Update 25/05/2021

For  the majority of my books for sale this is now my sole outlet. I had been listing most of the extremely rare flagellation material, such as the Select Bibliotheque,  Collection L’Eglantine and the Carlo illustrated titles on eBay, unfortunately most of them have been deleted by eBay, and as I do not want to lose my account with them after nearly 20 years, I will not be listing this material on eBay in future. These books still appear on this site as Books for Sale, and I am happy to take any enquiries via the contact form.

Equally auction sales have been impacted because of post Brexit import duties from the UK to EU and I am gradually being squeezed for funding to source any new material.

I will resume listing on this site, although much of my remaining material is not illustrated. It seems likely that my adventure with this blog will end in the not too distant future, simply through lack of material. I will keep you updated.

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