Books for Trade: UNIQUE – For Lovers of the Unusual , undated (1970?) USA.

I generally do not list items which are after 1965, however I allow myself certain exceptions, specifically when any illustrations are from an earlier period, such as this small item, which has the added attaraction of text in English and using the very old fashioned device of text in the form of letters. There are links below the listing to some of the original titles, from which the illustrations in this pamphlet were copied.

UNIQUE – For Lovers of the Unusual , Small undated (1970?) booklet side stapled with illustrated cover in brown and green, (10.5 x 14 cm), inked numericals on font cover, order form inside back cover.41 pages of text, in the form of letters, 7 illustrations which are cropped versions of the illustrations from various Editions Prima publications from the 1930’s, the artist is Herric:- (Chéri Hérouard). Very Good.

See also:-

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