New into the Collection: Scream my Darling Scream, Angela Pearson, Odyssey Library Copenhagen 1963.

Actually been in the collection for a couple of weeks and originally posted as a page which quickly becomes invisible re-listed here as a post.

As always the bibliographical description is courtesy of Patrick Kearney, The Paris Olympia Press, Liverpool University Press 2007. The index number is the actual location of the description in the bibliography.

The images are the actual book now part of my collection and Not Available to Trade or for sale.

12.4.1 SCREAM, MY DARLING, SCREAM Angela Pearson [John Millington-Ward], 1963


         TITLE PAGE

[Within a black, highly ornamental frame comprising on each side statues on plinths and surmounted by mythological, tailed figures, the whole resting on a base decorated florally and at its centre a cameo:] [two typographic fig leafs] SCREAM, | MY DARLING, | SCREAM ! by | Angela Pearson | 4 | THE ODYSSEY LIBRARY

Collation: 196 pp. No signatures, but [1-11]8, [12]10. The final signature has an additional double leaf, inserted. Printed on white wove paper. Contents: pp. [1,2] blank. p. [3], [two typographic fig leafs] SCREAM,| MY DARLING, | SCREAM ! by | angela pearson, reverse blank. p. [5] title, as above. p. [6], Printed in Denmark | June 1963 by Behrndt Offset. Copyright by the Odyssey Library | © 1963. All rights of reproduction in all countries strictly re- | served. Any infringement of copyright will be prosecuted. pp. 7-195, text. p. [196] blank.

Scream Cover 1963

  Scream Cover 1963

Binding: Matt dark red wrappers, trimmed flush with the book. The front wrapper reproduces the titlepage, except for the following differences. The ornamental border is in white.  The central panel where the title, author, &c. are given is in black.  The typographic fig leaves are dark red.  The title, author, series number and publisher are in white.


[Spine; within a white, black-edged panel, the title and author lettered in black down spine:] SCREAM, MY DARLING, SCREAM ! by angela pearson.


[Backwrapper; at foot, lettered in white within a solid black panel:] U.S. dollars 3,60 or equivalent in other currencies. [Printed in small black type at bottom right of backwrapper and at 90° to price panel:] Printed in Denmark | BEHRNDT OFFSET.

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