Books for Trade: Charles Sackville: Mr Howard Goes Yachting: London -Paris, Printed for Subscribers Only MCMVIII. (Carrington)

An extremely rare and fragile item, in its original paper covers, and barely holding together, just a single thread preventing the book from coming apart. Bur despite this an amazing rarity, an English language flagellation novel, with engraved plates in sanguine. Delighted to be able to share this with you

Unsure who artist is despite the Monogram on each illustration,  but I think possibly Leon Roze, anyone who knows the answer please notify me by posting a comment.

Charles Sackville: Mr Howard goes Yachting: And subjects to his voluptuous caprices with young ladies captured and imprisoned on board.  London -Paris MCMVIII. Printed for Subscribers Only. 158 pages, printed on Van Gelder Zonen , in a limited edition of 300 hundred copies, with six beautiful illustrations.

Title Page



Limitations Page

The Illustrations

Please also see

Books for Trade: Jean de Villiot; Camille et Moi: La Flagellation à Travers le Monde, PARIS Charles Carrington; 1904

Books for Trade: Anon: The Modern Eveline, Or the adventures of a young lady of quality who was never found out. PARIS (New York), Printed For Distribution Amongst Private Subscribers 1904 (1930’s)

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