Books for Sale:[CARLO]. DESERGY, René-Michel. Les Tyrans Passionnels. Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies, 1935


After multiple attempts to list this title, in a way that met my expectations, made more complex by the Covid 19 outbreak, a new scanner, a badly lit basement, and brain seizures. I have finally decided to present it in this way, I hope you like it, but frankly don’t give a damn if you hate it. My long winded descriptive text probably says too much, but when I wrote it I was a different, more complete person.

Title Page

[CARLO]. DESERGY, René-Michel. Les Tyrans Passionnels. Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies, 1935. In original publishers paper covers, printed in red and black. Spine(repaired with minor loss), author, title, prix 70 Frs, and publisher, in red and black printed horizontally. (25,2 x 17 cm) 266 pages.Many uncut gatherings, contents in very good, near fine condition, unread copy.
Complete wih the full set of 13 superb heliogravures, from Aquarelles by “du Maitre Carlo”.some light makings to a few images, not impacting on the illustrations, a combined set of formerly tipped in, now loose illustrations, but all originals and likely the only way to obtain the full 13, as I cannot locate any sale record of any edition with the full 13, rarely even 12, impossibly rare and a possibly, a unique copy.

Les Tyrans Passionells the definitive edition?
Carlo needs no introduction, to the initiated, his original editions are amongst the most collectible  in the genre, his fantastic, and outrageous art, has been collected since they were first printed, both art collectors and book collectors have competed to own the original illustrations, in many cases denuding the books of the accompanying images. A complete original with the equally bizarre text they were originally designed to embellish, is a rare thing indeed!
This particular title is, sometimes referenced as an example of the artists transformation into “Charleno”, an apparent alternative identity, this I think is just part of the publishers hype, and the confusing propaganda, which goes with the territory of the selling of such material.
For me this title is in fact, the transition point at which the art became the primary product, and the book the vehicle with which to promote it.



Sample Text

The Illustrations



Table of Contents


Publication details

See Also

Books for Sale: DESERGY, René-Michel. A toute volée. Orné de 12 illustrations hors-texte en noir sur papier couché de CARLO. Librairie Artistique et Parisienne réunies, 66 boulevard Magenta, Paris (Xe), 1936

Books for trade: Van Rod, Aimé, Le Dominateur ou L’École des vierges, Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies, v. 1933, Illustrated by Carlo

This Book is for sale. Any enquiries, please complete a contact form.  If you already have direct access please feel free to contact me with any questions.

[CARLO]. DESERGY, René-Michel. Les Tyrans Passionnels. Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies, 1935

Charles Carrington Collection: Henryk Sienkiewicz, Pan Michael, Paris: Charles Carrington1904, Illustrated by Martin Van Maele.

This is the first, in what promises to be a very large collection of titles published by Charles Carrington, either openly or under one of his clandestine imprints, many of the titles originate from the Michael Neal collection, which provides some very interesting, rare and obscure titles, others have come from various sources and have been in my possession for varying amounts of time, some I have listed previously on this site and are no longer in my possession, but as the nature of the site is to catalogue and preserve images of actual books, I am able to link them retrospectively and avoid the expense of having to purchase them again. More of this another time.

I have chosen, for no other reason, than a Van Maele connection, to list “Pan Michael”, as the first title in this new collection, and in doing so I have stumbled upon a bibliographical mystery, as I cannot locate another 1904 edition, and  as I cannot find a listed copy of the 1902 Carrington edition that has the Van Maele illustrations. I can only assume the the illustrations were designed specifically for the 1904 edition and there were never any in the 1902 edition.

There are various earlier editions of this title in English, French and Polish. I am not clear why Carrington chose to publish this title, as despite his forays into, pseudo-scientific and medical publications, as well as folk lore, the underlying theme to both openly published and clandestine imprints is sex, including a large selection of books on the flagellation theme, even with the books by Anatole France there is a gothic/demonic content with a very erotic and sensual imagery, both textual and especially in the Van Maele illustrations, I just cannot make this title fit into any of Carringtons traditional genres. Unsure if anyone can answer this question, but a always any suggestions or contributions to enhance the listing are always welcome


 The description provided by S.A. Perry, in her Martin Van Maele bibliography. references in detail the 1904 edition. My copy does not have the original covers which explains why I have 10 illustrations, the “onze” (eleven), referenced on the title page, included the illustrated, cover. Still 10 is better than none, and this leaves the door open for some generous donor to provide an image of the  cover, to complete the listing.

