New into the Collection: Olympia Books 1957 (Catalogue)

Another pamphlet style catalogue from the Paris Olympia Press, reproduced here in full, and as part of the collection not available for trade, however anyone wanting a PDF copy of this item, please leave a comment on this blog and I will send you a copy by e-mail.

Any questions? just ask: Leave a comment on this or any other blog or page and I will get back to you, in strictest confidence

As always the bibliographical description is courtesy of Patrick Kearney, The Paris Olympia Press: The Liverpool University Press 2007. The index number is the location of the description in the bibliography.

14.5.1 1957. – Olympia Books 1957.

Olympia Books 1957 Front Cover

Books 57 Front

17.5 x 9.2 cm. 24-page pamphlet, inclusive of illustrated wrappers. Illustrated with photos of Miller and Nabokov, photos by Brassaï, and reproduc-tions of artwork by Crannach, Cocteau, Ingres, erotic Hindu sculpture, &c. Included is a brief extract from Henry Miller’s The World of Sex, and short promotional notices of a number of Olympia Press publications, one of which reprints an extract from a Time magazine piece (dated March 18th 1957) on Lolita. A price list and order form includes assorted titles of the Traveller’s Companion series from no. 7 to no. 51. In addition, a number of the earlier Olympia titles by Sade, Miller, Apollinaire, &c. are listed, together with Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Black Spring and Lady Chatterley‘s Lover and vols. 1-4 of Frank Harris’s My Life and Loves, none of which were Olympia Press titles.

Olympia Books 1957 Open Covers

Olympia Books 57 open covers

Olympia Books 1957 Pages 1 and 2

Books 57 1 +2

Olympia Books 1957 Pages 3 and 4

Books 57 3 + 4

Olympia Books 1957 Pages 5 and 6

Books 57 5 + 6

Olympia Books 1957 Pages 7 and 8

Books 57 7 + 8

Olympia Books 1957  Pages 9 and 10

Books 57 9 + 10

Olympia Books 1957 Pages 11 and 12

Books 57 11 + 12

Olympia Books 1957 Pages 13 and 14

Books 57 13 + 14

Olympia Books 1957 Pages 15 and 16

Books 57 15 + 16

Olympia Books 1957 Pages 17 and 18

Books 57 17 + 18

Olympia Books 1957 Pages 19 and 20

Books 57 19 + 20

Olympia Books 1957 Pages 21 and 22Books 57 21 + 22

Note: I have deliberately darkened the contrast on pages 19 and 20 to make the red text more legible. As stated at the top of the page, anyone wanting a PDF copy of this catalogue please leave a comment and I will forward a copy to you via email or DropBox

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