Books for Trade: Clandestine Losfeld and Others C 1950’s

Louise Dormienne 

 Les audaces

amoureuses de 

Melle de B…

New Orleans: 


[DUNAN, Renée.] Louise Dormienne. – Les Audaces Amoureuses de Melle de B… New Orleans: 1957. 8vo. pp. 176. Fourteen illustrations. [Dutel, 1062.]  Near fine condition with uncut pages.

A reprint of Les Caprices du Sexe, originally published at Paris in 1928 by Maurice Duflou. See description and images:-

:[DUNAN, Renée.] Louise Dormienne. – Les Audaces Amoureuses de Melle de B


 Les Étapes de l’amour


Berlin [Paris]


Palu, S. [Isidore Isou and the Lettriste Group]. Les Étapes de l’amour. Berlin [Paris]: [1958]. First edition. 8vo, 208 pp. + [40] plates. Printed wraps.

An erotic work written under pseudonym by Isidore Isou and the Lettristes. According to Dutel, Isou didn’t have time to do the drawings for the work, so he gave the scenarios to other members of the Lettriste Group, who executed the rough, full page pornographic drawings – one of the rarest early documents of it’s kind from the Lettriste group. The place of publication, here stated as Berlin, was actually Paris – a subterfuge to avoid prosecution. The work was banned on September 21, 1960. Dutel 1514.

My thanks to Patrick Kearney for his kind permission to use his bibliographical details, in this and my other listings


Vicomtesse de SAINT-LUC

Ma Vie Conjugale

En souvenir de Isidore Liseux 

[c. 1955]

SAINT-LUC, Vicomtesse de, pseud. – Ma Vie Conjugale. En souvenir de Isidore Liseux [c. 1955]. 8vo. pp. 151. Twelve illustrations. [Bibliothèque Nationale: 8-Y2-90000(1130). – Dutel, 1876.]  Prosecuted in December 1957. In original soft card wraps, in sheets, wear to cover some creasing , but complete with all illustrations, limited sample in this listing, please request any further images. A reprint of a work originally published at Amsterdam in 1893 by Auguste Brancart, under the title Autour du Mariage de Paulette.

Books for Trade: SAINT-LUC, Vicomtesse de, pseud. – Ma Vie Conjugale.


 Fleurs de Chair

Mme la Vicomtesse de SAINT-LUC

Société de Bibliophiles

Montréal (Canada)


 In Original printed card covers. 8vo. pp. 110. Six illustrations, [Dutel, 1581.] Limited to 300 copies,first published at Amsterdam by Auguste Brancart in 1893, all illustrations are present, link below.

Saint-Luc, Mme la Vicomtesse; Fleurs de chair., En souvenir d`Isidore Liseux.


 Alexandre LEUCADE

n.d- n.p


LEUCADE, Alexandre, pseud. [?Eric Losfeld] – . n.p., n.d. [c. 1962.]  8vo. pp. 119. Sixteen illustrations. [Dutel, 1673.] Original Card covers Author and title in red on off white background, an entirely clandestine publication by Losfeld who may also have been the author. Very good complete .

LEUCADE Alexandre [ Pseudonyme de Ado KYROU ]: LE GORILLE Second Edition illustrated with 16 PLATES (trés libres)





[VIAUD, Anselme Louis.]

No Date


[VIAUD, Anselme Louis.] – ‘, [par] XXX. Illustré par Géro. n.p., n.d. [1959.] 16mo. Unpaginated, but pp. [120.] Frontispiece and twelve erotic plates. Illustrated wrappers. ( Dutel, 1489.] Contains four tales: L’Envoûtement. – La Prison dans les bruyères. – D’amour et de mort. – Petit ménage. This is the second edition. The original appeared in 1952, without illustrations, credited to A.L.V. and published by [Pierre Pic], with the imprint ‘Collection Vir et Mulier.’ It is a 16mo of pp. 2ff. 124+2ff. and limited to 1000 copies. In original illustrated card covers , illustrations bound in complete Very good copy, Mark on front cover. 

Books for Trade: .XXX [VIAUD, Anselme Louis.] L’ENVOUTEMENT. n.p. n.d (Losfeld) [c. 1959]







In original beige coloured card covers with title in red on cover, This is an entirely clandestine imprint, illustrated in this copy with 5 full page illustrations of an explicit nature in black. All details are a complete mystery to me, the only copies I can locate do not have the illustrations this one has 5, they are very stylized and look to be 50’s or 60s , they appear to be by the same artist who illustrated ” Le Noir sied aux blondes”, which isn’t much help as I don’t know who published that either. 5 illustrations seems like an odd number (I know it is , but you know what I mean) but I can not detect any interference with the structure of the book. And 5 is certainly better than none which appears to be the alternative.

Anon: Les Imprudences de Monique: No Publisher : No Date (1955)





“Les Expériences de Friquette moineau parisien”



In original paper wraps beautifully produced cover design, ,In-8 (19 x 14) p.p.199 pages uncut, A clandestine publication by Francis Flores , Toulouse in 1955 . 6 unsigned illustrations drawn in sepia on card-stock. Clandestine pornographic novel . ( Dutel II- 1536, Pia 471 ) , COMPLETE In fine condition.