As will be the norm, my description is titled “This Book” and describes the copy I have in hand “warts and all”, this will be followed by a full bibliographical description (where there is one), which describes the book as it was (allegedly) when it was produced. A note of caution is, that many bibliographers have never seen the actual book, and their descriptions, are often the result of using earlier bibliographers descriptions, or from research on-line or in National, or University  collections. In the worst case scenario descriptions are from publishers catalogues, which in the case of Carrington, and similar publishers, are largely fabricated, and with false information as to the limitation numbers, the various luxury editions and the cost of such items. This goes with the territory of publishing erotica in whatever form, and such activity in this area is still happening today, with false provenance of newly discovered works and mysterious unknown artists, suddenly appearing on the market.

It must be said of Carrington, that whatever false claims he made, he did produce an astonishing number of incredibly beautiful books, sadly the only way you can experience the reality of such an object is to hold it in your hands, to take in the exotic scent of an old book, to feel the quality of the paper and weight and physical presence of the object, which is in itself a work of art, that cannot be reproduced today. And that is without even thinking about the illustrations, which lose their essence when paint shopped to make clean electronic copies.


 Title Page

Rebound in blue marbled boards, with green cloth spine, title, author, motif in gilt, with 3 sets of gilt parallel lines. ( see image at head of this listing). Lacking original paper covers, endpapers and any reference as to limitation. Commences with title page. 638 pages, dimensions (with binding 18 x 13 x 4 cm), weight 700 gr.  Contents complete with 10 full page plates from engravings, single sided on slightly heavier paper than the text, presumably tipped in, but attached in sequence to the page of relevant text. Each image indexed and with textual description, and signed with Van Maele’s motif signature. Overall condition good, with general marking and wear appropriate to a book of this age which has been in circulation. as mentioned above the title page indicates “Onze” (eleven) illustrations, this includes the illustrated cover which is absent from this book. Rare Title. Not for sale.


Sample text

Full Bibliographical Description.

Pan Michaël HENRYK SIENKIEWICZ | [short rule] | Pan Michaël | (MESSIRE VOLODVOVSKI) | TRADUIT PAR CHARLES GROLLEAU | [short rule] | Puisque saint Michael conduit toute | l’armée des Cieux et a gagné tant de | victoires sur les légions infernales, | je le choisis pour patron. | (Le Déluge.) | NOUVELLE ÉDITION | Onze dessins de Martin VAN MAELE | [short rule] | PARIS | CHARLES CARRINGTON, LIBRAIRE-EDITEUR | 13, FAUBOURG MONTMARTRE, 13 | [short rule] | 1904
In-12. (13 x 19 cm). 638 pp. 10 captioned hors-texte drawings in black signed with Van Maele’s monogram. Illustrated front cover (title in red) signed Martin + his monogram. Printed by E. Arrault   et Cie. Hors-texte: 37, 65, 95, 223, 271, 349, 391, 445, 481, 536 From a 1904 Carrington catalogue published in the back of Le Pantalon Féminin, 1906: « Nouvelle édition de dix dessins hors texte, par Martin van Maele, et d’une couverture illustrée par le même. Un fort volume in-18 jésus de 600 pages. 50 exemplaires sur Hollande, 15 sur Chine. » (Bibliothèque Nationale: 8-Y2-53302. Private collection)

Perry, S. A.. Martin Van Maele: An Illustrated Bibliographical Checklist (Kindle Locations 538-543). . Kindle Edition.

The Illustrations



See Also

Books for Trade: Octave Mirbeau The Diary of a Lady’s Maid . Paris: Charles Carrington, 1903. illustrations by Emile Mas, engraved by Eugène Dété.

Books for Trade: Charles Sackville: Mr Howard Goes Yachting: London -Paris, Printed for Subscribers Only MCMVIII. (Carrington)

Any comments or contribution of images or information please complete contact form.

Books for Sale: DESERGY, René-Michel. A toute volée. Orné de 12 illustrations hors-texte en noir sur papier couché de CARLO. Librairie Artistique et Parisienne réunies, 66 boulevard Magenta, Paris (Xe), 1936

DESERGY, René-Michel. A toute volée. Decorated with12 illustrations hors-texte in black on gloss paper by “CARLO”. Librairie Artistique et Parisienne réunies, 66 boulevard Magenta, Paris (Xe), 1936. Grand in-8 broché, 14 x 22,5 cm. 254-(2) pp. Cover . illustration by Carlo in red and black. Printed by Dardaillon & Dagniaux, Saint-Denis, November 1936.

