New into the Collection: YOUNG ADAM Frances Lengel [Alexander Trocchi], The Atlantic Library no 6, Olympia Press.1954

An important addition to the collection, and increasingly difficult to find. Like other titles in the New into the Collection category this title is not for sale or trade.

4.6.1 YOUNG ADAM Frances Lengel [Alexander Trocchi], 1954

Young Adam Atlantic Library Olympia Press 1954_0004

FRANCES LENGEL | YOUNG ADAM | THE ATLANTIC LIBRARY | published by | THE OLYMPIA PRESS | 13, rue Jacob, Paris Collation: 192 pp. [1]-128. 17.8 x 11.3 cm., all edges trimmed. Printed on white wove paper.Contents: pp. [1,2] blank. p. [3] YOUNG ADAM. p. [4] THE ATLANTIC LIBRARY | LATEST VOLUMES | 1. THREE PASSIONATE LOVERS … | by René Roques | 2. HELEN AND DESIRE … by Frances Lengel | 3. LADIES AT NIGHT … by René Roques | 4. LUST … by Count Palmiro Vicarion | 5. MEMOIRS OF A WOMAN OF PLEASURE | by John Cleland | 6. YOUNG ADAM … by Frances Lengel | 7. THE CARNAL DAYS OF HELEN SEFERIS | by Frances Lengel |8. AN ADULTS STORY … by Robert Desmond | 10. MY LIFE AND LOVES (fifth volume) … | by Frank Harris| For complete catalogues | of Atlantic Library volumes and other titles, | Apply to: The Olympia Press | 13 rue Jacob, Paris, France.. p. [5] title, as above. p. [6] Printed in France [rule] Copyright 1954 | by the Olympia Press, Paris. p. [7] PART ONE. p. [8] blank. pp. 9-81, text. p. [82] blank. p. [83] PART TWO. p. [84] blank. pp. 85-144, text. p. [145] PART THREE. p. [146] blank. pp. 147-[190], text with, at foot of p. [190], printing details: PRINTED IN FRANCE | [rule] | Printed April 1954 by Imprimerie Richard, Paris | Dépôt légal : 2e trimestre 1954 . pp. [191-192] blank. Binding: Orange wrappers, trimmed flush.

Young Adam Atlantic Library Olympia Press 1954_0001

Front cover: [printed in black and all contained within a white oblong frame matching proportions of book:] FRANCES LENGEL | YOUNG | ADAM | THE ATLANTIC LIBRARY.

Young Adam Atlantic Library Olympia Press 1954_0002

Spine: [lettered in white up spine, and all within a black panel:] YOUNG ADAM | [in white across bottom of spine:] 6.

Young Adam Atlantic Library Olympia Press 1954_0003

Back cover: [in black:] FRANCS : [660] | NOT TO BE INTRODUCED INTO THE U.K. OR U.S.A. | PRINTED IN FRANCE.

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL Description provided courtesy of Patrick Kearney The Paris Olympia Press. The Liverpool University Press 2007.

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