Books Currently for Sale.

Anyone interested in buying, can see items currently for sale on my eBay listing, linked below, I will be adding many more titles as I clear out my collection. Anyone interested in buying direct please complete a contact form.

Books Currently for Sale on eBay

Contact Form

3 thoughts on “Books Currently for Sale.

  1. Pingback: Books for Trade: Jacqueline de Lansay (Johanes Gros), Les délices libertines. Roman inédit. Moncontour, au bonheur des dames. n.d. [Maurice Duflou, circa 1935]. | Paris Olympia Press

  2. Pingback: Books for Trade:Anon[ROGUES, Ernest.] Initiation Amoureuse, illustrated by Suzanne Ballivet. The Erotic Print Society 1994. | Paris Olympia Press

  3. Pingback: Books for Trade: LEMORT, Henry. Erotic Visions. Mit einer Einleitung von Sig. von Eggh. Stück XI. Vienna: Privatdruck der Gesellschaft österreichischer Bibliophilen, 1908. | Paris Olympia Press

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