In original publishers illustrated, paper wraps, general signs of use, slight discoloration to covers, crinkling to spine, and splitting at the tail of the spine (front cover) (see images), contents clean and complete, with the full set of illustrations. Displayed here in book form.



Sample Text

French Description courtesy of Christophe Bier

DESERGY, René-Michel. A toute volée. Orné de 12 illustrations hors-texte en noir sur papier couché de CARLO. Librairie Artistique et Parisienne réunies, 66 boulevard Magenta, Paris (Xe), 1936. Grand in-8 broché, 14 x 22,5 cm. 254-(2) pp. Couv. illustrée par Carlo en rouge et noir.

Texte typique de la littérature flagellante, par un spécialiste de la Librairie Artistique. Il s’agit d’une confession à la première personne de Roberte, initiée par son précepteur aux joies de la soumission, de fouet, des orties, du clystère. Le roman est suivi de deux longues lettres de lecteurs. L’intérêt majeur de ce livre réside dans l’illustration de Carlo, probablement le plus célèbre illustrateur français de sadomasochisme. Et l’un des plus talentueux et novateur. Son génie dépassa largement les frontières et il inspira considérablement toute l’école américaine d’après-guerre (John Willie, la Nutrix, Eneg, Stanton…).

Il avait débuté, sous le nom de Charléno, dans la presse humoristique, avant de devenir dans les années trente, pour la Librairie Artistique, le fascinant Carlo, créateur de tenues fétichistes affolantes, inventeur de tortures raffinées. Ses titres de gloire sont les romans très SM d’Alan Mac Clyde (Despotisme féminin, Dolly esclave par exemple). A toute volée, qui est probablement son dernier travail (il mourra peu après), illustre un univers érotique plus doux mais tout aussi sensuel et excitant.

Robert Mérodack, à propos de ce titre, écrit : « Partie d’un raffinement aux antipodes de l’inspiration de Charléno, l’œuvre de Carlo parvient à une réconciliation de ses deux tendances. Cela tient en partie aux auteurs qu’il illustre : contrairement à l’esclavage qui se passe nécessairement dans le monde sophistiqué des puissants, l’éducation anglaise s’accommode fort bien de personnages populaires. L’on remarquera cependant comment les héroïnes dessinées dans Dolly esclave et La Madone du cuir verni, n’exhibent plus avec la même fierté les gaines étroites qui ravissaient leurs consœurs de Servitude ou du Cuir triomphant. Les beautés de La Guinguette aux Orties et d’A toute volée ne s’encombrent plus de corsets rigides ; leur charme ne vient plus des contraintes qu’elles imposent à leur silhouette, mais au contraire de la liberté de leurs mouvements, tout comme dans les dessins coquins signés Charléno. » (Carlo, éditions Dominique Leroy, Paris, 1984, p. 94). C’est l’un des titres de Carlo les plus rares de la collection.

English Translation of description (with my apologies)

Typical text of flogging literature, by a specialist of the Librairie Artistique . It is a first-person confession of Roberte, initiated by his tutor to the joys of submission, whip, nettles and clyter. The novel is followed by two long letters from readers. The main interest of this book lies in the illustrations by  “Carlo”,  who is, probably the most famous French illustrator of sadomasochism. And also one of the most talented and innovative. His genius went far beyond borders and he inspired the entire post-war American school (John Willie, Nutrix, Eneg, Stanton…).

He had started, under the name Charléno, in the press, before becoming, in the thirties, for the Librairie Artistique, the fascinating Carlo, creator of maddening fetish outfits and inventor of refined tortures. . His main claim to fame is in the extreme, SM novels of Alan Mac Clyde (Despotisme Féminin and  Dolly Esclave for example). A Toute Volée, which is probably his last work (he will die soon after), illustrates a softer erotic universe but equally sensual and exciting.

