Books for Trade: Jean GUYOT: LEÇONS D’AMOUR, Published by S.G.E.P. [Toulouse, Francis Flores, 1959]

Another title I am pleased to be able to list having listed a number of others by the same publisher previously, another clandestine mystery unveiled.

Title Page

Jean GUYOT : LEÇONS D’AMOUR; S.G.E.P. [Toulouse, Francis Flores, 1959] 1 volume in-8 (19 x 14 cm), paperback, 157 pages and 10 free illustrations in fine sheets printed in sepia. Cover printed in red and black. Excellent condition. Full of required illustrations that are often missing. ORIGINAL EDITION. Volume published in the late 1950s in Toulouse by Francis Flores. Leçons d’amour finishes on page 112. Followed by, Des Panonceaux au Trottoir.



The Illustrations

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Books for Trade:L’Aquarium des Voluptés, Jean Mouille, Edité par sans nom [Francis Flores, Toulouse], 1955

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Books for Trade: Les Vices de l’Ange: Hervé Lavenue (Isidore Isou) np (Losfeld) Achievé d’imprimer le 4 Novembre 1949 a Campo-Santo Italie (c;1958)

Its been a long time since I listed a Clandestine Losfeld, and one that I had not seen before, the artist is familiar, in that he did the illustrations for another Clandestine Losfeld – “L’ Envoutement”, which is listed elsewhere on this blog, as is another non Losfeld title by the same author Isidore Isou.

A classic clandestine production, I particularly like the reference to the book being produced in a cemetery. Quite apt for a book with such a strong anti-clerical theme.

As always my thanks to Pat Kearney for permission to use his bibliographical information.

Title Page

[ISOU, Isidore] Hervé Lavenue. Les Vices de l’ange. n.p., n.d. [c. 1958.] 8vo. pp. 122. Twelve illustrations by Géro . [Dutel, 2605.] Prosecuted in February 1961.


The Illustrations

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Books for Trade: .XXX [VIAUD, Anselme Louis.] L’ENVOUTEMENT. n.p. n.d (Losfeld) [c. 1959

MES ÉTAPES AMOUREUSES [par] E. D. Imprimé pour les Colporteurs Gascons [Paris , Marcel Sehuer] c. 1935].


Books for Trade: Au bord du lit. Stances: Alexandre de Vérineau, [d.i. Louis Perceau]. Published by Erotopolis, à l’Enseigne des Bacchantes [d.i. Paris, Maurice Duflou], 1927 Illustrées de onze eaux-fortes originales par Lucas. O [d.i. |Luc Lafnet|]:

Sometimes you just get lucky, and I did with this one, I have been considering purchasing this for a long time, but had been put off by the description which stated that two of the eleven plates called for had been excised, leaving nine, eventually I thought I would make an offer on it because nine plates sounded OK and the book is very rare. My plan was to list it here and make my usual plea (nearly always ignored) for anyone who has a copy to get in touch and copy scans of the missing plates.

Well the book arrived and I opened it and it is very nice indeed, I noticed immediately that the plates are fixed in the book in a strange fashion, with just stubs instead of a full double leaf, this could of , I suppose given the impression that pages had been cut out, but more to the point when I counted the plates there were 11, of this I was certain because I ran out of fingers when I counted and had to utilise an extra digit to make the eleven (don’t ask).

A clandestine publication but completely revealed as the title above gives evidence to.

Re-bound in marbled boards in quarter leather, spine with title , author and date in  gilt. with original card covers preserved.



Au bord du lit. Stances.: Vérineau, Alexandre de [d.i. Louis Perceau].

Illustrées de onze eaux-fortes originales par Lucas. O [d.i. |Luc Lafnet|].

Published by Erotopolis, à l’Enseigne des Bacchantes [d.i. Paris, Maurice Duflou], 1927.,

Title Page

39 pages and | 11 plates with original etchings. One of 350 numbered copies (total of 360), which were not in the trade. Rare work, which, through the pseudonyms used, only betrayed the true authorship and origin of connoisseurs. Luc Lafnet, also under pseudonym, created the 11 erotic representations.

Front cover

Back and spine (bound in)


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Special Edition: NOUS DEUX – simples papiers du tiroir secrets, par Nelly et Jean, curiosa attribué à Marcel VALOTAIRE et illustré par l’artiste lyonnais Jean DULAC. Clandestine publication 1929

Books for Trade: LES SONNETS LUXURIEUX DU DIVIN ARÉTIN., Pour un Groupe de Bibliophiles. n.d.n.p