Books for trade: DESERGY, René-Michel: Les Tyrans passionnels. Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies, 1935, Illustrations by Carlo

Well this was very nearly impossible, despite my invention; the BBDSM featured in my last post, because of a combination of my disability and the tightness of the binding, it was not possible to obtain flattened images, so this listing is one of my less satisfying.

If there is enough interest I will attempt to do it again but my images do not do the illustrations justice,

Updated 11/02/2020 – Scans inserted

[CARLO]. DESERGY, René-Michel. Les Tyrans passionnels. Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies, 1935. Rebound in quarter black leather, on speckled boards, spine with 6 raised bands inter-spaced with gilt decorations , title and author in gilt lettering, Original covers not preserved (25,2 x 17 cm)  266 pages. Contains the frontispiece and 11 other illustrations, (lacks 1 illustration) which I have been able to provide an image of below. There is some wear to the open edge of the boards, and some aging to pages, the illustrations have finger marks  on page edges (outside of the illustrations), overall good +

This is a very rare title and worth having the image pages at least professionally cleaned. This title, is in a larger format and printed on high quality paper, than any of the other titles in this series,  the illustrations were inspired by photographic models,and the frontispiece is an example of  the style of Carlo’s other pseudonym “Charleno”.

I wish I could tell you more, but there is not a lot of information out there, perhaps someone could contribute more information.  I suggest that those of you who read French, should obtain a copy of”Carlo” by  Robert Merodack’,  published by Editions Dominique Leroy 1984,  which offers an affordable access to a large number of Carlo illustrations. This volume confirms a frontispiece and 12 illustrations is correct for “Les Tyrans passionnels”.

Again my apologies for the quality of the images.

Updated 11/02/2020 – Scans inserted

Copy  of the image  missing from this book, from an old auction listing.

Print details

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