Books For Trade: Chants Bibliques de Pierre Louys AU TEMP des JUGES: Aux Depens d’un Amateur 1933

Here we go again into the mire of clandestine publishing. There are 2 versions of this title, both clandestine as referenced by Pat Kearney this copy appears to be a Piracy of the first edition, it is however a very good production complete with the 12 illustrations attributed to Andre Collot. You will note that the Title Page dates the book as 1933, whilst the facing page claims that it was printed on the 30th July 1930, whilst it was likely to have actually been produced in 1935. I hope that is clear.


AU TEMP des JUGES – Chants Bibliques de Pierre Louys. [?Paris:] Aux dépens d’un amateur, 1933 [1935?]. 4to. pp. 64. Limited to 175 copies

Title Page

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The Illustrations

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