Books clearance on eBay weekly update: Week Commencing 29th February

 Hopefully this will link you to my current batch of eBay listings. .

As part of my New Years resolution, I am clearing out books that I do not want, in part to make more space for other books, but also to raise my budget for older titles to list on the site. To this end I am listing some items on eBay. Only a small number will have appeared on this site, and these consist mainly of my Olympia Press duplicates , which very few of my visitors take any notice of because they do not have pictures , only words.

As my Paris Olympia Press collection is nearly complete , it is time to clear out all the duplicates and there are around 200 of them using valuable shelf space, so time for them to go. Please be aware that many of these books are worn and used, they are mainly from the very early years of my collecting and were the first copies I could locate, and as with all serious collections, they have been upgraded and replaced over the years. Despite condition they are mostly very hard to find and the listed copies represent a good opportunity to start a collection without breaking the bank. The descriptions are honest and books realistically priced.

Most of  the other items I am listing on eBay, would not appear on this site, either because they are too new, or I am not sure quite what they are. But occasionally I list some real rarities.

So take a look

Book Clearance eBay

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