The trials and tribulations, highs and lows of a book hunter

Well here we go, new territory for me. I decided to set up this blog to share my experience of 30 years of hunting for and collecting books published by the Paris Olympia Press, I have completed the collection twice, and in hard times had to sell many books to other collectors, I am now on my third and last attempt to complete the entire published output of the press.

I list a small selection  duplicate copies of my Olympia Press books on AbeBooks, this is primarily to act as a shop front and I am using any potential income to purchase titles missing from my collection, these duplicates along with a range of other clandestine erotic titles are also available to trade for titles I need for the collection. All titles listed on this blog are available to trade for items I need for the collection, and the majority of them will not be listed anywhere else, if you have anything that appears likely to be of interest to me please offer and we can negotiate terms

Watch this space for stories of book hunting expeditions and images of books both from the collection and for sale/trade. Also please feel free to contribute any bibliographical information, related images, and any interesting stories that are relevant and might enhance the experience of the blog.

In the last month I have added or upgraded 32 titles in the collection

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