Books for Trade:Anonymous (Isidore Isou?): Les Putains ou le traite des perversions. n.p., n.d., (1950)

Another late clandestine title and something of  a mystery, the limited information I can find has an apparent link to Isidore Isou , and therefore potentially Losfeld, the only reference to an illustrated edition appears to concern prior listings of this copy, which looks to me to be extra illustrated (meaning there were not illustrations in the original book), a clue to this is that the illustrations are , except for one, double sided and by different hands. Three of the illustrations are certainly by Jean Morisot, which are evidenced by the ogre like men depicted, the others I do not know. The double sided images may originate with one of Losfeld’s productions such as ” Florilèges de la volupté ou Les Voluptés d’une vicieuse”, which is linked at the base of this post.

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ANONYME. Les putains ou le traite des perversions.

Isidore Isou Viry-Chatillon, (vers 1950).
In-8 broche de 188 pp.
Ouvrage condamne pour la premiere fois en 1962

Title Page

The Illustrations

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