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An ongoing list of titles, for sale on  reading material which I know is a downer for you lot as it means no pictures. However moving this stuff allows me to purchase all the books with pictures which you get to see FREE. There are a lot of US Oylmpia titles, which I do not collect, but someone must. And a number of Paris Olympia titles which I will feed in a few at a time. Anyway take a look, sorry to interrupt your freeloading, or should I say free downloading behaviour.

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Books for Trade: Anon (Connie O’Hara (José André Lacour)‎ ‎Clayton’s College. Sous le signe d’Éros n.d (1950?)



A  late clandestine title, which is the first in a series of very rare and interesting finds that I will be listing over the next few weeks, this is an unusual erotica in that it is basically a crime novel, the nearest comparison would likely be “I Shall Spit on Your Graves”. Never having read this title I cannot give you a story line, but I must admit I am intrigued by how a naked man and woman end up on a roof being shot at by a fully clothed chap in a dressing gown. ( you have to see the picture, below)

Illustrated with 12 erotic orig.-lithographs in two colours. Loose as issued in original wrappers. One of 472 copies on hand made paper (total 500.) Titlepage and letters of chapters printed in blue with 21 erotic initials. The identity of the artist is unknown; his illustration are explicit and of high plasticity. They are influenced by the American pin-up style of the 50s.

Clayton’s College, first published in the late 1940s, was convicted three times by the 17th Correctional Division of the Seine in 1950, 1953 and 1957, each of these convictions having been upheld on appeal.

Anon (Connie O’Hara (José André Lacour)‎ ‎Clayton’s College. Sous le signe d’Éros n.d (1950?)

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