Books for Trade: Cruelle Despote, Gregor Yvan, Les Editions du Chevet 1936

Very rare title in the classic flagellation series produced by the Vidal empire in the 1930’s, including works illustrated by Wighead and E. Klem, this is by a lesser artist but of interest in its own right.  With a colour cover illustration and 6 illustrations in text by Vera Petroff .

Cover illustration

Book Cover


Title Page

The Illustrations

See Also

Books for Trade: Jim Galding: Reitpeitschen un Küsse (Die Orgie der Dominas) Eros Publishing Hamburg n.d. (1980?) illustrated by Wighead, being a German translation of L’Orgie Dominatrice (1934)

 Books For Trade: J.Van Styk. Épouvantes Voluptueuses. Le Jardin d’Eros. 6 Rue de Tracy, Paris, s.d. [1935]

Books For Trade: Grégor Yvan. :LA PRINCESSE SONIA, ses bottes, son esclave. Les Editions du Couvre-Feu . 8 Rue de Tracy, Paris, s.d. [1932]

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