeable future on any platform.