Books for Sale: LA BEUQUE, Jean de; Miss Cravache ou Les Vierges Esclaves, Editions Prima, 44 rue Servan, Paris (Xie), n.d. [circa 1932], illustrations by Topfer, Jean de la Beque and Ely Costes.

Every now and then a book comes along that has everything right about it, this is one such book. Not necessarily because of condition, but because the object itself is aesthetically pleasing, I have had  number of titles produced by Editions Prima, and have  been impressed by the quality of the books, both in structure and content. Despite this it is difficult obtain a  list of titles produced by the press. They appear to have been quite prolific, producing pulp novels in their Editions Gauloise series and  other esoteric titles.I have not been able to locate a definitive list of the flagellation novels.

Matters are made more complex by the list of titles by this author in the front of this volume, none of which are Editions Prima titles. They are all either Amateur-Biblio or Librairie Générale titles, this is possibly explained by this title apparently being a reissue of the same title produced in 1930 by Librairie Générale , I have not had site of that edition, but from the limited material  available on line it looks to be of a much poorer quality than this edition. If this copy is a piracy it is a very expensive one. If anyone can explain this anomaly please complete a contact form.

I have decided to lay this one out in book form, so that the page decorations can be seen in situ, rather than just cropping out the illustrations, I have used only images in the book to construct this listing, it always make me happy when a book provides all of the content required to decorate a listing. Enjoy!


First episode of the adventures of Betty, alias Miss Cravache, daughter of an American businessman installed in Corrèze, with a strong and eccentric character. With the help of her butler and stable master, she took a liking to the domination and training of impressionable young girls, including her niece, whom she treated like a bitch. 

LA BEUQUE, Jean de SMIT; Miss Cravache ou Les Vierges Esclaves, Editions Prima, 44 rue Servan, Paris (Xie), n.d. [circa 1932], illustrations by Topfer, Jean de la Beque and Ely Costes. In original illustrated cover on textured cream card printed in black and red with a red vignette by  Ely Costes. Adorned with 12 inset heliogravures in sepia, on loose sheets including a frontispiece by Topfer [Gaston SMIT) and 4 inset illustrations, decorated caps and chapter ends by Jean de La Beuque and Ely Costes. . In-8 softcover, 14.3 x 22.7 cm. 223 pp. In excellent condition. Reissue, in all respects, of a novel published by the Librairie Générale in 1930. It was belatedly condemned in 1953 by the Seine court.


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LA BEUQUE, Jean de; Miss Cravache,ou Les Vierges Esclaves, Editions Prima 1932

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