Books for Trade: COMTESSE DE J… [Johannes GROS] – T. Mertens CONFESSIONS LIBERTINES. Orné de huit eaux-fortes de T. Mertens. Partout et nulle part [Imprimerie Darantière, Dijon, 1931]

Another delightful clandestine title from the 1930’s, and having recently confessed my ignorance of the identity of T. Mertens, (illustrator), I find myself listing a title that definitely is illustrated by him, but this unfortunately takes me no closer to identifying him or her. The illustrations are very delicate and do not scan well, I have therefore used enhanced exposure to clarify the images for display on the blog. In a recent  listing ” Françoise ou Les Plaisirs du mariage”;   I referenced  that the illustrator had been identified as either T.Mertens or Rojan, having compared the two I am not convinced that T.Mertens is the illustrator of that title. I have linked “Françoise ou Les Plaisirs du mariage”, at the bottom of the page so you can make your own judgement.


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COMTESSE DE J… [Johannes GROS] – CONFESSIONS LIBERTINES. Orné de huit eaux-fortes de T. Mertens.  Partout et nulle part N.D.  [Imprimerie Darantière, Dijon, 1931] pp.211.

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