Robert Mérodack, on this title, writes: “Starting from a refinement at the opposite end of Charléno’s inspiration, Carlo’s work achieves a reconciliation of its two tendencies. This is partly due to the authors he illustrates: unlike slavery that necessarily takes place in the sophisticated world of the powerful, l’éducation anglaise is very well suited to popular characters. It should be noted, however, that the heroines drawn in Dolly esclave and La Madone du cuir verni no longer exhibit, with the same pride the narrow sheaths that delighted their sisters, in Servitude or in Cuir triomphant. The beauties of La Guinguette aux Orties and A toute volée, are no longer cluttered with rigid corsets; their charm no longer comes from the constraints they impose on their figure, but on the contrary, from the freedom of their movements, in Charléno’s naughty drawings. (Carlo, Editions Dominique Leroy, Paris, 1984, p. 94). This is one of Carlo’s rarest titles in the collection.

The Illustrations











See Also

Books for Trade: Edith Kindler. Esclavage ou L’Agonie sous le fouet, traduit de l’anglais par Alan Mac Clyde, Librairie Générale, Paris 1932.Illustrations by Carlo.

Books for Trade: Désiré Van Rowel, Joues Cramoisies, Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies, Paris, 1935. Illustrations by Carlo.

This Book Is for Sale please complete the attached Contact Form with any enquiries.

Books for Sale: François Béroalde de Verville – Le Moyen de Parvenir Paris, Jéan Fort, 1921. Van Maele illustrations.


Something of a labour of love, this being one of my “very long” listings. I find myself in conflict regarding books vs illustrations, my inclination is always to give precedence to the books, but in this image rich environment, and from my own experience as a blog editor, I am aware that the books are, to most viewers, of only secondary importance.

In some cases, and this being a prime example, the illustrator is so skilled and of such mischievous humour, that he tells the stories in pictures, and brings to life some ancient text, that otherwise, would likely be forgotten.

This particular edition of  “Le Moyen de Parvenir”, is so richly illustrated that I suspect that the majority of the images, which are chapter headings and tail pieces have never been published on line as a group. This listing is an attempt to remedy that.

This is a multiple, phase listing, as it describes one of my two copies of this edition, in this case the one in its original paper covers, this also meets my criteria as a rescued book, as it requires some repair work. Other information is gathered from various sources and appropriate links are given.

The other purpose of this post is to attempt to give as full as possible imagery to accompany  a very detailed textual description of this title from the book:-

Martin Van Maele: An Illustrated Bibliographical Checklist by S. A. Perry

Bibliographical Description

  1. Moyen de Parvenir, Le BÉROALDE DE VERVILLE | [short rule] | LE MOYEN DE PARVENIR [red] | NOUVELLE EDITION | Ornée de huit eaux-fortes | et de soixante-cinq illustrations dans le texte | PAR | MARTIN VAN MAÈLE | [publisher’s vignette] | PARIS | JEAN FORT, ÉDITEUR [red] | 73, FAUBOURG POISSONNIÈRE, 73 | 1921 (23 x 13.5 cm). xii + 458 pp. Frontispiece + 7 full-page engravings (unsigned) and numerous large illustrated head and tail-pieces by Van Maele (signed with his monogram). Printed in a limited edition of 800 numbered copies, of which 65 are on Holland with a triple suite of etchings, one in color, and an original drawing; 35 copies on Holland with a double suite of engravings; 100 copies on antique laid paper, of which 35 contain a double suite of engravings; 600 copies on papier pur fil. Preface by Pierre Dufay.

Hors-texte: 20, 62, 162, 186, 246, 276, 374.

 Head-pieces: 1, 5, 9, 17, 21, 25, 27, 35, 43, 47, 55, 61, 67, 71, 81, 91, 101, 107, 119, 127, 137, 147, 153, 157, 167, 175, 189, 191, 205, 219, 227. 233, 241, 253, 269, 277, 283, 287, 289, 303, 311, 321, 331, 341, 351, 355, 359, 371, 379, 385, 389, 399, 405, 415, 423

Tail-pieces: 4 (repeated on p. 90, 239, 378), 7 (repeated on p. 106, 384, 267), 19 (repeated on p. 136, 286, 388), 26 (repeated on p. 151, 288, 404), 42 (unsigned, repeated on p. 166, 310, 413), 46 (repeated on p. 188, 330, 422), 54 (unsigned, repeated on p. 190), 65 (repeated on p. 203, 354), 69 (repeated on p. 218, 358), 79 (repeated on p. 232, 370)

First published c. 1610, this present edition is a reprint previously published in 1870 by Léon Willem. (Henri Godts auction: 12/ 8/ 2009. Bibliothèque Nationale: RES P-Y2-648. Tajan catalogue, 2/ 25/ 2003, lot 107. Private collection)

Perry, S. A.. Martin Van Maele: An Illustrated Bibliographical Checklist (Kindle Locations 472-477).  . Kindle Edition.

