Books for Trade: Max des Vignons, Miss Dean, Librairie Artistique, Paris ,v. 1920?


Cover by M

Following my tradition of seeking out books that are complete but affordable, i have happened upon this lovely little book, and as disheveled as it is, it is a wonderful find, as I cannot locate another anywhere with all of the illustrations. The process of listing such a book is something of a delicate exercise as it is very fragile, you may have seen in other listings of mine that I comment that a book will be unlikely to survive another scanning session, this particular title meets that criteria. The quality of paper in these titles produced around 1920, is very poor, and the decorations can be blurred, and the hors-texte images faint. I have scanned the images in as best as my technology allows, and I have altered the exposure of the full page illustrations, which has brought them to life. I hope you enjoy them.

Title page

Max des Vignons, Miss Dean, Librairie Artistique, Paris,v. 1920?

Back Cover

In original paper covers with colour illustrated cover, initialled M. Detail on spine- author, title, price 12fr 50, Librairie Artistique – Edition Parisienne Reunies, Blvd Magenta Paris.  224 +1 pp (20.5 x 12.5 cm). Decorated with head and tail pieces and vignettes, and 8 full page illustrations on glossy paper that appear to be signed M.K.Sc


Notes In this Preface, the publisher mentions his desire to publish a book on flogging “without hurting the most elementary morality”, and presents the novel as a kind of warning about dangers of this practice! “Flogging has always existed and, in spite of us, will have long followers, but if we reduce the number in the future, we will be satisfied.”

Text Sample

Reference / Reference : Bécourt 52: Sentenced by the Criminal Court of the Seine 10th Chamber 2 December 1951 then by the Court of Appeal of Paris 10th Chamber 27 October 1953; convicted by the Criminal Court of the Seine 17th Chamber on 25 November 1953 and by the Court of Appeal of Paris 10th Chamber on 9 June 1954; convicted by the Criminal Court of the Seine 17th Chamber on October 14, 1953 and by the Criminal Court of the Seine 17th Chamber on May 14, 1954.

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The illustrations

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Books for Trade: Au Rouge Vif, Anonyme, Préface de Pierre Guénolé, Office Central de Librairie,Paris,1909

Yet another French flagellation title, this quite early as evidenced by the nature of the illustrations, the artist is unknown. it appears that there is a variant edition with illustrations in red.

Au Rouge Vif, Anonyme, Préface de Pierre Guénolé, Office Central de Librairie,Paris,1909

Au rouge vif. Anecdotes intimes sur la flagellation. (Deuxième série). Une trouvaille. Zonzon et Tonton. Partie carrée. Un choc en retour. Fessée esthétique. Vengeance corse, Office Central de Librairie, Paris,1909. Imprimerie Hirondart et Cie, 37, rue de Vanves, Paris (XIVe).Cover printed in Red and Black, catalogue on back cover. 16 monochrome engravings by an unsigned artist.159 pp. (20 x 15 cm)

Notes : Les deux autres volumes de cette trilogie sont : Brins de verges (1ere série) et Le Cinglant argument (3e série).

Reference : Bécourt 12: Sentenced by the Criminal Court of the Seine 10th chamber on December 4, 1951 then by the Court of Appeal of Paris 10th chamber on October 27, 1953. [The entry is at fault in the subtitle of the book : Anecdot e intim e of flogging].

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Bibliocuriosa- Au Rouge Vif


Books for Trade: James Grunert: James Grunert- Ein Roman aus Berlin W – Mit 6 Photos, nach Aquarellen von E.Satori. Privatdruck Budapest 1921

Another German language title, which is a rare enough occurence on this blog, apparently first published around 1900, this appears in various editions, but I cannot locate another matching this copy, there is a listing for a 1932 edition Pivately Printed Budapest,  on-line, with claims to being profusely illustrated, without saying how many illustrations or by whom. The illustrations in this copy are small and pasted in on card, one of them is very familiar, having featured in Kearneys, History of Erotic Literature. I have done my best to present the illustrations as clearly as possible, I hope you enjoy them.

