Books Wanted: All Ephemera related to The Paris Olympia Press

Of all of the Olympia items I have traded over the years, the greatest regret I have is parting with the ephemera, such stuff is difficult to find and seldom listed by book-dealers, usually tucked away in a box somewhere, usually found when browsing , rather than presented for sale.

Pat Kearney, Paris Olympia Press, Liverpool University Press. 2007, lists a range of items at page 356.

olympia press Cats

Rather than reproduce that detail here (though I may do later), suffice to say I am interested in any ephemera, related to the press, including (but not exclusive) sales catalogues, advertising fliers, book lists, order forms, letters, business cards, and anything else with a printed or pictorial link to the press.

Olympia Press Cats2

Any of the above or similar items, please leave a comment on this blog and I will get back to you.

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