NOTE: The illustrations in this listing follow the sequence of placement in the book. I have not however repeated all of the duplicate, decorative illustrations, for obvious reasons. I hope to have given one example of each of the illustrations.

This Book

Title Page

François Béroalde de Verville – Le Moyen de Parvenir (new edition adorned with 8 etchings and 65 illustrations in the text by Martin Van Maele) – Paris, Jéan Fort, 1921 – Xii, 458 pp. – 15 x 23.5 cm. Decorated with eight full page engravings, and sixty-five illustrations in the text by Martin Maèle , In original publishers card wraps printed in red and black, covers slightly stained and some minor tears at head and tail of spine. some light staining to first few pages, otherwise contents clean and complete.






Martin Van Maele

Le Moyen de Parvenir Publication history.

See Also

Books for Trade: Ovide. Les Amours. J Chevrel, Libraire. Paris. MCMXIII

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Modern titles listed elsewhere.

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As mentioned previously, I will only be selling rare titles direct from this site in future, although I am still having trouble with the PayPal link, I shall persevere, In the meantime if you see a book that you like just complete a contact form and we can discuss and communicate regarding condition and price. For modern material follow the links above, all sales assist with maintaining this site and sourcing new material. Listed a new one today, a major achievement for me at the moment. Keep watching and thanks for your support.

Books for Sale:  Les Gaietés de Béranger;  A Éleuthéropolis , A l’Enseigne de Cupidon (Briffaut) n.d.[c. 1920]


Introducing the first in a new series of books illustrated by Martin Van Maele. I shall in time link to existing material by this artist already on this blog, much of which , are from titles published by Charles Carrington, another collection focus for me in months to come. This title however is not from Carrington, but is a clandestine publication, from one of Briffaut’s , many under cover imprints.

Les Gaietés de Béranger;  A Éleuthéropolis , A l’Enseigne de Cupidon, n.d   [c1920]. 8vo. (23 x14 cm), 102 pp (inc, 2 pages Table of contents). Frontispiece + 11 unsigned engravings done in black. Clandestine title but Briffaut. True first with no reference to the artist ( A later edition credits “Van Triozem”, Martin Van Maele’s preferred alter ego for more explicit works), this copy, with uncut pages, and loose illustrations, which are indexed by pencilled description of location in text as well as page number. Very good copy, possibly unique edition.









See Also

Books for Trade: Anon (Gustav Droz), Un été à la Campagne, A Mitylene n.p (Paris) n.d (1920) (Briffaut). Illustrations by Van Troizem ( Van Maele )

Book for Sale as detailed above “Les Gaietés de Béranger;  A Éleuthéropolis , A l’Enseigne de Cupidon, n.d   [c1920].” Price includes postage worldwide. £750

Books for Trade: Matée par le Fouet: Jean Martinet, . Cover and 12 , superb engraved plates by Herric .Éditions Prima, {1930 }

Previously listed in a rebound copy, listed again here for completeness sake with  the original covers displayed. With all the illustrations, superbly executed (no pun), by Herric:- (Chéri Hérouard)

 Chéri Hérouard (1881-1961) was a French artist and illustrator of numerous erotica and spanking novels. He used the pseudonym Herric when he illustrated spanking novels for various French publishing houses, such as Jean Fort’s Collection des Orties Blanches. And as evidenced by these titles also, Editions Prima.

Yet another accidental off shoot of my collecting activity, I found one of these titles and then set out to locate others, they are rather beautiful things and despite the subject matter, which even some erotic  bibliophiles disapprove of, most were not prosecuted at time of publication and only really became the subject of censorship when reprinted , mainly in the 1950’s

IMG_1097 (2)


Title Page

Matée par le fouet: Jean Martinet, Éditions Prima, 1930. Cover and 12 full page engraved plates by Herric. 252 pages. Printed by Imprimerie Tessier, Romainville 32 Rue de Paris (ND) 1930?.(20 x 13.5 cm)
In original pale blue, Illustrated publishers card covers. Overall very good condition. Extremely rare.

IMG_1097 (2)

The Illustrations

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1097 (2)



Any questions or information about the artist, or especially the publisher, please leave a comment or complete a contact form.