James Grunert: James Grunert- Ein Roman aus Berlin W – Mit 6 Photos, nach Aquarellen von E.Satori. Privatdruck Budapest 1921

James Grunert: A Novel from Berlin
Published by Privately Printed, Budapest, 1921 EXAMPLE 84/500. with 6 photos after watercolors by E. Satori.214 pp (13.5 x 19.5cm)
In original cloth patterned boards, with title on oval blue paper sticker affixed to front cover.(significant fading to spine edge) the illustrations are small, measuring 8 x 11 cm and are pasted onto blue card inserts.

This book was printed in a one-time edition of just 500 machine-numbered examplaries as a manuscript. Only subscribers are given, and are exclusively intended for a circle of readers interested in science and may neither be sold nor lent or passed on in any way whatsoever.

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Books for Trade: Max des Vignons, Croisière Voluptueuse, Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies,1934

Another labour of love for me, rescued this one before it disappeared, it is in a very fragile state, and will not survive another scanning session, however it is complete and the illustrations are all present, this being the first in  a small number of illustrated titles I will be posting in the next few weeks.

Max des Vignons, Croisière Voluptueuse, Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies, Paris, 1934,  Colour cover and 10 B&W illustrations by Bartey.

In original illustrated paper wraps, 218 pp (14 x 22.5 cm), Printed on the presses de L’imprimiere de Saint-Denis, Dardaillon for the Librairie Artstique on 12th December 1934.

Summary : “Beautiful passengers cruising on a yacht become the victims of the crew and the captain who enslaves them to their whims by indulging in them abominable pleasures with many realistic illustrations.”

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New into the Collection: Paris Olympia Press, Price list and Order form, Spring 1962

A truly pristine item of ephemera, and a most welcome addition to my collection. This is a perfect example of the material that I am seeking, this one is courtesy of Arcana Cabana in the Netherlands, who kindly agreed to seperate the price list from an edition of Justine, where it had sat between the leaves, untouched for over 50 years. You can view the Arcana Cabana site below.

Paris Olympia Press, Price list and Order form, Spring 1962.

Printed both sides in black and red on a  single sheet of pale yellow card, measuring 27×9 cm. Paris bookshop sticker affixed to base of the form on the verso.

The titles in red are highlighted as new editions due to be published, interestingly, the low number Traveller’s Companion Series titles had been in print since 1955/56, therefore at TC 13 ” The Secret Life of Robinson Crusoe” was formerly entitled “The Sexual Life of Robinson Crusoe”, at TC 29, “Helen and Desire” was actually reissued as “Desire and Helen”, and at TC 40 ” The Organisation” was reissued as “The New Organisation”.  Legend has it that the changes in title of these reprints was a ploy to confuse the Brigade Mondaine, who worked to lists of Olympia titles that had been banned in France, but as few, if any of the officials could read English a simple ploy such as above was enough to throw them off the scent.

You can also see that at TC 57, the sixth volume of Juliette was about to be issued, the slot for TC 58 was held vacant,eventually (in 1965) was occupied by “Juliette” volume seven, but at one stage in (catalogue 1958) it had been scheduled fo a TC edition of Becketts” Watt”. The title at TC 90 planned as ” The Sex Life of Ulysses” eventually came out as “A Bedside Odyssey”.

Another anomaly,  under the Othello Books series (numbered 111-116), which were all to be published in 1962, at 116, sits “Sextet” by Hume Parkinson, which was not issued in this series, and appears to been passed over in the Danish imprint “Odyssey Library”, where it was supposed to be published in 1963, eventually turning up as TC 94 the last title to be published in the Travellers Companion Series in 1965.

No mention on this list of any of the Ophelia Press titles, which generally appear to have been run as a seperate enterprise the Ophelia titles are generally themed around flagellation and sado masochism which traditionally sat outside of mainstream erotica.

Such a significant amount of information from such a small piece of paper, and perhaps something of an explanation for my fascination, with the  Olympia Press ephemera material.

Paris Olympia Press, Price list and Order form, Spring 1962.


