Charles Carrington Collection: Jean de Villiot: La Maison de la Verveine, Illustrations de MARTIN VAN MAELE et EMILE MAS, PARIS, LIBRAIRIE DES BIBLIOPHILES PARISIENS,1904.

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Another Carrington, this one clandestine under his Librarie des Bibliophiles imprint. Altogether a lavish production with red borders to each page and profusely illustrated.

Bibliographical information courtesy of Sheryl Straight.

Title Page



Illustrated header

Section End Decoration

First Part

Van Maele 1

Van Maele 2

Van Maele 3

Van Maele 4

Van Maele 5


Van Maele 6

Van Maele 7

Van Maele 8


See Also

Charles Carrington Collection: Henryk Sienkiewicz, Pan Michael, Paris: Charles Carrington1904, Illustrated by Martin Van Maele.

Charles Carrington Collection: Weird Women; The Crimson Curtain; Happiness  in Crime; A Dinner of Atheists; A Woman’sVengeance. Translated from the French  of  Barbey d’Aurevilly.  With Eight Wood Engravings.  London.  Privately Printed. For the Lutetian Bibliophiles’ Society, (Charles Carrington).  MCM. (1900)

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