SEE ALSO: (links)

Cinglants Chatiments

La Volupté du Fouet

Les Confidences de Chérubin

L’Amour fouetté.

editions PRIMA

Fouetteurs et Fouettes

A rare display of the Outrageous, and a massive display of the Voluptuous.

 Pleased to announce that, I have obtained a small selection of 4 of the seven titles, written and published by Jean Vergerie, under the La Collection de l’Églantine. imprint.

For which detailed history and creative text, will be provided by my good friend Christophe Bier. 

Also coming soon but a much larger project, is the listing and detailed imagery of some 60 Charles Carrington publications, which will be listed in brief as Books for Trade, But will be the basis for my New Collection for Bibliophiles, for which access to, will require a subscription.

The contents of this collection include both openly published and clandestine titles, many illustrated, by the Likes of Van Maele, Avril, Fredillo, as well classical illustrators.

Many copies in mint unopened condition, and a significant number ,where previous description were from “catalogue only”, including some wonderfully decorated examples of the printers, and bookbinders art of the late Victorian period, as well the inimitable engravings of Eugene d’Ete.

There will also be a supplement to this of a small collection of works published by Isidore Liseux, Augustine Brancart, Jules Gay, and Henry Kistaemackers.

Supplementary information and collection history provided by Michael Neale, and bibliographical information courtesy of S.A. Perry.

Finally I am going to link my existing listings with illustrations by Van Maele and add significant others by him to another New Collection, again with the kind support of S.A Perry.

Books for Trade: Les Jeux du Plaisir et de la Volupté par une Femme du Monde, avec 16 illustrations.ANONYME [Johannes GROS] Published by Paris, Au boudoir secret.1906 [i.e. circa 1936]

Les Jeux du Plaisir et de la Volupté par une Femme du Monde, avec 16 illustrations.ANONYME [Johannes GROS]
Published by Paris, Au boudoir secret, (Briffaut) (1906).1906 [i.e. circa 1936] 1 volume in-8 (19.5 x 13 cm), paperback, 248- (1) pages. 16 illustrations in black inset. Printed cover in color. Volume in very good condition. Reference: Dutel, Bibliography of erotic works published clandestinely between 1920 and 1970, n ° 1795, indicates: “Original edition published around 1936. It is decorated with 16 illustrations.The book comes out of Darantière presses in Dijon, as does  the sequel , “Confessions Libertines ” The advertised print is 600 copies on tinted vergé and 25 copies on vellum Arches. This one, 1 of 600 copies on tinted laid. Very good copy of this book sympathetically illustrated (The illustrations have remained anonymous but are in the style of Luc Lafnet). Very explicit pornographic text.

Title Page



See also

Books for Trade: COMTESSE DE J… [Johannes GROS] – T. Mertens CONFESSIONS LIBERTINES. Orné de huit eaux-fortes de T. Mertens. Partout et nulle part [Imprimerie Darantière, Dijon, 1931]

Books for Sale: MERLIN the Paris quarterly, No. 7 [Vol.2, number 4, Spring/Summer 1955]



The first issue of Merlin—initially subtitled A collection of Contemporary Writings was published in the Spring of 1952. It was edited by Alexander Trocchi, and published by his American girl friend Alice Jane Lougee. Five further issues under this editor/publisher combination would follow. The seventh and final issue was published by the Olympia Press, described in detail below. 


2.7.1 MERLIN No. 7 [Vol.2, number 4, Spring/Summer 1955]

Merlin 7 Olympia 1955

[On the left, at head of page in l.c. and large type:] merlin | [at left, below title and in small type:] revue trimestrielle | founded by Alice Jane Lougee | EDITORS [on the right, one name below the other:] Alexander Trocchi | Austryn Wainhouse | [on the left:] COMMITTEE [on the right, one name below the other:] PatrickBowles | W. Baird Bryant | Corneille | Robert Creeley | Ben Johnson | Richard Seaver | Shinkichi Tajiri | [on the left:] EDITORIAL ADDRESS [on the right:] The English Bookshop | 42, Rue de Seine, Paris-6e | [on the left:] PUBLISHER [on the right:] The Olympia Press | 8, Rue de Nesle, Paris-6e | [in centre of page:] contents | [in two columns, each line separated after the page number by a continuous vertical rule:] Michel de M‘Uzan 233 THREE TALES | Pablo Neruda 242 TWENTY LOVE POEMS | Austryn Wainhouse 259 SOME BASIC PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN | ENGINEERING AND REFLEXIONS UPON | AN EROTIC BOOK | Jaap Mooy [no page numbers] FOUR ILLUMINATIONS | Cleveland Moffett 274 PHEIDIPPIDES | Alain Clément 281 FRANCE AS SEEN BY THE GERMANS | Lennart Olson [no page numbers] FOUR PHOTOGRAPHS | Alister Kershaw 298 ALDINGTON’S CRITICS | Christopher Logue 301 GRAHAM’S NIGHTFISHING | Richard Gibson 303 CURZIO MALAPARTE : | THE VISION OF DEFEAT | [below Contents, and centered on columns above:] line drawings by WILLIAM PARKER| spring 1955 summer | [at foot of page, left:] MERLIN IS PRINTED IN FRANCE [at foot of page, right:] vol. 2 no. [in large type] 4