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Books for Trade: O’Donnel. Etranges Humiliations. Confidences et Confessions, Editions du Couvre-Feu. s.d. [1933]

Another Fem-dom title from the Vidal empire and a very rare Editions duCouvre-Feu title despite it condition, here the old adage “find another copy” applies.
Dont know how I missed his one i’ve had it for ages, i suspect I may have been reluctant to scan it because of the fragile state of the binding,never mind done now, hope you like it.

O’Donnel. Etranges Humiliations. Confidences et Confessions, Editions du Couvre Feu-s.d. [1933]
In-8 (14 x 22.5 cm) 287 pp. 8 illustrations hors-texte in black on glossy paper signed Y.Vanof.Imprimerie speciale des Editions du Couvre-Feu, 93 rue Compans ,Paris

Book has been rebound in anonymous grey card covers, the original covers are absent, binding is loose and separating and the poor old thing needs resoration and a rebind. However for our purposes it is more than good enough because the illustrations are all present.


O’Donnel. Etranges Humiliations. Confidences et Confessions,

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The Story of a Bookcase: The Paris Olympia Press Collection 02/10/2018

After a long break from the blog, I am back in action more because of circumstances than by plan, but determined to make the most of my enforced idleness, I am updating material related to the collection and still seeking the few items that I do not have. Alongside this I am gathering the rare and obscure and hopefully bizzare items from around the web, to keep the semi-literate amongst you amused.

So just to remind you that the dedicated purpose of this blog is to provide access to information and images from erotica of all types, for free and to people who might not otherwise ever have sight of these books. But the primary purpose is to complete this Paris Olympia Press collection, and now that I need so few book titles, i am very keen to find the ephemera, for example catalogues, flyers, communication on headed paper, busines cards or anything associated with The Paris Olympia Press. l regularly update on new material coming into the collection, and list items that I am looking for under Books Wanted.

Here is an image of the collection in its latest state, please keep looking, If you have an item that you think might be of interest please use the contact form to get in touch.

Books Wanted Ephemera: The Teasers.

Books Wanted: Springtime in Paris, Theobald Lovelace, Ophelia Press Paris

Books Wanted:- MELTING [Dissolving] Travellers Companion Series No 59

New into the collection: On the Old Theme of Literature & Censorship with A List of Olympia Press Titles and Others. Paris Olympia Press 1958

Another great rarity and a very welcome addition to my collection, this was very kindly gifted to me earlier this year and arrived unexpectedly on my Birthday, the donor was John Mc Leish of Glasgow, who informed me that this item was formerly in the collection of Gershon Legman. I have had copy of this title before and the one referenced in the Bibliography as in the collection of Angus Carrol actually originated with me. Pat Kearneys speculation that the two items were stapled together at a later date is an error , as evidenced by this copy which has the same side stapled condition. I am tempted to separate the two pamphlets as the catalogue is of significant interest as it lists Beckett’s “Watt” at number 58 in the Traveller’s Companion Series, which never happened, I attempted to communicate this to a fellow collector who is convinced he has seen a copy of this TC Watt.but i have as yet had no response.

For now you will just have to settle for the limited images posted here as I do not want yet to seperate the two, and risk damaging either. Although it would be interesting to copy the catalogue in full, this will have to wait until I pluck up courage to carry out the operation, currently with only one reliable hand such a delicate task is at the moment beyond me.

On the Old Theme of Literature & Censorship with A List of Olympia Press Titles and Others. Paris Olympia Press 1958

The bibliographical information below is provided courtesy of Patrick Kearney, The Paris Olympia Press, Liverpool University Press 2007.

MY NOTE: The catalogue is dated MXMLV11 (1957) on the cover, it references Imp Mazarine as the printer but has no print details.

14.7.1 1958. On the Old Theme of Literature & Censorship. – 17.4 x 8.8 cm. Printed on white wove paper. A dated pamphlet of 32 pages, incl. plain typographical wrappers. A curious publication comprising for the most part extracts from the minutes of the Select Committee on the Obscene Publications Bill, which had been published by the British Government in1957. Printed by Impr. Mazarine, Paris.
Notes: It is doubtful that Girodias would issue a pamphlet of this sort unaccompanied by a sale catalogue or price list for his publications. A copy in Angus Carrollřs collection is stapled together with the item following (14.8.1). Whether the two were issued together as a single unit is uncertain. Despite being the same size and having the same date and printer, each is printed on a different coloured paper and they are connected awkwardly with two staples driven through the side. The possibility exists, however, that they were issued together but became separated, and were badly reunited by a later collector.

