Books for Trade: Anon ,The English Academy, Mihaly Von Zichy, The Erotic Print Society 2000.

This is by far the most recent publication I have ever listed on this blog, however as recent as the story “The English Academy ” may be, the sumptuous illustrations are from the end of the 1800’s not the 1900’s. The text claims to be from a hand written (in French) manuscript found in a box of of such material, found somewhere in France and eventually translated into English, the text apparently matches the beautiful illustrations it appears with. Whatever the truth of this tale, it gives me an excuse to post the images, and I hope you like them.

Anon ,The English Academy, Mihaly Von Zichy, The Erotic Print Society 2000.


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Special Edition: NOUS DEUX – simples papiers du tiroir secrets, par Nelly et Jean, curiosa attribué à Marcel VALOTAIRE et illustré par l’artiste lyonnais Jean DULAC. Clandestine publication 1929

Books for Trade: COMTESSE DE J… [Johannes GROS] – T. Mertens CONFESSIONS LIBERTINES. Orné de huit eaux-fortes de T. Mertens. Partout et nulle part [Imprimerie Darantière, Dijon, 1931]