Books for Sale: MUSSET, Alfred de, Gamiani, ou Deux nuits d’excès, Paris: Pour les Amis de l’époque romantique ( Duflou)[1924].

This Book

Another clandestine publication, by Maurice Duflou, this a reissue of the original edition, of Gamiani. despite being referred to as mono, in the limitation the, illustrations do have some light colouration, another oddity is that all of the 12 facsimile illustrations have significant foxing which does not appear elsewhere in the text. I cannot explain this. This copy is enhanced with 2 extra illustrations , one in colour and the other in pencil and lightly hand coloured, with a signature that I cannot identify. As usual I have presented the illustrations in the order they appear in the book.

Bibliographical information is courtesy of Patrick Kearney.

Limitation and Title Page

MUSSET, Alfred de, supposed author. – Gamiani, ou Deux nuits d’excès, par A.D.M. Réimpression conforme au texte original ornée des douze gravures de Dévéria et Grévedon. Paris: Pour les Amis de l’époque romantique [1924]. 4to. pp.  86. Twelve plates ‘en héliogravure’ reproduced from the lithographs of the original 1833 edition. (29 x 23 cm) Limited to 320 copies, this being Number 69. Pages 5-18 contain a Notice bibliographique signed ‘Helpey’[Louis Perceau] and the Preface the 3rd. edition, Amsterdam, 1864, comprising an extract of the Mémoires de la comtesse de C*** [Elisabeth Céleste Venard,comtesse Lionel de Chabrillon] on the author of Gamiani, who is generally thought to have been Alfred de Musset. [Bibliothèque Nationale: Enfer 934.]

This Book: In original publishers covers, pagination as above, enhanced with 2 additional illustrations, the 12 facsimiles have significant spotting (see images), overall condition is good and the book is complete, effectively a book within a book, a very pleasing and rare edition of this classic erotica.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Sample Text

Sample Text

Sample Text

Facsimile cover

Unique original extra illustration

Unique Original signed illustration

Plate 1

Plate 2

Plate 3

Plate 4

Plate 5

Plate 6

Plate 7

Plate 8

Plate 9

Plate 10

Plate 11



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