Books For Trade (Facsimilie)MOI, POUPÉE. Texte et eaux-fortes d’une Jeune fille à la page.A l’enseigne “des petites vertus”, s.d. (1930). [Maurice Duflou, Darantière imprimeur] –

Before anyone gets too carried away, this is a facsimilie, here because I dont expect ever to have the original, and it allows me to share the images, which in this case, consist of some of the original illustrations supplemented by  hand retouched (badly) colour pornographic photographs. This  item, although a lump of a book, with individual taped in page sections, with copied text pasted in, is somehow quite an appealing object in its own right, and as close as I (or you) are ever likely to get to the original.

I have shamelessly stolen the text of an old book sellers description as the only useful bibliographical information I can find, please bear in mind that it does not describe my copy which has no mention of any publisher or place, and appears to be a partial text ending on page number 75, apparently mid-sentence. Still as usual I am sharing this because I like it. I have done my best with the image scans, and mine are a slight improvement on the ones in the book.

One more thing, I have seen copies of this for sale that look very much like my copy, but purporting to be original, also referencing Rojan as the illustrator, i am happy to say that if they are talking about the same illustrations as this volume, they are not the work of Rojan. My copy  has age and is clearly a facsimilie, I believe of a pirate copy of the original title, anyone with any comments or information please utilise a  contact form.



Johannes GROS, aussi un temps attribué à Renée DUNAN] – P. BELOTTI, illustrateur (?)
MOI, POUPÉE. Texte et eaux-fortes d’une Jeune fille à la page.
A l’enseigne “des petites vertus”, s.d. (1930). [Maurice Duflou, Darantière imprimeur] – 
Clandestine erotic published by Maurice Duflou and illustrated 9 beautiful free etchings attributed to P. Belotti. Rarity among rarities! [Johannes GROS, also a time attributed to Renée DUNAN] – P. BELOTTI, illustrator (?) ME, DOLL. Text and etchings of a girl on the page. At the sign “small virtues”, nd (1930). [Maurice Duflou, Darantière printer] 1 volume in-8 (19.5 x 14.5 cm), paperback, 255- (1) pages. 1 etching in frontispiece and 8 etchings inset. Good copy as published. Some slight foxing in places. Solid broaching. Gray-blue paper cover printed in pink-red on the first dish (title and floret), on the back we read the title ” Neither Dutel (who simply quotes them) nor the other bibliographers (Alexandrian, Pauvert, Kearney) evoke the illustrations that adorn this volume. We believe we recognize as author of these pretty free etchings P. BELOTTI who illustrated at the same time several erotic works published clandestinely (Jacinthe or the images of sin). Reference: Dutel, 2003 – Volume that was missing from the main collections of clandestine erotic books (Nordmann, etc.)

My Copy


The Illustrations


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