: Moineau de Paris (Les Expériences de Friquette. Moineau parisien) A


Honoré-Gabriel Riqueti, comte de MIRABEAU,

Le Rideau levé

ou l’éducation de Laure.


au galant passe-temps


 8vo. pp. 172. Twelve erotic plates. Limited to 258 copies on ‘beau velin,’ numbered 1 to 250 and lettered A to H. This copy No 161 . Fine uncut pages unread copy, all illustrations present.

 Of interest to the serious erotic bibliophile, Item is complete with no missing parts and no unwanted scribbles or other additions. 

Mirabeau: Le Rideau Levé ou L’Éducation de Laure. Amsterdam, Au Galant Passe-Temps, (Losfeld) (1950)


 le Parc a Cerfs

 [par] Baron de…


[c. 1958]

      I8vo. pp. 165. in uncut sheets. Eight illustrations. tipped in. [Dutel, 2135.] Prosecuted in June 1961. Limited to 300 copies. The authorship and place of publication are given on the wrapper only. In protective,  anonymous card covers and slipcase. Book in original printed wrappers, illustrations tipped in, complete very nice copy

 . All contents clean and complete no added scribbles or any other additions. Sample images only in listing please ask for further information.

Le Parc Aux Cerfs, Baron de B. ,Edition Versailles (Eric Losfeld) 1950



, ou Les Voluptés d’une Vicieuse

 Au Petit Cénacle: 



In original illustrated wraps over card covers. 8vo. Unpaginated, but pp. [112] with sixty leaves on which are printed seventy illustrations. [Bibliothèque Nationale: 8-Y290000(1181). – Dutel, 1586.] Prosecuted in September 1960. . All contents clean and complete no added scribbles or any other additions. Sample images only in listing please ask for further information.


 Des Filles et des Hommes  


[ Claude SEIGNOLLE,.] 

 Hong Kong 


Original printed wrappers. 20 erotic illustrations.( 22 in this copy illustrations (2 duplicates bound in together) .. 4to. Unpaginated, but pp. [248]. [Bibliothèque Nationale: 1538. Dutel, 1374.] In original Printed card covers complete with 22 illustrations bound in, altogether in very good condition now rare in any condition. All contents clean and complete no added scribbles or any other additions. Sample images only in listing please ask for further information.

STARCANTE. [ Claude SEIGNOLLE,.] Des Filles et des Hommes,Hong Kong. [1959]. Losfeld




 n.p., n.d.

 [c. 1958.] 

In Original Black card covers with title in red on cover and spine. 8vo. pp. 159. Eight coloured illustrations. [Dutel, 1329.] All illustrations and text present and correct.

A reprint of vol. II of Liqueurs et Parfums des Importantes Fabriques de Lesbos, Cythère et Gomorrhe… published at Amsterdam by A. Brancart in 1894.Curiosités (Les). – S.l.n.d. [P., Eric Losfeld, fin des années ’50], in-12, en f., couv. noire impr. en bistre, étui. Edition clandestine ornée de 8 illustrations en coul., très libres. Il s’agit d’une réédition du tome 2 de Liqueurs et Parfums paru pour la 1e fois en 1894.

Anonymous ( Vicomtesse de Saint-Luc) , Les Curiositès: Undated (1959), No Place (Paris?) Clandestine (Losfeld)


Luxure et Souffrance

Janine Peyrin 


In original printed paper wraps, navy blue text on cream background 1 large volume in-8 (26 x 17 cm), in sheets, 119 pages, 8 illustrations laid in, on glossy paper and numerous cul-de-lamps all of an explicit erotic content. No information available to identify publisher or author. Reference: Dutel, bibliography of erotic works published illegally between 1920 and 1970 , No. 1866. A rare and fragile item of interest to the serious erotic bibliophile. Extra images on request.

Janine Peyrin: Luxure et Souffrance, Roman de Mouers. Clandestine Publication n.p n.d (1950





 Jean Mouille

 No Publisher No Date

(Francis Flores)



In original printed card covers (which have fine detailed decorations hard to see on the images but very pleasing to the eye), 229 p.p. with 8 full page explicit erotic illustrations printed on thick glossy card contained inside the flap at the back of the book. A Very Good/ Near Fine copy of a rare and elusive title, very nice condition and a very pretty little book. Item is complete with no missing parts and no unwanted scribbles or other additions

L’Aquarium des Voluptés, Jean Mouille, Edité par sans nom [Francis Flores, Toulouse],




[Alphonse MOMAS .]



In original Blue printed paper wraps, States Nimegue (1927), but is a clandestine imprint by Losfeld of  1955 No Author, No Publisher. 8vo. pp. 110. 10 illustrations.

 .with half title and title page , a very nice print job produced in a very small number, pages with text are uncut , so an unread copy in very good near fine condition, this is an entirely clandestine imprint, illustrated in this copy with 10 full page illustrations bound in ( single illustrations to each end of the book and 4 in pairs throughout ) of an explicit nature. An item of significant interest to the serious erotic bibliophile. Dutel lists this edition as having 9 illustrations.

Anon [Alphonse Momas] FOUETTEUESES, Nimègue: 1927 (Losfeld) 1955

Bibliographical details provided courtesy of Patrick Kearney, Scissors and Paste website (with his permission.) Linked on the front page of this blog.

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