Books for Trade:Wanda de S…, Françoise; ou Les Plaisirs du mariage. Aux Allées des Roses n.d (1937)

I feel that I have been neglecting you all, but with clearing books out for eBay, and getting other items ready for auction I have been somewhat preoccupied. But here is a little treat for all of you and from my favourite period, the pre-WW 2 decade. This is a very nice Clandestine title with some debate about the illustrator, who it is proposed is either Rojan or T.Mertens, I must say I am not convinced of Rojan, but as I have no idea who T. Mertens is what do I know? Any guidance on this would be appreciated.


Title Page

Wanda de S.
Françoise ou Les Plaisirs du mariage
In original card cover with printed in blue, pp.225, 10 heliogravures on copper hors-texte on vellum. Original edition of a clandestine pornographic novel, published about 1937 and printed on the presses of Darantière, Dijon, under a fanciful name (Dutel, 1605). In a circulation of 600 copies reserved for the numbered subscribers to the composter. Copy No. 380, on vellum. Some attribute the free compositions to Rojan, the illustrator of Spring Idyll, or T. Mertens.

The Illustrations

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Books for Trade: Diana Slip, Lingeries Libertines, No 1 September 1933. 9 Rue Richepanse Paris

Books for Trade: Diana Slip, Lingeries Libertines, No 1 September 1933. 9 Rue Richepanse Paris

Having stated quite clearly in my past post that I would be henceforth focusing on my Paris Olympia Press collection, unless of course something really interesting comes along, well something did!

This took an age to scan in but it was a pleasure, this extremely rare and rather lovely lingerie catalogue, is the first in Lingeries Libertines series, although I have no idea how many were actually produced. In part this item interests me because of the association, with the Vidal publishing and fashion empire, and in particular connections to editions Couvre-Feu et al. But although I have no idea which images belong to which photographer I know some are Brassai, and therefore there is a link to my Paris Olympia Press collection as Henry Millers ” Quiet days in Clichy” which, although published in 1956, is illustrated with Brassai photographs from the 1930’s.

Before I forget to mention this is an actual magazine in my collection, and it is available for trade against my ever-diminishing Paris Olympia Press wants, so find me some items that can be located under my Books Wanted listings and you could own the real thing.

So here for your enjoyment are the entire contents of this beautiful photographic memoir of the decadent  1930’s, “The Golden Age of Erotica”

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