Books for Trade: Janbir, Les Vies Paralleles,Pilou. n.d. (Paris) Losfeld, c.1955

A very peculiar little book with woodcut “tres-libre”, illustrations, the only other book I can think of with that distinction, is the , Mahlon Blaine illustrated “Amish Love”, which I have previously listed, and is linked at the bottom of this page. That title has other similarities to this one, in that they are both produced on very odd paper which is off colour (brown) and I wonder if this was to give a rustic feel? 

This title is quite fragile and the images were a challenge to scan, but I have done my best and I hope you enjoy them.

Les Vies Paralleles

Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0003

Janbir (psued) Les Vies Parelleles, Pilou n.d 1955 with

10 bois originoux by C.Taureau ,small 8vo (18,8×12) paperback, 158pp, 1ff, printed in black yellow cover… Clandestine pornographic novel, published in the mid-50s by Eric Losfeld. Fun text on sexual adventures caused by an advert. Dutel (II-2620) classifies this title in a group of texts “sometimes attributed to Eric Losfeld” adding that they “are of the same style in Cerise.” It has the distinction of being illustrated with woodcuts, little used technique for clandestine romances. [Dutel 2620.]

Front Cover

Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0001

Back Cover

Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0002

The Illustrations

Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0004


Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0005


Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0006


Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0007


Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0008


Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0009


Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0010


Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0011


Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0012


Les Vies Paralleles Losfeld_0013

Le Temple Des Ivresses Losfeld 1955_0012

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See Link:Amish Love

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