Books for Trade: Anon: ‎Voluptés par une convaincue‎ .”Mon livre secret” Sans date, circa 1938.

Another clandestine title and a very odd one, the only reference I can find for this one is a brief listing of another copy as follows lists it as  ‎a numbered edition with 10 illustrations inserted, which this one also has, with a date of 1938 and referenced at Dutel 2642. It may well be that the illustrations are tipped in in other copies , but in mine they are pasted in over text, you can lift the image to read the text, but this is the first time I have found this odd practice. The illustrations are well executed and possibly controversial, I would have guessed this as a post war production, but bow to Mr Dutel’s superior knowledge. Could almost be an Isou- Losfeld.

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‎Voluptés par une convaincue‎

Voluptés par une convaincue‎ .”Mon livre secret” Sans date, circa 1938.  pp 157, with 10 explicit illustrations pasted in over text, Number 83/250. In original French wraps with grubby pale blue paper jacket printed in black. (Dutel 2642)


The Illustrations


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Books for Trade: -M.Belobeck, Saisi par le Debauche n.d n.p [1958 , Paris?] Clandestine (Losfeld

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