Books for TRADE: E.KLEM A Portfolio of a suite of seven (of 10) original images from “L’Éducatrice Passionée” Editions D’Antin 1937 plus a suite of 6? (of 10) illustrations for L’amoureuse Discipline Editions D’Antin 1938

Well I seem to have become a cataloguer of the incomplete, and here again I offer partial sets of illustrations for books I do not posses, but the illustrations I do. These are a recent auction acquisition, where they were described as 13 illustrations by E.Klem for books by Jim Galding, and that much at least appears to be correct, however the lot was further described as a complete set for “L’Éducatrice Passionée” Editions D’Antin 1937 and 3 illustrations for L’amoureuse Discipline Editions D’Antin 1938. Having checked my trusty bibliography;- Les Editions du Couvre-Feu. Christophe Bier Editions Astarte 2013, I can confirm that only 7 of the illustrations belong to L’Éducatrice Passionée, as the bilblo displays all 10, and I have previously listed 8 of the 10 in

Books for TRADE: A Portfolio of a suite of eight images from “L’Éducatrice Passionée” Comba-Borel Publishing n.d. C 1980

By Combining this new listing and the listing above you will be able to have all 10 illustrations for this title.

As for L’amoureuse Discipline Editions D’Antin 1938, the bibliography only displays 7 of the 10 called for and I appear to have 4 of that set and 2 orphaned images that sit outside that seven, as all the other E.Klem titles listed in the bibliography, display all illustrations against their titles, I have take the somewhat unscientific , step of assuming that my two orphaned images belong to L’amoureuse Discipline. I hope that is clear, any dissenting voices please put me on the right track, or forever hold your peace. (tempted by the double- entendre)

Anyway enough of that and on to the only thing you lot are interested in which is free images. Please note that my scans have enhanced exposure and are much sharper and clearer than the originals, also as an experiment I have scanned these at 600 dpi which means that if you click on the image you are likely to require a much bigger computer to view the enlarged image.

A Portfolio with cover and a suite of seven of ten images from “L’Éducatrice Passionée” Editions D’Antin 1937

The Illustrations

Cover and Suite of 6? (of 10) illustrations for L’amoureuse Discipline Editions D’Antin 1938

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Chairs et Dentelles E.Klem a Portfolio of 20 images. Or in this case 5 of the 20.

Continuing my fascination with this artist, I purchased this incomplete set last year on e-bay, happy to do so for the wonderful original lithographs, but also because of the original case for them, which I hoped might contain some evidence of the publisher, alas this was not so. The seller had dated them around 1940, which is too late.

Given the subject matter I suspect that this is work for the Diana Slip lingerie range which places it from between 1933-1938. The publisher may well be one of the Vidal group, but this portfolio does not appear within the bibliography. The artist was producing erotic work for Editions d’Antin, and Diana Slip is named as the author of “Princesse Cravache”, also illustrated by this artist and published by d’Antin.

Eugene Klementieff, was a famous artist/ designer, illustrator who used the signature, E.Klem, or just E.K, or sometimes no signature for his erotic works, however his style is so distinctive that it is not usually too hard to identify his work.

So to the images, sadly only 5 of the 20 called for, they are not uncommon on the web, but are often only reproduced in black and white, therefore I hope you enjoy them in their glorious colour versions. If anyone has images of the other lithographs in the set (colour), I would be very happy to add them to this listing.

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