Random Images: Domina

As it is now taking me such a long time to put together a listing for a book, I have decided to post random images from books, that I have that will never be listed here in full. This, the first of a series , unless I get bored with the idea. I am not even going to tell you where the image is from or who it is by, I might not even know who the image is by!

These images are from various titles dealing with the history of erotica, in various languages, or  just odd things I have lying around.

If anyone knows where the image is from or who it is by, please leave a comment or complete a contact form. Your name will not be published unless you so wish.


2 thoughts on “Random Images: Domina

    • Hi Robert, just building up to listing a very rare Charles Carrington title, one I never expected to have a copy of, but do now ,if only for a while, that is what makes me happy!
      All the best

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