Collation: 80 pp. No signatures, but [1-5]8, with the numeration of the pages following on from previous issues of the periodical. Two double leaves on coated photographic paper (comprising photographs by Jaap Mooy and Lennart Olson) are inserted between pp. 260,261 & 276,277 and between pp. 292,293 & following p. 308. 24 x 15.4 cm., all edges trimmed. Printed on white wove paper.







Contents: p. [229], untitled note signed The Editors. p. [230], two half-page advertisements, the upper for two novels published by Plon and the lower for the Paris Review. p. [231], title, as above. p. [232], three advertisements, one across the top of the page for James Broughton’s An Almanac for Amorists, and the other two, side-by-side below, for, on the right, Sartre’s revue mensuelle Les Temps modernes and, on the left, for The English Bookshop. pp. 233-241,



Three Tales by Michel de M’Uzan, translated by Philip Oxman. pp. 242-258, Twenty Love Poems by Pablo Neruda, translated by Patrick Bowles and Christopher Logue. pp. 259-273, Some Basic Principles Of Human Engineering And Reflexions Upon An Erotic Book by Austryn Wainhouse. pp. 274-280, Pheidippides by Cleveland Moffett. pp. 281-298, France as Seen by the Germans by Alain Clément. Clément’s piece is referred to at the head of p. 281 as Chronicles. pp. 298-308 are printed in two columns and a smaller typeface, and comprise three pieces described as Notes: Aldington‘s Critics by Alister Kershaw (pp. 298-301).  Graham‘s Nightfishing by Christopher Logue (pp. 301-303).  Curzio Malaparte: The Vision of Defeat by Richard Gibson (pp. 303-308). Drawings by William Parker appear on pp. 234, 243, 249, 258, 273, 274, & 280. Advertisements appear on pp. 299 (Les Editions de Minuit), 301 (Obelisk Press), 303 (Hedyphagetica, by Austryn Wainhouse), 304


(Christopher Logues The Weekdream Sonnets, published by Jack Straw), 30(Collection Merlin/Olympia Press, and Samuel Beckett’s Molloy specifically) and 308 (Merlin).


Binding: Printed card wrappers, with orange front and spine, spilling over to a 1-inch band on back. Remainder of back wrapper is white. Front cover: [centred at head in white l.c. large type:] merlin | [centred below title in smaller l.c. type:] the paris quarterly | [at foot, slightly to the left, and in orange within a thin white panel:] 75 c [space] 3/- [space] 250fr. [At foot and to the right, in orange within a larger and oblong white panel:] no [large] 4 | [small] vol 2.


Spine: [at top of spine, reading down in widely-spaced white l.c.:] merlin. [At foot of spine, reading down in orange type within white panel:] 4/2. Back cover: [at foot and to the right of white section:] SOCIETE D’IMPRESSIONS PUBLICITAIRES | 75, Rue Alexis Pesnon  MONTREUIL | Tel. : AVR. 12-53.


The inside front wrapper carries an advertisement for Merlin comprising lists of contributions promised for later issues and available back issues. The inside back wrapper carries two half-page advertisements, the uppermost for The Western Review, a literary quarterly published by the University of Iowa, and the lower for Lascaux, ou la Naissance de l‘art, an art book with text by Georges Bataille published by Albert Skira.

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New into the Collection: MERLIN No. 7 [Vol.2, number 4, Spring/Summer 1955]


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MERLIN the Paris quarterly, No. 7 [Vol.2, number 4, Spring/Summer 1955]

See full description above. Rare item and the only issue actually published by Olympia Press. Overall condition very good. Price includes postage worldwide.