Books For Trade: DESERGY, René-Michel ; [FONTAN, Léo] Fontana (illustrations), Chambrières de haute école, Edité par Collection des Orties Blanches, 1934

Chambrières de haute école – DESERGY, René-Michel & [FONTAN, Léo] Fontana (illustrations) Edité par Collection des Orties Blanches, 1934
First edition. Adorned with 16 inset engravings on black loose leaves of Fontana [Léo FONTAN]. Collection of White Nettles, 79 rue de Vaugirard, Paris, 1934. Large in-8 paperback, 14.2 x 23 cm. 272- (2) pp. Cov. on cream paper printed in red and black. A classic of the White Nettles, by one of its house authors and illustrated by one of the best designers of the genre, the artist-painter Léo Fontan (1884 1965) who stood out by drawing the covers of the first Arsène Lupine at Lafitte. He worked wonders in frivolous magazines like La Vie Parisienne and Fantasio. His rare incursions into the flogging literature are enjoying the amused elegance that characterized his style. He puts a lot of humor to illustrate scenes of spankings between ladies of the world and disobedient maids. In this obsessed text, Mondaines take pleasure in the joys of flogging. They are rebounds and feminine rebuts blushing, most of the time but there is also the naked rear of a florist youth too cheeky, Chapter VII is titled “The Atmosphere Hot”: it is valid for the whole book. The novel is followed by a correspondence section consisting of nine letters from readers. Two of them reveal a definite interest for the enema (with two insets by Fontan). First edition. Beautiful copy



Title Page

The Illustrations



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