Although happily bashing away with the blog and books, I must admit to being completely mystified by the inner workings of the host WordPress, every time I ask a question I am directed to a guide, when I look at the guide it explains that I need some sort of a plug-in, great I look for the plug- in , only to find I cannot install it, because I have a wordpress .com not a, Sort of an Ikea of the Web, sling all the bits in the box and hope it comes together.

Which brings me to how you contact me, the answer is quite simple you post a comment on my blog, which is then filtered through an anti-spam server, I receive a notification and decide its status (spam or not spam that is the question), your comment includes your e-mail address and I can respond at which point you can see my email. Well that is how I think it works, but only time will prove me wrong.

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions, I have editorial control over what is published and if you do not want your comment published I will honour that wish.

I have now published so many articles that it is becoming difficult to navigate through everything as the nature of the blog means that things get archived quicker the more you produce. To try to overcome this I have put in multiple links, however this too might annoy some people, please use the search option if you know what you are looking for, otherwise if you can think of a better way for me to organise things please post a suggestion.

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4 thoughts on “HOW TO CONTACT ME

  1. Dear Steve
    I found your blog about erotic books by coincidence when searching for info about some Swedish publications on the same subject.
    It is an impressive work you have done here in this blog gathering so much info.
    I am a small scale collector of some Swedish series erotic books from the 60s and early 70s. Some of these are reissues of titels from the “Trawler Companion” series. That’s how I found your page. I do not have a lot money to put into this hobby but one can still find a good samples with a bit of luck here in sweden
    Can I use some some facts from your blog for my data sheets?
    If you are interested can I supply some info and scans of the Swedish reissues.
    Best Regards
    Hans J

    • Hi Hans
      Thanks for the communication, you are welcome to use anything from my blog.. Happy to have anything you would like to share. Are you aware of Pat Kearney’s” Scissors and Paste” site where he has some information about other Olympia imprints. LINK
      He has Danish and Dutch but not Swedish Olympia.

  2. Hello Steve
    Thanks for your answer. The use of the info will be only in my personal arcive. Nothing that will be published..
    I will contact Pat Kearney about this.
    From what country are you from? (Just a bit curious)
    Best Regards
    Hans Jacobsson

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