Books for Trade: Les Paillards, Dede Lamoureux Edité par sans nom [Francis Flores, Toulouse]

It is a long time since I listed one of these, but as I am painfully aware, that all but a very small number of viewers, have no real, interest in The Paris Olympia Press, here is a small present as advance warning the the site will increasingly gravitate to the full details of my collection and away from other material, unless I get anything very interesting to list that is.

A clandestine publication, in a limited edition, numbered 406/500, no date, no publisher but beyond any reasonable doubt, Frances Flores. 199 pp, with Title page and six explicit erotic illustration, in a spectrum of colours, by an unsigned artist.  Some of the illustrations are identical (barring colouration) to illustrations offered in L’Aquarium des Voluptés, another Flores title dated around 1955, therefore no reason to suspect that this title is far from the same date.



Limitations Page

Title Page

See Also

Books for Trade:L’Aquarium des Voluptés, Jean Mouille, Edité par sans nom [Francis Flores, Toulouse], 1955

Books for Trade: Lamothe Phyne: Débauche au Pensionnat. Published Clandestinely, Bruxelles [Francis Flores, Toulouse], 1959

Books for Trade: O.J.B. Les Débordements de Michou, Bruxelles 1956.[Toulouse, Francis Flores] (1956)

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