Books for Sale: Van Rod, Aimé, Domptées par le fouet, Libraire Artistique 1908 (1925)

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Now entering a bibliographical minefield as this publisher produced under multiple house names and was very loose with editions and publication dates. I am not going to attempt to solve the problem just offer examples that i have.

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Frontis and Title Page

In original publishers decorated card covers printed in red and black, title page dated MCMVIII (1908). 234 numbered pages, 2 pages adverts for other titles+ 3 page list of other titles. (21 x12.5 In excellent condition. With Coloured frontis and in text illustrations by Charles Hirlemann and 7 full page illustrations by Del Giglio.

Front Cover

Back Cover

CH in text

CH in Text 2

Del Giglio 1

Del Giglio 2

Del Giglio 3

CH in text 3

CH Page Decoration

CH in Text 4

Del Giglio 4

CH in Text 5

Del Giglio 5

CH in Text 6

CH In Text 7

Del Giglio 6

Del Giglio 7

Ad and Title List

Title List

See Also

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This Book

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