14.8.1 1958. A List of Olympia Press Titles and Others. 17.4 x 8.8 cm. Printed on pale blue wove paper. 24 pp. including plain typographical wrappers. Extracts from, or write-ups of, a number of Travellerřs Companion and Ophelia Press titles. There is a 2-page price list and order form, advertisements for German editions of Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn and Querelle de Brest. There are also advertisements for L‘Erotisme au cinema and Technique de l‘erotisme by the prolific Giuseppe Maria Lo Duca. These illustrated works were actually published by Jean-Jacques Pauvert, but apparently distributed in some way by the Olympia Press. Printed by Impr. Mazarine, Paris.
Notes: Possibly issued to accompany a 32-page pamphlet called On the Old Theme of Literature & Censorship, reprinting extracts from the minutes of the Select Committee on the Obscene Publications Bill, which had been published by the British Government in 1957. See item 14.7.1, above.

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New Into The Collection: AN ALMANAC FOR AMORISTS James Broughton, 1955, Unique copy.


This small volume has been listed on book sites for some considerable time, and was of no particular interest to me until I relised that from the description and photograph of the cover that this was likely to be the edition with colour illustrations, this from the knowledge that, the numbered edition has blue wraps and the unnumbered edition has pink wraps, this copy has a cream wrapper and was therefore likely to be the Alphabetical limitation, and so it turned out to be, but with a very sweet reward attached. Iinclude the booksellers listing, to assist with the story, and offer my profound thanks to Keogh Books, for this unique addition to my collection.

An Almanac for Amorists

by Broughton, James

Condition: , covers slightly sunned and with some loss at lower fore-edge of front cover, internally clean, book in good condition

, 38 pages, SIGNED and dedicated to Daphne Hunter from the author, and with photo of author at the front, Daphne Hunter starred in the 1953 film ‘The Pleasure Garden (directed by James Broughton) alongside the actor and illustrator Kermit Sheets, who illustrated this book.

Rare opportunity to se the delicately coloured illustrations , and so please see below. Apart from the additional material hand written by the author, for the collector, the format is slightly larger than the other editions and the illustrations are hand coloured, This copy is a unique alphabetical limitation 26 on Vélin d’Arches, | numbered A to Z; = 26¾ – Z³ ,see image for detail. The bibliographical information displayed below the images is courtesy of Patrick Kearney The Paris Olympia Press, Liverpool University Press 2007.

AN ALMANAC FOR AMORISTS James Broughton, 1955

2.6.1 AN ALMANAC FOR AMORISTS James Broughton, 1955

[Within a drawing of a pedestal, with three steps leading to summit, and surmounted by two pillars supporting a narrow, flat roof. In front of left pillar, the figure of a naked man, with a naked woman in front of right pillar. In one hand the woman carries a sign bearing the author‘s name; both figures support a banner with the title on it. The name of the Paris publisher, and place and date of publication are printed on the steps.] [In fancy lettering: ] JAMES BROUGHTON
| AN | ALMANAC | FOR | AMORISTS | [design of bird in flight ] | COLLECTION | MERLIN | PARIS 1955 |

Collation: 42 pp. 18.2 x 13.8 cm. Perfect bound, without signatures, edges untrimmed.
Contents: p. [i-iv] blank. p. [v] AN ALMANAC FOR AMORISTS, reverse blank. p. [1] title, as above. p. [2] Copyright 1955 | by James Broughton. | All rights reserved |in all countries. | Published by | Collection Merlin | 42, rue de Seine | Paris (6e) | in collaboration with | The Olympia Press. | Designed and decorated | by Kermit Sheets. p. [3], poetic dedications to Esto Broughton, Madeline Gleason and Robert Duncan. p. [4] A grateful acknowledgment | is made to Marguerite Caertani | in whose review, Botteghe Oscure, | many of these poems first | appeared under this same title. | Some of the other poems | were originally published | in Furioso, Folder, and Wake.. p. [5] contents, reverse blank. p. [7] full-page drawing illustrating Spring, reverse blank. pp. 9-37, text with full-page drawings illustrating the remaining seasons on pp. [15, 23, 31]. p. [38] list of Broughton’s other volumes of verse, and his films. p. [39] This edition of | An Almanac for Amorists | consists of 676 copies : | 26 on Vélin d’Arches, | numbered A to Z; | 150 on Pur chiffon, | numbered 1 to 150;| 500 on Offset supérieur, | unnumbered. |[all in bold:] IMPRIMERIE DES POÈTES | 20, Rue de la Harpe, Paris-5e | 1955. pp. [40-42] blank.

