Books for Trade: Cleric; Les Plus Belles Poses de l’Amour. Editions Georges Du Cayla s.d 1936-1938

Les Plus Belles Poses de l'Amour _0001

A very brief listing, purchased on a whim , because the publisher sits within the group, of Les Editions du Couvre-Feu, et al, something of a disappointment, because the book arrived sealed in a plastic bag, the type of item I recall seeing displayed by some Bouquinistes on the banks of the Seine many years ago, upon opening the bag I was assailed by the smell of damp paper, but the book seems generally OK, however it is being kept in a more book friendly bag now, the disappointment comes from the total lack of “Belles Poses” as teasingly promised on the cover, the blank pages are there but the images long gone, however the cover image is charming, the book was cheap and the entire enterprise is rescued by a single  sheet of advertising  that was folded inside, for me worth the price of the book on its own.

Les Plus Belles Poses de l’Amour

Les Plus Belles Poses de l'Amour _0002

Cleric; Editions Georges du Cayla- Paris s.d. (1936-1938) in original photographic cover, (lacking the illustrations) 120 pages, printed by Impressions Modernes , 37 Bd. de Strasbourg, Paris, Telephone Provence 19-05

A single page folded advert found in the above book.

Les Plus Belles Poses de l'Amour _0003

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