Charles Carrington Collection: JACQUES DESCROIX. LA GYNÉCOCRATIE    Ou La Domination de la femme. Précédé d’une Étude sur le masochisme dans l’histoire et les traditions, par Laurent Tailhade. Paris: Charles Carrington, 1902

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A return to my labour of love, which is the cataloguing of The Charles Carrington Collection, this consists of titles from my own collection and those of my good friend Michael Neal. I had promised Michael, before his untimely death last year that I would list all of the titles that I now own, and I have slowly been doing so between forays into titles that I would like to sell on. This one is from the Michael Neal Collection, and according to his provenance was formally in the Leonardt Collection. For most visitors to the site, the primary interest is in the illustrations, this title allows for a great treat because all of the many illustrations are by Martin Van Maele.

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JACQUES DESCROIX. LA GYNÉCOCRATIE,  Ou La Domination de la femme. Précédé d’une Étude sur le masochisme dans l’histoire et les traditions, par Laurent Tailhade. Paris: Charles Carrington, 1902.15.88cm. x 24.77. xiv + 317pp. Printed by Bouillant in a limited edition of 750 copies printed on Holland. Frontispiece + 20 illustrations and numerous in-text illustrations by Martin van Maele. Title page in red and black. This Book is rebound in luxury boards, in a slipcase, the remains of the original paper covers are preserved, there is some staining to page edges in places, but never encroaching on text or illustrations.

This is a French translation of Gynecocracy, Adventures and Psychological Experiences of Julian Robinson, published by Leonard Smithers in 1893. This present work retains the flagellation scenes from that original English edition but is expurgated of all the sexual descriptions. This work is thought to have been written by either Stanislas de Rhodes, a London lawyer or possibly by Havelock Ellis, although there is no hard evidence to support either theory. [See Mendes: 84-A]. La Gynécocratie was later published in English by Carrington in c.1912.

(Kinsey: 823.7 L158 g8F 1902. Bibliothèque Nationale: ENFER-168. Importante Bibliotheque d’Ouvrages Erotiques, Hotel Drouot, Salle No. 13, 11 Mars 1987, #256)

Bibliographical information  courtesy of Sheryl Straight.

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