Books for trade: DÉVERGONDAGES. [ROJAN, illustrator]. SPADDY (pseud. of Jean Gros).Published by Aux dépens d’un amateur,, Bruxelles [Nice] 1948


[ROJAN, illustrator]. SPADDY (pseud. of Jean Gros).

Published by Aux dépens d’un amateur,, Bruxelles [Nice]:1948. Limited Edition of 234 copies on Vélin de Rives, this being copy no. 69, of a total edition of 250. Octavo (9 x 6 3/4 in.). 151, (3, blank) pp., In original white paper wraps, Uncut pages, 16 color lithographed plates, unsigned but, according to Pia and Dutel, after watercolors by Rojan, i.e. Feodor Stepanovich Rojankowsky (1891-1970).s. Rojan, a Russian émigré as celebrated for his many childrens book illustrations as he was for his erotic drawings, won the 1956 Caldecott Medal for his illustrations to John Langstaff’s Frog Went A-Courtin’. He was the sometime lover of French novelist and poet, Raymond Radiguet, and as an eroticist is perhaps best known for his illustrations to Radiguet’s Vers Libres. This edition was condemned four times between 1950-56 by the tribunal of the Seine; understandable as the title translates to “licentious behavior.” Dutel III, 1389; Pia 310-11; cf. Private Case 836.

Title Page
Limitations Page

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Books for Trade: Edith Kindler. Esclavage ou L’Agonie sous le fouet, traduit de l’anglais par Alan Mac Clyde, Librairie Générale, Paris 1932.Illustrations by Carlo.

Esclavage ou L’Agonie sous le fouet, traduit de l’anglais par Alan Mac Clyde, Librairie Générale, Paris 1932.Illustrations by Carlo.
243 pages + 4 pages adverts.In original pale blue card covers with cover illustration by Carlo. This copy is only about Good, with wear and marking to covers, it is however very rare in such a complete state, with 27 Illustrations (23 by Carlo).

Title Page


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Books for Trade: Jean Martinet, Venez ici, qu’on vous fouette ! : Paris Éditions Prima (1938?)

Books or Trade: Mac Clyde, Alan, La Madone du cuir verni, Librairie artistique et Parisienne Reunies, 1937.

Mac Clyde, Alan, La Madone du cuir verni, Librairie artistique et Parisienne Reunies, 1937. 8vo. Illustrated by Carlo. Illustrated cover by Carlo.263 pp (23 x 14 cm) Printed by Dardaillon et Dagniaux 11/37. First edition in original illustrated cover with six full page illustrations on glossy paper. About good. general wear to covers.

Title Page

Books for Trade: Désiré Van Rowel, Joues Cramoisies, Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies, Paris, 1935. Illustrations by Carlo.

Books for Trade: Van Rowel, Désiré, Le Château des cuisants souvenirs: Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies: 1934. Illustrated by Carlo

Books for Trade:Vidame de Bozegy. Les Filles de Loth et autres Poèmes Erotiques recueillis.Published by A Sodome, Imprimerie de la Genèse 1933

Quite a spectacular item, unfortunately impossible to scan because of the binding, so my efforts at photography will have to suffice. I include the binding in this listing because it is a little different.


Les Filles de Loth et autres Poèmes Erotiques recueillis par le Vidame de Bozegy. [[EDMOND DARDENNE BERNARD]] (André Collot)] :Published by A Sodome, Imprimerie de la Genèse 1933. (1933) 1 volume in-4 (28,5 x 19 cm), broché, 257 pages.+ a supplementary poem bound in. 12 illustrations, lightly coloured in crayon Original edition of this collection of famous erotic poems. This book was hors-commerce and reserved for subscribers. Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies this being numbered 123. Rebound in half maroon leather on marbled boards, with five raised bands, title and erotic motif in gilt stamped on spine, housed in a matching slipcase. Original covers preserved. Title in calligraphy on top of page block. A beautiful item that would enhance any collection.


The Illustrations



supplementary poem

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Books for Trade: LEUCADE Alexandre [ Pseudonyme de Ado KYROU ]: LE GORILLE Second Edition illustrated with 16 PLATES (trés libres) by André COLLOT

Books for Trade: Pierre Louys, Edouard Chimot (illustrator). (Paris). Trois Filles de Leur Mère. ‘Au dépens d’un amateur pour ses amis exclusivement’. Dated 1897 but published c. 1950


Trois Filles de Leur Mère ( illus. Edouard CHIMOT )Pierre LouysPrivately Printed c.1950, Paris, 1950. Condition: Very Good. Edouard Chimot (illustrator). (Paris). ‘Au dépens d’un amateur pour ses amis exclusivement’. Dated 1897 but published c. 1950. In-4. 151pp. Illustrated anonymously by Edouard Chimot with 12 full-page highly erotic colour plates. Limited edition of 350 copies – . Unbound, as issued in printed wraps, card sleeve and slipcase (). Contents bright and spotless.The most infamous of Chimot-illustrated works, Pierre Louys’ pornographic text being accompanied by some of the artist’s most explicit coloured engravings.

