Books for Trade:  Les Gaietés de Béranger;  A Éleuthéropolis , A l’Enseigne de Cupidon (Briffaut) n.d.[c. 1920]


Introducing the first in a new series of books illustrated by Martin Van Maele. I shall in time link to existing material by this artist already on this blog, much of which , are from titles published by Charles Carrington, another collection focus for me in months to come. This title however is not from Carrington, but is a clandestine publication, from one of Briffaut’s , many under cover imprints.

Les Gaietés de Béranger;  A Éleuthéropolis , A l’Enseigne de Cupidon, n.d   [c1920]. 8vo. (23 x14 cm), 102 pp (inc, 2 pages Table of contents). Frontispiece + 11 unsigned engravings done in black. Clandestine title but Briffaut. True first with no reference to the artist ( A later edition credits “Van Triozem”, Martin Van Maele’s preferred alter ego for more explicit works), this copy, with uncut pages, and loose illustrations, which are indexed by pencilled description of location in text as well as page number. Very good copy, possibly unique edition.









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Books for Trade: Anon (Gustav Droz), Un été à la Campagne, A Mitylene n.p (Paris) n.d (1920) (Briffaut). Illustrations by Van Troizem ( Van Maele )

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