Binding: White wrappers, printed in black, overlapping on fore-edge and trimmed flush top and bottom. On front cover, a drawing of a naked man and woman, viewed from behind, holding a banner on which is written in fancy lettering AN | ALMANAC | FOR | AMORISTS. At foot of drawing is a narrow banderole bearing the author’s name. Printed down spine: James Broughton [-] AN ALMANAC FOR AMORISTS [-] Merlin. The back cover is blank.

Notes: (1) There are three Olympia Press issues of this printing: (a) The first issue, 26 copies on Velin d‟Arches lettered A to Z; (b) the second issue, 150 copies on Pur chiffon numbered 1 to 150; and (c) the third issue, 500 trade copies, unnumbered, as indicated at the end of the book. (2) There are known copies of the third issue (on Offset supérieur) which have added on the title page at the bottom either HALCYON PRESS LONDON or GROVE PRESS NEW YORK. It is unknown if these copies are part of the original 500 printed by the Olympia Press or if more were printed to accommodate these additional sub-issues. Both the Halcyon Press andeditions have a pink dustjacket,identical in design to the wrappers except that the name „Merlin‟ on the spine is replaced with the name „Halcyon‟ or „Grove‟ The inside flap of the front wrapper gives some critical comment on Broughton‟s work, the address of the English publisher or distributor (Halcyon Press, 15 New Row, London, W.C.2) or the American publisher or distributor (Grove Press, 795 Broadway, New York City 3), and the price of the volume, 4s 6d or $1, repsectively. The inside flap of the back wrapper, and the back wrapper itself, are both blank. (3) The printing of this work would seem to have been done by Bronislaw Kaminski, aka Bruno Durocher, who was also responsible for some reprints for the Olympia Press, and for The Castle of the End of Love, the unofficial first Ophelia Press title.His Éditions Caractères had a number of subsidiary imprints, including L‟Imprimerie des Poètes.

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Books for Trade: ‎[Berthommé – Saint-André (Louis-André)]‎ ‎Ma vie secrète.‎ ‎Londres (Paris), s.n. (Marcel Seheur), 1885 (1932)

Another little gem, a clandestine title from the 1930’s a French edition of My Secret Life , originally published in English probably by Brancart in 1890, the first French edition appeared in 1923 this was parts of volume one and two, of the English edition, published by Maurice Duflou, this was turned into three illustrated volumes for the current listing. The full version of the English text was finally translated into French by Mathias Pauvert, and published by Stock in 1994.

I am fairly confident that this is the first time all of the illustrations and headings and tailpieces have all been displayed in one go, not without controversial elements, I hope you enjoy them.

Volume 1

Anon: –  ‎Ma vie secrète.‎ Londres (Paris), s.n. (Marcel Seheur), 1885 (1932); 3 volumes in original pink card, illustrated covers with, half titles, titles and frontispieces for each volume; continuous pagination, pp 403, 26 free lithographs inset, watercolor stenciled and brush, many drawings, headers and free lamp-ends drawn in bistre, drawing repeated in the three covers drawn in bistre, by the painter Berthommé-Saint-André.


Tile Page

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Volume 2


Title Page

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter 12

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen


Volume 3


Title Page

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty One

Chapter Twenty Two

Chapter Twenty Three


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MES ÉTAPES AMOUREUSES [par] E. D. Imprimé pour les Colporteurs Gascons [Paris , Marcel Sehuer] c. 1935].