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Books for Trade: Pierre Louys. Dialogues ou Petites scenes amoureuses.Lorient [i.e.,

Paris]: Les Editions sous le Manteau, 1943

Books for Trade:[MAC ORLAN, Pierre] BLACKEYES, Sadie; MALTESTE, Louis.Quinze Ans, Collection des Orties Blanches, 1922

Quinze Ans Roman sur la discipline familiale suivi de quelques lettres sur les châtiments corporels dans l éducation des jeunes filles et de Sonia ou la Belle Etudiante
MAC ORLAN, Pierre] BLACKEYES, Sadie & MALTESTE, Louis (illustrations)Collection des Orties Blanches, 1922. Couverture souple. Condition: Assez bon. 2ème Édition. Orné de 10 illustrations hors-texte en noir sur papier couché de Louis MALTESTE. Collection des Orties Blanches, 39 rue Chabrol, Paris, s.d. [1922]. In-8 broché, 13,2 x 20,5 cm. 201 pp.

Books for Trade: A.W. Flogger, Poker de Dames. (Suite des Confidences d’un Baronnet). Traduction et adaption du manuscrit original intitulé Flogger Papers , Collection des Orties Blanches, illustrated by Jim Black, Paris 1929

Books For Trade: DESERGY, René-Michel ; [FONTAN, Léo] Fontana (illustrations), Chambrières de haute école, Edité par Collection des Orties Blanches, 1934

Chambrières de haute école – DESERGY, René-Michel & [FONTAN, Léo] Fontana (illustrations) Edité par Collection des Orties Blanches, 1934
First edition. Adorned with 16 inset engravings on black loose leaves of Fontana [Léo FONTAN]. Collection of White Nettles, 79 rue de Vaugirard, Paris, 1934. Large in-8 paperback, 14.2 x 23 cm. 272- (2) pp. Cov. on cream paper printed in red and black. A classic of the White Nettles, by one of its house authors and illustrated by one of the best designers of the genre, the artist-painter Léo Fontan (1884 1965) who stood out by drawing the covers of the first Arsène Lupine at Lafitte. He worked wonders in frivolous magazines like La Vie Parisienne and Fantasio. His rare incursions into the flogging literature are enjoying the amused elegance that characterized his style. He puts a lot of humor to illustrate scenes of spankings between ladies of the world and disobedient maids. In this obsessed text, Mondaines take pleasure in the joys of flogging. They are rebounds and feminine rebuts blushing, most of the time but there is also the naked rear of a florist youth too cheeky, Chapter VII is titled “The Atmosphere Hot”: it is valid for the whole book. The novel is followed by a correspondence section consisting of nine letters from readers. Two of them reveal a definite interest for the enema (with two insets by Fontan). First edition. Beautiful copy



Title Page

The Illustrations



Books for Trade:Daisy Lennox: Le Pensionnat de Madame Clerval; Collection des Orties Blanches 1933

Books for Trade: A.W. Flogger, Les Confidences d’un Baronnet (Lady Buttock). Traduction et adaption du manuscrit original intitulé Flogger Papers , Collection des Orties Blanches, illustrated by Jim Black, Paris n.d. (1929


New into the Collection: The Olympia Press of Paris- the Publisher who Defeated Censorship. Catalogue 1962 (and one other)

As I have often mentioned before, the ephemera is the biggest challenge in trying to complete a collection. I am always delighted to find a catalogue. This one used to be quite common. I am always happy to be offered any similar items.



Below is a variant of the 1956 catalogue, with a link to my original listing. Same item but a different colour banner, orange instead of purple.

New into the Collection: More Curious Books and Amusements (catalogue) Summer and Autumn 1956

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New into the Collection: Olympia Books 1957 (Catalogue)

New into the Collection: A List of Ophelia Press Titles and Others 1959 (Catalogue)

New into the collection: On the Old Theme of Literature & Censorship with A List of Olympia Press Titles and Others. Paris Olympia Press 1958

The Collection an Update:

Having suffered a stroke last year, I was forced to consider what would happen to my collection should I die. A serious enough issue, given tales of shark like dealers descending on the recently bereaved and picking off the prized items from remaining partners who have no idea of what to do with the books, and even less idea of the potential value.

This is especially true of erotica as there is an understandable embarrassment, attached to such material, especially illustrated books, and I have heard of  some such material being destroyed to avoid having to deal with it, and though this is perhaps the best disposal for modern pornography, this is less of a problem with my Paris Olympia Press collection as they are 99% without illustrations.

Having explored possible methods of disposal, I had been in negotiation with Bonhams of London with a view to the collection going to auction this June, when a combination of my own health issues and an extended family crisis prevented me from cataloguing the books, a task that Bonhams offered to cover, but I really wanted to complete myself.

So i find myself delaying the selling of the collection, and almost immediately other items turn up, within the past month or so, I have obtained a catalogue that I do not have a copy of, one of the missing Teaser magazines and a much improved copy of “The Castle of the end of Love”, a very hard to find Ophelia Press title.

I must admit to a sense of relief at still having the collection, as after so many decades of collecting the loss would be hard to take. It my be that I will reconsider next year, which gives me more time to locate the few missing items that would allow me to complete. Which also means that I will continue with this site, given that its sworn purpose is to assist with completing my Paris Olympia collection, something that is easy to forget, given that the vast majority of the books that I list are nothing to do with the Olympia Press at all.

So to give me a reason to carry on, please remember to look out for Paris Olympia material for me. And if you have any erotica (not photographic pornography please) that you want rid of then complete a contact form and I may be able to assist.

Below is an image of my Paris Olympia Press collection as of today. Coming soon recent finds and some very rare illustrated erotica.




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